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Supergirl Recap: “For the Girl Who Has Everything”

Alex Danvers Photo: CBS
Alex Danvers
Photo: CBS

Supergirl Recap – Episode Thirteen: “For the Girl Who Has Everything”

This week, in Supergirl‘s latest episode “For the Girl Who Has Everything,” we see the aftermath of the strange creature in Kara’s apartment that she touched in the previous episode, and what that means for our heroine. We also find out just what Non and Astra have been up too, Kara learns more about her families, and Maxwell Lord might be a more complex character than we thought. Elsewhere, Alex puts her life on the line to save her sister, and Cat is still angry and lashing out at Kara. It’s really just one plot this week, but we see it played out in a few ways. So, let us dive into episode 13, “For the Girl Who Has Everything!”

for the girl who has everything
Winn and Jimmy Need to Call Alex
Photo: CBS


We open “For the Girl Who Has Everything” with Kara waking up in a place she doesn’t know at first, but soon recognizes as Krypton. Her mother is there and tells her that she has been by Kara’s side while she recovered from her illness. Basically, she’s telling her that the last twelve years of Kara’s life on Earth, and the destruction of Krypton, were just nightmares.

Kara, realizing that she can’t be on Krypton because it was destroyed, tries to figure out what has happened. Her mother tries to convince her that they are on Krypton, but it isn’t until she sees a gift she gave to her father as a child and the rest of her family that Kara begins to wonder if this is real.

for the girl who has everything
Kara and Her Mother
Photo: CBS

Her mother tells her that she’s foggy from her illness, but Kara is having a difficult time believing it. She remembers saying goodbye to her parents and Krypton’s destruction. Trying to get a handle on reality, Kara tells her mother that this can’t be real and she is going home. When she mentions Earth as her new home, her mother tells her gently that Earth is thousands of light years away, and asks why she would send her only daughter to such a primitive planet.

When Kara runs, she finds herself confronted by both of her parents, who tell her that she is still recovering from her fever and she is even more confused. Assaulted by more memories of her childhood, Kara is shocked to see her Aunt Astra and learns that Non was exiled years ago.

In the end, despite her protests to her aunt that Astra and Non have done something to her, and that she needs to go back to Earth, it is the appearance of her little cousin, Kal-El, that convinces her that she really is on Krypton. We know she isn’t, but Kara is convinced.

for the girl who has everything
Kara and Her Family
Photo: CBS

The next time we see Krypton is when Alex arrives. More on that process below. Alex enters Kara’s dream and tries to find her sister and convince her that this isn’t real. She is able to find Kara, sitting with her parents and cousin, but when she tells Kara that she is her sister, Kara tells Alex that she has no sister and knocks her out.

This action throws the real Alex into a bit of a medical issue, and Hank orders Max to pull Alex out of the dream. When Jimmy stops him, Hank is very angry and reminds Jimmy that he is in charge. Jimmy asks Hank to give Alex a little more time and tells him that Alex asked him to stop them from waking her up too early. If they pull her out now, he says, Alex will never forgive them. We’ll go more in-depth on this whole thing in the other plot-thread, outside the dream.

Back in Kara’s dream, Alex is going to be banished from  Krypton as an alien spy, and as she is being taken away, she makes a last appeal to Kara, telling her that deep down, she knows this isn’t real. As the dream Krypton shakes from tremors, Alex tells her little sister that her pain, and how she fights to protect those who suffer to prevent people from feeling her pain, is what makes her a hero.

Fighting her way to her little sister, Alex calls out to Kara that her struggle helps her make sure no one has to struggle like she did. It takes both guards and Kara’s father to bring Alex to the blocks that will teleport her away to her prison. Alex pleads with Kara to remember because Earth needs Supergirl. The name seems to ring a bell, as do the names of all of Kara’s friends and family on Earth.

for the girl who has everything
Alex Pleads
Photo: CBS

Kara realizes that she is in a false reality, as Alex has helped her remember her real life. Sadly, Kara now has to say goodbye to the family she loves, again, and she hugs her parents one last time. We see Kara and Alex reaching for each other but then cut to Alex waking up at the DEO. Since Kara is not awake yet, Alex is furious at everyone. She starts to go after Jimmy for letting them wake her up when Hank tells her that no one did.

As Alex tries to figure out what happened, Winn notices what everyone else in the room missed; it worked. Kara is waking up, and she sent Alex ahead. The Black Mercy crawls off of Kara and starts to shrivel up. Winn helps Kara sit up and though she never looks at or speaks to anyone, it’s obvious that she was confused and grateful for his help, and for seeing her friends there.

Looking at the shriveled Black Mercy, as it crawls past Max, he says, “That was one messed up daffodil,” adding to the brilliant Max Lord one-liners of  this episode.

for the girl who has everything
Kara is Angry
Photo: CBS

Although her friends ask if she’s okay, Kara doesn’t say anything or look at anyone or anything but the Black Mercy. When she does speak, it’s to ask who had done this to her. Learning that it was Non, she asks where he is in a tone that does not bode well for him.


Back in National City, Cat is looking for Kara, who isn’t answering her phone and hasn’t shown up to work yet. Winn mentions that there is a massive solar storm that might be scrambling Kara’s cell phone. Cat responds that she knows that Kara is avoiding her because Kara feels afraid that Cat might retaliate after Kara broke Adam’s heart, but tells Winn to let Kara know that she better come into work.

Winn and Jimmy, however, haven’t heard from Kara either. Out of concern for her, they call Alex. The three of them burst into Kara’s apartment, and find her on the floor, with the mysterious thing that we saw on the ceiling last episode on her chest. She’s alive, but not responding to them, so Alex calls in a medical evacuation and brings Kara to DEO headquarters. Hank is less than amused that she has brought Jimmy and Winn with her and promptly sends them away.

for the girl who has everything
Winn and Jimmy Have To Go
Photo: CBS

When confronted with her choice to bring them, Alex points out that Kara would want them there. After some tests, Hank and Alex discover that her brain is working, just not her body. Thinking it must be an invention of Maxwell Lord’s, Alex goes down to the prison to pay him a visit.

The visit, of course, involves her showing Maxwell Lord that she is willing to hurt him if her hurts her sister, so she puts her knee on his windpipe and threatens his life until he tells her what she needs to know, how to save Kara from this thing. Of course, Max denies any involvement, and when Alex doesn’t believe him, Hank steps in.

for the girl who has everything
Alex Interrogates Maxwell
Photo: CBS

Hank reminds her that if it came down to his life on the line, Max would cough up the information and since he didn’t, they have to believe him. Before leaving, however, Hank informs Max that, if he was lying, Alex will be paying him another visit. With the image of death in his mind and still not knowing what is happening, we have to conclude that Max is not responsible.

With the DEO nowhere near slowing the problem of what has happened to Supergirl and their best lead turning up dry, the scene shifts to Astra and Non, Kara’s estranged aunt and uncle. There are suspicions that her love for her niece has made Astra soft, and Non reminds her that they are close to achieving what they set out to do.

for the girl who has everything
Non and Astra
Photo: CBS

The Kryptonians are using the solar storms to knock out the human satellites and create a distraction for their plan, the Myriad. When Astra mentions Kara as a potential threat to the plan, Non promises that she won’t be a problem. Having given orders that Kara not be hurt, Astra is confused by this.

It turns out that Non used what is called a Black Mercy on Kara. We don’t know what it is for sure yet, but at this point, I assume that it is the creature sitting on Kara’s chest, and is related to her dreams of being back on Krypton with her family.

Back at the DEO, Alex and Hank try to remove the Black Mercy (they still don’t know what it’s called) from Kara’s chest. They quickly learn, however, that they can’t remove it by force or it will kill Kara.

for the girl who has everything
Alex Tries to Remove the Black Mercy
Photo: CBS

Jimmy and Winn have to return to work, but Winn is visibly shaken at the thought of losing Kara (because they’ve had a rocky relationship recently and she’s his best friend). Luckily, he and Jimmy have bonded recently and they can share their concerns with each other (and offer support as well).

Cat, meanwhile, is on the rampage, and when Winn tries to explain that Kara is in the hospital, does a terrible job of it because he is so nervous. Cat is not impressed, telling Winn that she knows he is always covering for Kara. She demands that Kara shows up within the hour or lose her job. With the satellites down at the DEO and everyone on edge, this does nothing to help improve tempers. To save Kara’s job, Alex convinces Hank to go undercover as Kara Danvers. Here, he has a very difficult time both dealing with a hostile Cat Grant and walking in high heels.

This is some of the funniest stuff in “For the Girl Who Has Everything,” to see the stoic Hank Henshaw pretending to be Kara Danvers and going head to head with a cranky Cat Grant. I would like to see Cat and Hank face off for real, actually. He tries to patch things up by fake crying while apologizing, gets things wrong, doesn’t use the right milk, and generally just makes things worse (though he really did try). The best part is when he mumbles that Cat makes him miss his alien prison.

for the girl who has everything
Hank as Kara
Photo: CBS

On the upside, Hank’s time as Kara Danvers impresses on him the importance of Winn and Jimmy to Kara, seeing how they risk their jobs and lives to protect her and are always able and willing to help her. This inspires him to allow Alex to bring them both in with her when it comes time to put her under to save Kara (we talked about that above, and we’ll come back to that).

Meanwhile, at the DEO, Alex tries to find out more about the creature from the holographic version of Kara’s mother, but she is let down since the creature didn’t come from Fort Rozz Prison. There is, therefore, no information in the database that Alex can access. Alex is desperate, finally yelling at the hologram that she just wants to save her little sister.

Back in Kara’s apartment, Alex is looking at family photos when Astra shows up. Although there is clearly no love lost between the two women, Astra tells Alex that she wants to help her niece, and can tell Alex how to free Kara from the Black Mercy. To be free, Kara has to reject the perfect life she has there on her own.

Astra tells Alex that she’ll have to trust her, something that Alex is reluctant to do because of their past interactions. Astra reminds her that they both love Kara and that they can’t let their hate of each other make them refuse to listen. To save her sister, it seems that Alex is willing to do most anything, even listen to Astra.

for the girl who has everything
Alex and Astra Face-Off
Photo: CBS

Hank is not a fan of the idea that Alex has come up with. She wants to go into Kara’s dreamworld and tell her that it is a dream. Hank goes back to deal with Cat, and like I said above, it’s all a train wreck that Kara is going to have a hard time sorting out when she gets back. He does, however, allow Alex to bring Winn and Jimmy back to the DEO to be there when Kara wakes up.

Hank and Alex, meanwhile, realize that the attack on Kara was timed to get her out of the way so Non and Astra could attack with their army. Alex also points out that their techs would need days to update their technology so Alex can enter Kara’s dream, days that they do not have. Remembering that “the enemy of my enemy is my friend,” she calls up Max Lord. He angles for an early release but agrees to help without it (though he mentions that he’d love a Dr. Pepper and to be able to watch Netflix).

for the girl who has everything
“How about, early release for brilliant behavior?”
Photo: CBS

So, while they’re saving Kara at the DEO, the Kryptonians are preparing their assault, deploying six packages throughout the city before the humans realize something is up. When the troops head out, Non asks Astra where she was. Although she reminds him that she is the General and doesn’t have to explain herself, he asks if her heart is in this war. He was afraid she went to the humans because of what he did to Kara, and she promises that her heart is in the battle.

Alex is prepared to go under, but takes Jimmy aside and tells him that she knows Hank will try to pull the plug if it looks like she’s in danger. However, Alex is determined that she’s either coming back with her sister or not at all. Jimmy promises to not let anyone unplug Alex, no matter the cost.

Max explains the helmet he’s created and how everything should work, and then he puts Alex under and sends her into Kara’s dream. Alex wakes up, confused and a little dazed, on Krypton. You read all about Alex’s time in Kara’s head above, so I’ll skip that here.

While waiting for news of Alex’s success, Hank mentions that he needs his satellites so he can see Non’s next move, but Winn, being an IT guy, points out that maybe the plan involves the satellites being down. Hank is intrigued and asks Winn to join the DEO team in testing that theory, reminding him that the best way to help Kara is to keep the world safe until she gets back. Winn agrees and goes to help.

for the girl who has everything
Kara is Shell Shocked
Photo: CBS

Kara wakes up and is angry at her uncle Non because now she lost her family twice. As the DEO tries to puzzle out their next move, Winn has a theory that the satellites were part of Non’s plan and shares that with the team. He had discovered that the satellites that were down all used Lord-Tech servers, and that reminds Max that when Non and his army broke into his lab, they didn’t steal anything. He and Alex realize that the Kryptonians were using the most advanced human technology to override the tech used by most people, leaving a virus.

No one is sure what the virus does, but Max tells them that there are six satellite farms in National City that Lord-Tech controls, so those locations would be the logical targets. Hank sends a team to each location, with Supergirl calling dibs on Non. Alex grabs a Kryptonian sword for protection and goes to find Astra to try to convince her to work with Supergirl and the DEO.

Kara finds Non and proceeds to beat on him. She yells that because of him, she lost everything again and asks him if he really thought she would let him take her new world and her new family away from her as well.

for the girl who has everything
Kara Attacks Non
Photo: CBS

Unfortunately for Kara, Non is older and more experienced in combat than she is, so he does escape. At the same time, Alex’s appeal to Astra seems to go unheeded, and it looks like Astra is about to kill her when J’onn J’onzz arrives. He tells Astra that he is the last of his kind and that Earth is his home. He won’t let her destroy it.

The two fight, with Astra finally gaining the upper hand. She tells J’onn that he will be dying in honor, when suddenly; a Kryptonian sword goes through her. Alex has killed her sister’s aunt to save her father figure.

for the girl who has everything
Astra’s Death
Photo: CBS

Hearing Alex call her, Kara rushes to her aunt’s side and is able to say goodbye. J’onn tells Kara that he killed Astra in battle, not Alex. Alex feels guilty about killing Astra and lying though Hank reminds her that heroes like Kara believe everyone can be saved while soldiers like them realize that sometimes people are cold-blooded killers who can’t be saved. When Alex asks why he lied, he tells her he lied to Supergirl because Alex is her hero, and he doesn’t want that to change.

The Kryptonians bring Astra’s body back to their hideout and Non is visibly shaken and upset by his wife’s death. Myriad will commence, and it has become apparent that Astra was the calming force in the army. This causes me to wonder what will happen next, with Non in charge and out for revenge.

The DEO has one of the chips that the Kryptonians were implanting in the satellites, and are going to do a full examination of it to learn what they can. Two of the squads didn’t return, likely as revenge for the death of Astra.

Kara returns home to find that Jimmy, Alex, and Winn have cleaned her apartment and brought her food. Kara also explains why her dream-world was on Krypton; she’d had a rough couple of weeks and reverted to the dreams she had as a child when things got tough. She promises them that they are her family, and says that there’s no place like home. Kara also shares a celebratory best-friends-reunited high five with Winn, and when Alex tells her that Hank pretended to be her at work, she was a touch concerned. The four friends settle in, however, remembering that they are family.

for the girl who has everything
Kara and Her New Family
Photo: CBS


I don’t want to be a broken record here, but again, this show just keeps getting better. In “For the Girl Who Has Everything,” not only did we see Kara and Winn reconcile (hooray! The best friend team is back!), but it also gave more depth to the fascinating and fabulous sister relationship of Kara and Alex, and proved how much Hank has come to view the Danvers sisters like his own daughters. Angry and hurt, Cat was less fun than usual, so it will be interesting to see where that goes next week. Another thing I’m excited to see unfold is the Non and Myriad storyline; whatever it is, it can’t be good!

Also, I was glad to see Team Supergirl reunited and happy again, and I enjoyed watching them work to save Kara. It was an interesting episode of Supergirl in that there was less Supergirl than usual, but that allowed the wonderful supporting cast, particularly Alex, to shine as they struggled with how to best help Kara.

for the girl who has everything
Kara and the Black Mercy
Photo: CBS

Finally, this episode got dark. Alex killed Astra and almost killed Maxwell, and Kara almost killed Non. As surprised as I was at first, I thought these were great and complex choices that give the actors and the story a lot to play with and I’m looking forward to that progression. I’m also fully anticipating Maxwell Lord’s turn-about, hoping that he will be joining the DEO as part of an elite IT team to atone for his previous wickedness. He might even steal Winn away from CatCo to join this elite team. I’m predicting it now; that’s coming down the pipe.


In many shows, there is one character who always says the funniest things. For Supergirl, I think that Cat Grant is that character. So, here are my favorite things that Cat said during the episode:

“But I am a professional. I don’t do upset.”

for the girl who has everything
Cat Grant
Photo: CBS

“Whole milk has not passed my lips since I rode a bicycle with streamers on the handles.”

“…and if they try to evade you, you remind them that I am still holding onto their Hamilton tickets.”

What did you think of “For the Girl Who Has Everything?” What do you think is coming with Non and the Myriad? Should Alex and Hank have lied to Kara?

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