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Silver Petticoat’s Spring 2018 Box Office Preview

Spring has sprung! Or so the calendar tells us. With it, arrives spring showers that are sure to coax those tulips up and out of the ground, and of course, new offerings at the box office.


Though there aren’t many “standouts” in this grouping (Mary Shelley makes an impression), there are a few I’m looking forward to. What this batch lacks in smaller indie film power, it makes up for in the start of “blockbuster season.”

Yes, it is true, Memorial Day is the start of all the summer blockbusters, which means more big-budget action flicks and superheroes. A realization I’m totally OK with considering my love of a good superhero story now and again.

Spring 2018 Box Office
The Seagull. Photo: Sony Pictures Classic

As is the usual disclaimer, this is not an inclusive list of the “coming soon” openings. (Is it just me or are there lots of indie thriller/horror films about to release?) Here is just a sampling of what’s heading to the box office – choices relevant to The Silver Petticoat Review. So, expect romance, period dramas, Modern Romanticism, romantic comedies, and heartfelt dramas with a few comedies mixed in. Let’s take a look at what’s coming soon to theaters.

Silver Petticoat Spring 2018 Box Office Preview

Sorted by release date; April – June (release dates subject to change)

1: Chappaquiddick – April 6

Jason Clarke, Kate Mara, Ed Helms | Biopic, Drama | PG-13

Based on the events surrounding Senator Ted Kennedy’s automobile accident, this one takes place on the cusp of the 1970’s!

2: The Miracle Season – April 13

Erin Moriarty, Helen Hunt, William Hurt | Biopic, Drama | PG

Based on a true story, this one introduces us to a high school volleyball team who must find a way to rally in the aftermath of a teammate’s tragic death. Even with its mostly unknown cast, this one looks to have a dream big story motto sure to inspire.

3: Overboard – May 8

Anna Faris | Comedy, Romance | PG-13

A gender-reversed re-make of the ’80s film starring Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell, this film looks full of silly laughs. Something we do need to see more of at the box office. Funny lady, Anna Faris plays a working mom whose wealthy employees treat her akin to a servant. She turns the tables when her last client loses his memory. Now it’s payback when she convinces him he’s what he loathes: a working class citizen.

4: Class Rank – May 11

Kristin Chenoweth, Bruce Dern, Olivia Holt, Skyler Gisondo | Comedy, Family, Teen Romance | Rating Unknown

Described as a family comedy, this one is about high-schoolers who plot against the school board, all with the help of their families. Aside from Chenoweth, the young cast consists of mostly unknowns, which can sometimes be an advantage.

5: The Seagull – May 11

Annette Bening, Saoirse Ronan, Elisabeth Moss, Corey Stoll, Brian Dennehy | Period Drama | PG-13

Based on a play, this is a comedic period drama that centers on a group of friends, all of whom are in love with the wrong people.

6: Book Club – May 18

Diane Keaton, Jane Fonda, Candice Bergen | Romantic Comedy | Rating unknown – though likely PG-13

Tells the story of four girlfriends (divorcees, widows, single career women) who come together to form a book club in the wake of their diverged lives. Romance soon follows. Though there’s no rating for this one, it looks to be more of an adult romantic comedy.

7: On Chesil Beach – May 18

Saoirse Ronan, Emily Watson, Samuel West | Drama, Period Drama | Rating Unknown

Based on the novel by the acclaimed author of Atonement, this looks to follow in the aforementioned acclaimed drama’s footsteps. It explores an awkward sexual encounter between two young sweethearts on their wedding night and the aftermath. The setting is the early 1960s and the cast looks divine!

8: Mary Shelley – May 25

Elle Fanning, Maisie Williams, Douglas Booth, Bel Powley, Stephen Dillane, Joanne Froggatt, Tom Sturridge| Drama, Biopic | PG-13

Based on the love story between Percy and Mary Shelley which led to the literary creation of Frankenstein. Byronic Hero fans should be excited as Lord Byron is also in the film!

9: Adrift – June 1

Shailene Woodley, Sam Claflin | Drama, Biopic | Rating Unknown

Based on a true story, this drama promises the audience lots of white-knuckle experiences. It tells the story of a young couple who, while attempting to sail on the Ocean, are thrust into a hurricane. In the aftermath, they land in the middle of nowhere, suffering life-threatening injuries, they must fight to survive the ordeal.

10: Ocean’s Eight – June 8

Anne Hathaway, Sandra Bullock, Rebel Wilson, Mindy Kaling, Cate Blanchett | Comedy | PG-13

Moviegoers are invited to return to the sleek, high action world of casinos as only a member of the Ocean family (Ocean’s 11) can take us. This time, we meet Danny’s sister, Debbie (Bullock) as she pulls together a crew for a too-good-too-be-true heist. If the storyline weren’t enough (it sounds fun), the top-line cast is incentive enough to make a trip to the theater. Matt Damon is set to reprise his role from the trilogy, and rumor has it, Richard Armitage (North and South) is part of the cast list.

11: Zoo – June 8

Penelope Wilton, Toby Jones | Period Drama, Family | PG

An uplifting period drama for the whole family about a boy and other misfits who try to save a baby elephant during the 1941 Germain air raid bombings in Belfast.

12: Woman Walks Ahead – June 29

Jessica Chastain | Western, Period Drama, Romance | R for brief violence and language

A female-driven story, this one is about an American woman who leaves behind her world to live on the Dakota territory with plans to help a Sioux chief retain his land.

Other Spring Box Office Highlights:

1: A Quiet Place (Horror, Drama) | PG-13 | April 6

2: The Avengers: Infinity War (Sci-Fi, Sequel) | PG-13 | April 27

3: I Feel Pretty (part comedy; part romantic comedy; | PG-13 | April 27

4: The Guardians (Foreign, Period Drama) | R, sexuality and violence | May 4

5: Solo: A Star Wars Story (Adaptation, Sci-Fi) | PG-13 | May 25

6: Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom (Sci-Fi, Sequel) | PG-13 | June 22

Tell me, which of these are you planning to see? I’d love to know your thoughts. Drop a comment down below.

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2 thoughts on “Silver Petticoat’s Spring 2018 Box Office Preview”

  1. So many of these interest me. I’m thrilled to see two films starring Saoirse Ronan, although Chekhov stories are usually depressing. I enjoyed the original Overboard and would watch the remake for Chris Pine alone. Mary Shelley and Zoo appeal to me as well. And Oceans 8, can’t wait!! One that didn’t make your list, but the previews caught my eye is Amy Schumer’s new film I Feel Pretty. I loved the premise of the story and am hoping the movie is as inspiring as it looks.

    • Saoirse Ronan is really a rising star these days. She does so well in all of these period dramas, so I’m glad to see her headline so many. I will admit, this latest film (feature above) with her DOES look a little too bittersweet. But I really liked “Brooklyn.”

      “Ocean’s 8” looks SO fun, and I agree. “I Feel Pretty” looks darling. Definitely one I plan to pick up on DVD. Have you seen it?


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