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Romantic Moment of the Week: The Saga of Haven’s Audrey and Nathan


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THE PAIRING: Audrey Parker (Emily Rose) and Nathan Wuornos (Lucas Bryant)

THE EPISODE: “Chosen” – (aired December 5, 2014)

THE MOMENT: When Audrey and Nathan are saying goodbye before she merges with Mara.

The road to happiness has certainly been a long and arduous one for Haven‘s Audrey and Nathan. The last time we saw Audrey and Nathan in our Romantic Moments they had finally after two seasons of pussyfooting around decided to admit their feelings for each other. The two have certainly had a rough time of it since then. First, Mara took over Audrey’s body when the group sent William back to where the two originally came from. I wondered for a while if the two would ever be able to get back together, or if we’d be stuck with Mara from now on. Thankfully, Duke was able to separate Audrey from Mara using a reincarnation trouble in the middle of the season.

Audrey and Nathan embracing after she has been separated from Mara.
Audrey and Nathan embracing after she has been separated from Mara.

Audrey and Nathan’s reunion was short lived, however, as Mara only retains the evil part of her psyche, while Audrey possesses the good. So, our young lovers have not exactly had much time together since they are constantly dealing with the evil machinations of Mara.

Now don’t get me wrong, I actually kind of like Mara’s character. Her presence added some seriously needed spunk, danger, and excitement to the show when it needed it.

haven 2

After that steamy (pardon the pun) scene with Duke, I almost wanted her to stick around. She seemed like she might be the perfect partner for Duke. And, of course, then I wouldn’t have to really choose between Duke and Nathan. Both of them would get to be with a version of Audrey. Unfortunately, she showed her true colors again soon enough and I realized that she’d have to go. She just wasn’t such a good person to have around for our heroes. This week’s episode finally brought our hero and heroine back together for good. Matters with Mara come to a head and the gang finds a way to rid themselves of her toxic presence once and for all.

Mara’s mother, Dr. Charlotte Cross, realizes when Audrey and Mara split Audrey took all of the good and kind parts of Mara with her. She then must inform Audrey that the only way to stop Mara is to have her merge with Audrey. When Audrey tells Nathan this, he is not too happy…as you might have guessed. Taking Nathan aside before Nathan goes to find Mara, Audrey begins,

haven 6

“Don’t be mad at me, I’m not giving up. I’m finishing it. Do you remember how all this started? We found that picture of Lucy and we thought she was my mother. Then we finally find my mother, and discover that I don’t even have one, so…”

“So what? Doesn’t mean you don’t deserve to live.”

“No it doesn’t mean that.”

“Then why do this?”

“Because it’s what I want to do. Me, Audrey Parker. [Tense Pause] Do you love me?”

haven 7


“Then let me do this. Let me save Haven. Let me save Duke and let me save you. Please. Find Mara. Don’t let her go through a thinny and destroy us all. I will stay here and I will help those kids. Please, go and find her, so we can do this.”

haven 5

And they kiss and the crowd goes wild!!!! Thankfully, Audrey does survive merging with Mara, and actually ends up taking over her own body again. So, the two love birds are united once again and all is well…well sort of…in Haven. Ain’t love grand?

As a last aside I just have to say that I am thrilled that Dwight finally has a love interest.

Photo: SyFy
Photo: SyFy

I have been waiting ever since he began appearing on the show for the writers to add in a love interest for him. I mean, come on, he’s a total hunk! He deserves a love interest. Dr. Charlotte Cross a.k.a. Mara’s mother is the perfect match for Dwight. I think these two make an adorable couple.

What did you think of Haven’s Romantic Moment? Do you want Dwight to be with Charlotte? Are you happy that Audrey survived and Mara didn’t? Sound off below…



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3 thoughts on “Romantic Moment of the Week: The Saga of Haven’s Audrey and Nathan”

  1. Where to start? These two never seem to catch a break in season finales. I was greatly relieved Nathan got her back and they stayed together. He has been separated from her in truly heartbreaking ways. And after their teary goodbye, they deserved some happiness.

    • I couldn’t agree more. It’s just one thing after another. I was relieved when Audrey ended up surviving instead of Mara.


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