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P.S. I Like You – Cute Romance with Heart!

P.S. I Like You by Kasie West 

Every now and again, I discover the best kind of author. In the past year, one of these discoveries was YA author Kasie West. As the year pressed on, her books marched through my reading TBRs off and on (in between review book breaks!), and among them, I discovered true gems. The latest novel I’ve read from her backlist is a little novel called P.S. I Like You. A story that’s as charming as it sounds.

The StoryP.S. I Like You - Cute Romance with Heart!

The story introduces us to Lily. Lily is a high school student who’s bored while she sits through chemistry class. So bored in fact that she scribbles a series of song lyrics on a piece of paper, just to pass the time. What’s she unaware of, is the effect these words are about to have on her life. The following day in class, she discovers that someone has continued the song with the rest of the lyrics. Needless to say, Lily is curious!


As the pair exchange song lyrics, their letters begin to develop more depth, and Lily finds herself falling for this new friend of hers. The trouble is? He doesn’t know who Lily is, and Lily, well, Lily is scared to reveal her identity. But the more they exchange these revealing letters, the more Lily begins to realize her pen pal is anything but who she thought he was.

P.S. I Like You Review

Though I say it way too often when it comes to Kasie’s novels, if there’s one place her name should be cemented, it’s next to the definition of words like cute in the dictionary. Her books are like sunshine. While I do have favorites, I never leave her stories depressed. In today’s end-of-world apocalyptic theme, this is a rare quality but is one I treasure.

“All I had to do was rise up on my tiptoes and our lips met. He tasted like mint gum and all my hopes and dreams. Well, not all of them, but a lot of them.” – Kasie West, P.S. I Like You

The cherry on top is the old-fashioned appeal of the book. As these two people fall in love, it’s not by traditional means, but rather by what is an archaic practice lost to our world today. Through letters, Lily falls head over heels for this boy she doesn’t know. It’s charming and makes the reader smile as we see the romance blossom through Lily’s narrative. It’s this central theme that puts us in mind of the classic romantic-comedy You’ve Got Mail with some Mr. Darcy and Lizzy traits thrown in.

If you’re looking for a sweet and wholesome novel to enjoy, look no further than a Kasie West novel. Her stories are magic of the best sort. P.S. I Like You bubbles over with happy moments and gives the reader the effect we’re all hoping for, which as we all know is the wished for HEA.

Adaptation Recommendation

As previously mentioned, this one is You’ve Got Mail lite, but another good recommendation would be Date with Love (or anything from Hallmark). Ideally, I’d love to see this one adapted. It would make a charming film and would fit in as a Netflix original. In terms of casting, I could see Brenden Meyer (based on looks) as the leading man, and Bailee Madison in the role of Lily.

Content: There’s nothing offensive in P.S. I Like You. It’d be a PG-like romantic-comedy.

Have you read P.S. I Like You? Or any of Kasie’s novels? Tell me all what YOUR favorite is! I’d love to discuss these cute romances with you all. Sound off below. 

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Publication Date: 2016

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Five Corset Rating Lower Byte Size

“The stuff that dreams are made of.”


four heart rating

“In vain have I struggled. It will not do. My

feelings will not be repressed. You must allow me

to tell you how ardently I admire and love you.”

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4 thoughts on “P.S. I Like You – Cute Romance with Heart!”

  1. I too, am a fan of Katie West and really enjoyed the old-fashioned aspects of this story as well as the hate to love journey made by the main characters.

    • Kasie’s books are delightful!! Though I have my favorites, I appreciate that all of her books are wholesome in a world of storytelling that saturated by non-wholesome tales. In this one, I love the old-fashioned “passing notes” plot. 🙂

  2. Much as I l love the author, I vehemently disagree with you on the this book. There is nothing wholesome about this one. The hero is a dreadful bully. This book teaches girls that they should fall in love with mean and terrible boys and their love will somehow redeem them. This book romanticises abuse behaviour. Shamefull stuff.


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