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Before The Moon – A Review of Stars Above


Stars Above by Marissa Meyer is a collection of short stories all about the beloved characters of The Lunar Chronicles. This book is a companion, not an actual part of the series. You don’t have to read it in order to understand what is happening in the story. That being said, this book is WONDERFUL, so you should read it.

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The moment I got Stars Above home I tore it open. “Where’s Thorne? Where is he?” Thorne is my favorite character in The Lunar Chronicles so I leapt through the pages searching for him. It probably wasn’t the most mature way to read a book but the beauty of this particular book is you can do that. You can jump around from short story to short story, seeking out only the characters you want and it won’t confuse you. Of course, you can read the book all in order, if that’s what you like.

Fans of The Lunar Chronicles already know what a skilled writer Marissa Meyer is and she continues to prove her skill with this set of stories. It would be so easy for a writer to just slap a book like this together without much care. The fans will devour it anyway. Instead, Marissa Meyer polished this book and made it gleam. It was clearly a labor of love for the characters and fans rather than a money making scheme.

On that note, the book is definitely directed at the people who already love The Lunar Chronicles. It delves deeper into each of the characters’ pasts. All of the stories Meyer alludes to throughout the series and then a few more. We finally get a real glimpse into Thorne and Wolf’s childhoods and how Cinder and Iko became friends.

It is truly the perfect book for anyone who loved The Lunar Chronicles, especially if you don’t have a lot of time to read. Just pick it up from time to time and read a new story.

What makes this book particularly good is the way it digs deeper into each character. The reader gets little insights and hints at who they were before. I love it and if you love The Lunar Chronicles you will love it too.

Adaptation Recommendation

I have been saying since the first moment I picked up Cinder that I wanted to see this as a miniseries but only if I am in charge of casting! I put together the perfect cast on Pinterest and those are the only people I want to see playing those characters. I would love to see the same actors playing out these stories in little minisodes that could be on YouTube or between actual episodes of the miniseries, but really there isn’t much reason to adapt a series of short stories. It would just be fun.

Have you read Stars Above? Let me know your thoughts on this addition to The Lunar Chronicles!


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