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Silver Petticoat Review’s Top 30 TV Shows of 2014

Jaime and Claire in Outlander Photo: Starz
Jaime and Claire in Outlander
Photo: Starz

This past year has seen a multitude of television shows come and go (a few far too soon). Some knocked our socks off; others barely made a blip in our consciousness. We saw superheroes fighting evil, immaculate conceptions, star-crossed romances, dashing detectives, and much, much more. Today, we are celebrating those shows that drew us in with romance, adventure, and of course loveable characters (we prefer to be entertained rather than the more typical fare you may find on these kinds of lists). These shows really became a part of our lives; the characters in a way became a part of our family. We watch their lives, their ups and downs, every week (unless binge watched on Netflix), and we keep coming back for more. These are the shows that touch a piece of our soul. So, join us as we share our top 30 TV shows of 2014 (as picked by the Silver Petticoat administrators – and because there are three of us the shows were not arranged in any kind of order since we all have different opinions!). They deserve a round of applause.

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7 thoughts on “Silver Petticoat Review’s Top 30 TV Shows of 2014”

  1. Fabulous list! I caught up on ‘Jane the Virgin’ over its break and it is really quite good. Some of the early episodes were a bit rocky and I had a lot of mixed feelings about it. But, it’s seem to find its footing now and I’m hooked. Great thoughts! 🙂

  2. Great list. I personally would have put Hannibal, Jane the Virgin and Outlander up higher but I loved the list in general. Some great shows.

  3. I absolutely adore Jane the Virgin, Outlander, and Selfie. I will definitely check out some of the other shows on this list. I too was very disappointed by Selfie’s cancellation. Intelligence was another show I enjoyed immensely that was also cancelled. I completely recommend the first season of Intelligence! The chemistry between the leads is awesome! It stars Josh Holloway (Sawyer, LOST) and Meghan Ory (Red Riding Hood/Ruby, Once Upon A Time). Another great show from 2014 is When Calls the Heart. It is a period drama about a school teacher who moves to a mining town. It is very heart-warming and inspiring. PLUS it has a very nice romance. GREAT LIST!

  4. I highly recommend that you try Turn:Washington’s Spies! It’s really brilliant~ it’s a lovely period drama, talented actors, and such a riveting plot!!!


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