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‘The Space Between Us’ Review: How to Make a Sad But Beautiful Romance Good

As a girl who enjoys a good romance, anytime I can find one that’s unique, I consider it a win. The Space Between Us is a romantic drama that tempts fate and defies gravity in the best Sci-Fi romance sort of way.

Some sixteen years after Sarah Elliott attempts to make history as an astronaut who lives on Mars, we meet her son, Gardner (Asa Butterfield); a child who grows up without his mother or friends. Born on Mars, Gardner knows nothing of life on earth. Unfortunately, his body is unable to withstand the journey. However, this doesn’t stop his curiosity.


When he discovers a photo of the man he believes to be his father, he wants answers. Answers he hopes the friend he’s made online might help him find. So, when he’s finally allowed to make the trip to earth, he escapes NASA’s careful attention and finds Tulsa (Britt Robertson), the girl who Gardner believes might be his destiny. The film just gets more interesting from there.

The Space Between Us Review (2018)

Like a well-rehearsed symphony, I think this film is really quite lovely. It’s underrated but definitely deserves more attention. There are good actors and the directorial style suits the story beautifully. Sure, the plot stretches reality slightly, but then most romance tropes do.

Sure, the story gets off to a slower start but it’s never boring. I’m surprised by how unassuming the introduction of Tulsa is, but then, given that this starts off as a coming of age story (and really ends as one too), it fits the script well.  Plus, a strong group of talent gives the story life, personality, and helps to make it as full and “real” as it can be.

Space Between Us

Though he’s one of the up-and-coming young actors, and I have seen Butterfield in a handful of films, he’s a name I also seem to forget. An oversight since I’m again impressed by his character. Butterfield plays Gardner wonderfully.

Furthermore, it’s nice to see Britt Robertson in something again. The remainder of the talented cast includes the brilliant Gary Oldman and Carla Gugino, who some may remember from the period drama The Buccaneers.  

Overall Thoughts

'The Space Between Us' Review: How to Make a Sad But Beautiful Romance Good

With a bittersweet premise, the story cues remind us the film won’t end in the usual happily ever after. Nevertheless, this doesn’t stop us from investing in the love story. With exception to the dramatic climax that in some ways works to deplete all of the sweet moments prior to this, The Space Between Us is good. I enjoyed it quite a lot, and I think if you like the actors or something like Equals or Upside Down, you’ll also enjoy this.

Content: There’s some innuendo, and a scene of two teens lying naked under a sleeping bag. The film’s rating is PG-13.

Where to watch: At publication date, you can watch The Space Between Us on Netflix or find it on Amazon Video and iTunes.

Have you seen this film? Do you agree with my review of The Space Between Us? What did you think of its romantic ‘Romeo and Juliet’ story? Do you have a favorite sci-fi romance? Comment down below with all of your thoughts!

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'The Space Between Us' Review: How to Make a Sad But Beautiful Romance Good
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  1. WOW!! that was a very impressive review of The Space Between Us. From the LOOKS of it I would not even slow down to read a summary on Netflix or Amazon but THIS review actually STOPPED me and wouldn’t let me go til I’d finished it and headed to the TV to watch it INSTANTLY!!!! That’s impressive–I’m a tough cookie and very picky about movies n books. gotta go watch the movie…


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