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Scarlet Heart Ryeo Episode 6 & 7 Recap – Trapped in the Palace

hug-8th-prince-hae-soo-moon Scarlet Heart Ryeo Episode 6 & 7 Recap

Scarlet Heart Ryeo Episode 6 & 7 Recap – Trapped in the Palace

A sudden arranged marriage, a desperate escape attempt – Hae-Soo’s life takes an unexpected turn. Will the royal princes be able to help her? Read on for more tidbits and feelings from the latest Scarlet Heart Ryeo episodes…

New Revelations

The princes discussing how to save Hae-Soo Scarlet Heart Ryeo Episode 6 & 7 Recap
The princes discussing how to save Hae-Soo

After everyone attends Lady Hae’s funeral, Hae-Soo finds 8th Prince sobbing over his mistake in failing to let his deceased wife know how much he loved her. She comforts him as best she can.

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Hae-Soo is then shocked to learn that her household has arranged a marriage for her – reportedly to an old man over 60 with loads of children. The princes, who have all become her friends now (except for evil 3rd prince), form a plan to save her from the marriage.


Hae-Soo saving herself Scarlet Heart Ryeo Episode 6 & 7 Recap
Hae-Soo saving herself

The brothers help Hae-Soo escape and even 4th Prince joins in but they’re caught by the royal guards before they can get far. Everyone is shocked to learn that her intended is actually the king. Realizing that the princes could be killed for disobedience, Hae-Soo agrees to go to the palace. 4th Prince and 8th Prince plead with their father to stop the marriage, but this only angers him further. Hae-Soo takes things into her own hands – and injures her arm to make her unfit for marriage (the king’s women must have no scars).

Unmasking the Heart

For her disobedience, Hae-Soo is reduced to being a court maidservant. In the palace, her friendship with 4th Prince grows while she and 8th Prince continue to share what brief romantic moments they can. 8th Prince promises to return her to her old life.

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4th-prince-scar-moon-lovers Scarlet Heart Ryeo Episode 6 & 7 Recap

Meanwhile the royal family celebrates 10th Prince’s birthday and Hae-Soo sings a song for him. 10th Prince, goaded by 3rd prince, requests 4th Prince to unmask himself for his birthday. 4th Prince reluctantly unmasks and then abruptly flees the party, hurt by his brothers shocked and embarrassed stares. Hae-Soo pursues him, trying to get him to come back to the party, but he reveals that her stare is the one that’s hurting him the most.

Thoughts and Feels:

I didn’t realize it was possible to ship Hae-Soo this hard with two guys at the same time, but my heart is utterly torn between 8th and 4th Prince. How can a girl possible choose??

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8th-prince-crying-moon-love Scarlet Heart Ryeo Episode 6 & 7 Recap
8th Prince breaking our hearts

8th Prince (and fantastic actor Kang Haneul) practically ripped my heart up into pieces with his scene weeping over Lady Hae’s death. His realization of how deep his love for Lady Hae only after her passing was absolutely heartrending because he knew it was too late. Also, I seriously loved how the writers used Hae-Soo’s almost marriage to the king to spur 8th Prince to pursue her instead of choosing to ignore her because of past guilt. He’s aware of how short time is now and he can’t waste what time they have like he did with Lady Hae.

hae-soo-and-4th-prince Scarlet Heart Ryeo Episode 6 & 7 Recap

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Ahh 4th Prince, how can you be so strong and then so broken seconds later? I’m loving the growth between 4th Prince and Hae-Soo’s friendship since she’s entered the palace. It’s so sweet to see how he’s slowly falling in love with her (that moment when she was singing and he was all adorable heart eyes!). 4th Prince continues to squeeze all the emotions out of me with his desperation to belong somewhere.

4th-prince-close-up Scarlet Heart Ryeo Episode 6 & 7 Recap

The last scene of episode 7 killed me! I mean watching 13th Prince bring 4th Prince to the birthday party while he’s all shy and like “I don’t want to bother anybody” and then he’s excitedly promising 10th Prince anything for his birthday. Then 10th Prince had to go and stick a knife in all our hearts with his stupid request to see how bad 4th Prince’s scars are. If only time travel existed for 10th Prince – so, he could go back and slap the idiocy out of his birthday self before he asked such a cruel request.

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Hae-Soo continues to delight with her adorable cuteness and her hidden strength that rises to the occasion. She’s not afraid to take things into her own hands when necessary – like when she went to the palace instead of escaping with the princes or when she scarred her arm after realizing that 4th and 8th Prince wouldn’t be able to help her. I love how she’s become a part of all the princes’ lives. Sadly, the precious friendships she has with these brothers are going to be the hardest part of her life – as many are destined to be killed in the fight over the throne. Let’s keep the happy moments as long as we can, okay show? Pretty please?

Photos: Dramafever and SBS

Let me know your thoughts and feelings on Scarlet Heart Ryeo! What do you think about the latest episodes of this K-Drama?

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2 thoughts on “Scarlet Heart Ryeo Episode 6 & 7 Recap – Trapped in the Palace”

  1. I am really loving this version of Scarlet Heart! I loved the original, but this one feels much different. I didn’t see the engagement to the king coming, and I really love Hae Soo. Her determination to take care of herself in an impossible situation, and her continual optimism is admirable. And I love both the 4th and the 8th prince, this show is sure to break my heart!

    • Yay, so glad to see another fan of Scarlet Heart! Yes! I’m a big fan the original one also. I’m really glad this this one is different though because it feels like we’re watching a new show, which is cool. I know – the engagement to the king took me by surprise too! I’m pretty certan this show is definitely out to break our hearts! But we’re going to have a fun time until we get there. 😀


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