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How Big of a Romance Addict are You? Find Out!

Do you love romance movies, books, and shows as much as you think you do?

Here at The Silver Petticoat Review, we love romance! Some could say we’re even a little obsessed…And it’s not just the romance genre we love. We love all genres with a good love story attached. We even have numerous favorite TV couples.

Well, we thought it would be fun to put together a quiz all about loving romance in movies, books, and shows. The personality quiz is meant to be an amusing look at how much we each love romance in entertainment.

Whether you’re as obsessed with romance as Jane Hayes was with Colin Firth and Mr. Darcy in Austenland, or you don’t love romance at all, after taking this quiz, you’ll know exactly where you stand!

In the ‘romance addict’ quiz, there are five possible results:

You Don’t Really Like Romance


So, you really don’t like romance. Don’t worry, we understand. Sometimes it’s hard to find enough time to watch TV or read books that you enjoy. Maybe try watching some of the greatest romance movies of all time like Casablanca or Pride and Prejudice. Or start by reading fabulous books with love stories like Jane Eyre. You never know, you might find yourself beginning to like romance.

You Sort of Like Romance


You don’t enjoy the romance genre that much, but you think it’s okay. Sometimes you’ll read a romance for fun or watch a romantic movie because it’s an enjoyable distraction. If you check out some fantastic books, movies, or shows with incredible love stories, there is a chance the romance genre might still win you over.

You Like Romance


There are specific romance stories that you like, but you aren’t open to all of them. Reading a love story or watching a romance isn’t a primary interest of yours, but you’ll pick up a romance book or turn on a romance to watch every once in a while and enjoy it.

You Love Romance


You read or watch romances very often and enjoy the romance genre. You often talk and think about love stories in books, romantic movies, and you even root for your favorite TV couples. Reading and watching romance is an interest of yours but not an obsession.

You Are Obsessed with Romance


You read and watch romance whenever you can! All you think and talk about is romance, even to the point of obsession. Sometimes if a story doesn’t end happily ever after, you rewrite the ending in your head (or even write some fan fiction). Some of your favorite people are book boyfriends, Romantic Heroes, Byronic Heroes, and more. There’s nothing wrong with wanting your own Mr. Darcy, after all.

So, take our quiz below and find out how much of a romance addict you are. And let us know your results!

How much of a romance addict are you? Did you enjoy our new romance quiz? Sound off in the comments.

Featured image: The Notebook (New Line Cinema). Other photo credit: The Gifs come via Giphy)

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By on September 7th, 2020

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4 thoughts on “How Big of a Romance Addict are You? Find Out!”

  1. Word’s very less about the blog that you formed. It’s very well and a nice presentable site you have. I enjoyed reading a few of the posts and have subscribed to your newsletters. I also liked the result which came up stating about how much romantic I am- which is a bit worrying for me coz I am very less romantic. Kudos to your work. waiting to get emails from you and will visit soon

    • Not a silly question! Scroll to the bottom and click on the button that says “Find out.” It is underneath the section that says “You are obsessed with romance.” It is embedded into the page. You can also take the quiz if you clear your cache, or go to an incognito window. At the top of any page of the website, you will see a maroon bar popup with an invitation to take the same quiz! Hope that helps. 🙂


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