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Some Changes, Updates and Exciting New Announcements

Coco Chanel in 1920.
Coco Chanel in 1920.

Fashion changes, but style endures.

–Coco Chanel

Today, I thought I’d step away from doing a normal blog post and instead update everyone with some of the changes we’ve recently made to the site. You know, in case of any confusion…


To our regular followers, you may have noticed that we made a few changes without saying anything. Plus, there’s some new changes coming. So in short here are all of the changes:

  1. Our Top 20 Column was changed to Top Lists! The reason behind this change was that no one likes to be limited to only twenty, especially not us…so we made the column a little more flexible.
  2. Highlight of the Week was changed simply to “Highlights.” This will no longer be a weekly column, but will still regularly be featured when we have something we really want to share!
  3. If you were following Rebecca’s weekly blog “Behind the Folk Tale,” then you probably noticed that new posts just suddenly stopped coming. Well, that’s because that particular weekly blog is being renovated and moved over into columns. That feature will instead be called “Behind the Fairy Tale.” More about that later…
  4. For easier use, we have added an Archive to each category from the Menu (which you can find on each separate scroll down menu). From a Reviews Archive, an Interviews Archive, a Columns Archive, a Blog Archive to a Videos Archive, you can easily access all content on our site without having to click through page after page to find what you want.
  5. Romantic Moment of the Week vs. Classic Romantic Moment of the Week. Most of the time you’ll find that we pick a romantic moment from Film or TV that occurred during the week we write the article. But sometimes we go outside of a specific week and turn to the past. If we choose a past romantic moment (and it can be from months to even years ago) it will be described as a Classic Romantic Moment.
  6. Music Video Vault: We try to regularly put up new music videos, but they can be time consuming to make. That said, we have a couple hundred videos we’ve made over the years that we plan to share with you on a regular basis. So we will either put up a new music video OR we will go into our video vault and share an older one. The title will be able to let you know the difference!
  7. In the future, we will start adding more “Classic” Reviews. So movies, shows, older books. So expect to see more of those soon.
  8. You may have noticed that many of our Petticoat Personality Tests have been going up on Fridays. We have decided that unless otherwise specified by authors or publicists for promotion, release dates and blog tours, interviews will be put up on Fridays.
  9. We recently added “Navigating Our Site” to the “About” section to help explain our site to anyone who wants a quick rundown of what you can find on our site.

Introducing New Columns

  1. Behind the Fairy Tale: A new regular column where Rebecca explores fairy tales (or folk tales) in film, literature and television and how they compare to the original sources. The first post is coming soon.
  2. Doctor Who Diaries: Autumn had so much fun writing about Doctor Who in the blog, that she’s turned it into a regular feature where she (or any of us if we choose to) discusses anything and everything Doctor Who. From theories to reviews and more. New articles in this column have already been posted.
  3. The Silver Petticoat Mysteries: This monthly column will be introduced in the near future. With this feature, we will become literary detectives and uncover the stories behind lesser known books and investigate the authors behind them. Basically one of us will walk into a used book store or shop and pick out a random old book and then uncover the “mystery” behind it. More details coming soon!
  4. Typing Fictional Characters: This regular column is covered by me where I use the Myers Briggs Personality Assessment to type fictional characters. Why? Because it’s fun! My first post is already up!

Looking For a Few Talented Writers

Because this isn’t your typical blog and is really more of a blogzine we don’t have the time to put up as many reviews as we would like, so we’re thinking about adding a few writers. If you’re interested in writing reviews in our fun, unique style and want some extra exposure send us a message and we can talk! Make sure to check out our Reviews and read about our Rating System to see if you like what we do. At this point, we’re just putting the feelers out there.

Summing Up

Well, that about sums it all up! Thanks for all of your support on our site so far. It has been growing rapidly and we hope it will continue to grow.

That all said, we love feedback, so, if you have anything you’d like to see us do more of, please send us a message or let us know in the comments. Thank you again.



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