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Romantic Moment of the Week: Timeless’ Lucy and Wyatt Share A ‘Hollywoodland’ Moment


THE SHOW: Timeless

THE PAIRING: Lucy and Wyatt


THE EPISODE: “Hollywoodland”

Every week, we like to highlight swoon-worthy romantic moments in film and television. As purveyors of old-fashioned romance, we look for romantic moments that speak to the heart. Such as sweeping love declarations, a dance, or, an epic first kiss. This week, there was absolutely no question about what moment to feature. Lucy and Wyatt channeled classic, old-fashioned romance in true Hollywood style! 

Timeless is a perfect mix of adventure and romance. Think The Princess Bride or Zorro. Or, better yet, the original Mummy. In short, Timeless is about the Time Team (Lucy, Wyatt, and Rufus). They travel through time to protect history from an evil conglomerate who wishes to destroy it in order to control the future. When NBC canceled the show after Season 1, fans rallied in support. In an unprecedented move, the network reversed its decision. As a result, Timeless returned on March 11th for Season 2.

If you have not seen “Hollywoodland,” read no further. And for those who have yet to see Timeless…..Fix that quick! Head over to Hulu (right now) to binge Season 1 and catch up on Season 2! You’re welcome.

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First, some background. This week, the Time Team traveled to 1941 Los Angeles. Specifically, Hollywoodland. The Time Team’s history of cover stories is no bueno and the trend continues. In a hilarious turn of events, Rufus impersonates Langston Hughes and sells Lucy and Wyatt as his new duo – the next Fairbanks and Pickford! Consequently, Lucy and Wyatt find themselves at the center of attention at a glamorous Hollywood party. Asked to perform, Lucy and Wyatt quietly panic. Wyatt whispers he can’t sing. It’s up to Lucy to save their cover. After all, she was in a band! All of a sudden, Lucy finds herself standing by a grand piano, preparing to entertain the room.

Setting the Mood – A Song from the Heart

Gulping down what I’m positive was a champagne cocktail, Lucy asks the pianist to play “You Made Me Love You.” After a rocky start, Lucy knocks it out of the park. She gets into it. The crowd gets into. Wyatt totally gets into it. Which then leads to the episode’s first romantic interlude between Lucy and Wyatt. Songs have power. They carry emotion. More importantly, the words of a song can express everything you may not be willing to say…..yet. 

You know you’ve got the brand of kisses

That I’d die for

You know you made me love……you

This last verse. As she closes out the song, Lucy’s voice eventually grows softer. It’s almost a whisper as she meets Wyatt’s eyes across the room.

Lucy and Wyatt, Timeless, Romance, Romantic Moment of the Week, Clockblockers

The crowd fades into the background. Now, she’s singing to Wyatt. Whether she realizes it or not, her heart is on her sleeve. Lucy knows what his kisses are like. And Wyatt knows what it’s like to kiss Lucy, too. The camera zooms in on Wyatt’s face. There is surprise, then wonder. Last, the tiniest of smiles escapes.

Lucy and Wyatt, Timeless, Romance, Romantic Moment of the Week, Clockblockers

“You Made Me Love You” becomes an anthem for everything that exists between Lucy and Wyatt. It’s a moment straight out of a classic Hollywood movie where a song becomes the vehicle for characters to express their feelings.

The Lead In – Poolside Banter

Later, these two lovebirds engage in a poolside chat reminiscent of The Philadelphia Story or His Girl Friday. The dialogue was perfection. It was light and teasing. It was affectionate.  Making it even better, were actors Abigail Spencer and Matt Lantner. They gave each line just the right amount of flirty looks and laughter. Thus, it was no wonder sparks were flying!

I adored the self-deprecation and gentle ribbing between Lucy and Wyatt. They are in their own bubble. Laughing together, and, eventually, confessing thoughts they may not have otherwise shared. Ultimately, it’s Wyatt who leads the way. 

Wyatt (turning serious): You saved my life you know

Lucy (still teasing): Which time? The Alamo, Watergate……I’m losing count.

Wyatt (groaning): Oh my God, that is not what I mean.

And this is it. This is where everything shifts. It’s the classic Hollywood romantic-comedy, coming to its inevitable conclusion. The playful atmosphere is gone. Now, there is a delicious sense of anticipation. Wyatt confesses that he took the job because of the danger. He no longer cared about his life after Jessica’s death. But Lucy, she changed that. She made him feel again. He cares. And from the way Wyatt looks at Lucy, it’s clear what, or rather, who he is talking about. Now, it’s Lucy’s turn. She admits she felt the same when she thought Wyatt was dead. The way Wyatt turns toward her…whew! There is so much intent in that small movement. Pinning Lucy with those baby blues, he asks her the question we all wanted to know the answer to.


Romantic Moment – Lucy and Wyatt Finally Have Their Moment

Wyatt’s answer is Lucy leading him to the guest house. I half-expected to see a million and one candles. Instead, the scene is simple. The lighting is dim. A few wall sconces. The only flame being the fire in the hearth….notwithstanding the one between Lucy and Wyatt! As a result, the focus is on Lucy and Wyatt. Which in turn, makes this scene so much more intimate. There is so much emotion between them. Anticipation, longing, nervousness….you name it, it was there. It hovers in the air around them.

You can almost see Lucy frantically analyzing, and likely overthinking, what is about to happen. Not Wyatt though. As he turns Lucy towards him, it’s clear Wyatt knows exactly what he wants. It’s there in his eyes and how they flicker down to her lips before Wyatt looks back up into Lucy’s eyes. It’s in the way he moves confidently towards her.

Lucy and Wyatt, Timeless, Romance, Romantic Moment of the Week, Clockblockers

He wants this. And as uncertain as Lucy is, she wants this, too. Their lips meet halfway and almost immediately, that real (Clockblockers, you know what I mean!) first kiss turns passionate. It quickly becomes consuming, both of them completely lost in each other.

Lucy and Wyatt, Timeless, Romance, Romantic Moment of the Week, Clockblockers

It’s Lucy who breaks it and the two breathe hard as they stare at each other. Wow. Wow. WOW. There is surprise on both their faces. 

Lucy and Wyatt, Timeless, Romance, Romantic Moment of the Week, Clockblockers

Although, Wyatt then gives Lucy that little smile he does. The one where one corner of his mouth quirks up at the corner, giving him a dashing, swashbuckling appearance. Because, of course, he knew all along it would be that good between them.

The longer the stare, the more certain they both become. The moment it clicks, Lucy instantly pulls Wyatt back into another kiss. Wyatt tugs Lucy impossibly closer until there is no space between them. Their lips cling to each other and….commercial break.

Lucy and Wyatt, Timeless, Romance, Romantic Moment of the Week, Clockblockers

This moment was insanely intense. It hits you right in the feels. Particularly since it was a long time in the making. Moreover, unlike the time they were with Bonnie and Clyde, there was no cover to protect. There was no pretense. It was raw. Vulnerable. Above all, it was about their feelings for each other.

By this point in the episode, I was not only incoherent but also in need of smelling salts. Or, a paper bag. Of course, this is drama. So, while Timeless delivered a swoon-worthy romantic moment, it also left Clockblockers (Timeless fans) with an equal amount of angst. The show giveth….the show taketh away. Still, I can’t wait to see what the show does next! Timeless is definitely a treasure trove of swoon-worthy romantic moments.

Are you a fan of Timeless? What did you think of this “Lyatt” moment? Sound off in the comments below!

Timeless airs on NBC, Sundays, 10/9 central.

For more about Timeless visit the show’s official site.

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  1. I love your romantic moments of the week! I have discovered some really great shows because of this (Our Girl is EPIC and I’ve watched season one multiple times, and I learned of that show from your romantic moments of the week!).

    Timeless is one I’ll put on my list – I binge watched and loved the build up between Lucy and Wyatt. And now have my DVR set for the new episodes! Thank you for this weekly review!


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