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Previewing Season Three of When Calls the Heart

When Calls the Heart Season 3

When Calls the Heart Season 3 Preview

On Sunday, February 21st, Hallmark Channel aired their second episode of their third season of When Calls the Heart. The season began back in December with the romantic special “New Year’s Eve” (you can purchase this on a DVD titled “It Begins with the Heart” on March 8th or buy the episode on Amazon Video) before going on a several week hiatus. The season is now back to finish its remaining nine episodes, which is the remainder of the third season. Three episodes in coupled with some sneak peek advance information and I have a pretty good inkling there are going to be some dramatic shifts in the series.

For those unfamiliar with this series, it airs on Hallmark Channel and is an adaptation of Janette Oke’s book series of the same name. The television series, though drastically different than that of the books, follows wealthy schoolteacher Elizabeth Thatcher as she adjusts to life in a rustic Canadian outpost. With time, growth and a sense of feeling at home, Elizabeth eventually grows to love Hope Valley without reservations. Part of which is helped by the presence of Canadian Mountie, Jack Thornton.

As the seasons have progressed, there are many sub-characters and relationships not to mention a back-and-forth dance between Elizabeth and Jack, but above all, the series has maintained a wholesome romanticism that is often missing from network television.

With the third season in full swing, below I’m sharing a preview of things that have happened and looking ahead to what’s to come.


#1. Elizabeth and Jack

When Calls the Heart S1 (Elizabeth and Jack)

As the season begins, Jack and Elizabeth are still in a tenuous place. But the last two episodes seemed to change the direction. There is a firmer foundation on which their relationship is now blossoming. Thus far, it’s been lovely. I’ve enjoyed the lack of wishy-washy emotions between them and hope the writers continue building off of this. By the look of things, it would seem that they will. If they do, their relationship will be so much healthier.

Proof of this was glimpsed in the episode two scene showing Elizabeth painting and her attempts to give Jack a task to make him feel needed. Of course, it backfired on her, but the flirting was worth it.

#2. Love Triangles in the Making

When Calls the Heart S3 E5 EDIT (Jack Faith and Elizabeth)

Much as I generally abhor them, I’d be remiss if I didn’t say there is a distinct possibility there may be one – or more, love triangles blossoming. In a gentle kind of way, I have to add my hope this doesn’t prevail.

#3. New Faces

As with each new season, there will be some new faces visiting Hope Valley off and on. Some who breeze into Hope Valley will have a greater impact on some characters than others. One of whom will even pose a danger to (at least temporarily) one of the couplings.

#4. Sabotage

When Calls the Heart New Year's

Despite his thriving sawmill, Lee Coulter may encounter some serious setbacks in his business – none of which will have anything to do with Rosemary trying to take over the decorating.

#5. A Wedding?

Don’t misunderstand, I know of no plan for a wedding to take place. But given all of the pairings and love in the air, it would seem only fair someone might tie the knot. Who they may be, I don’t know. After all, I cannot simply spill all of Hope Valley’s best kept secrets.

When Calls the Heart airs Sundays on Hallmark Channel. You can purchase the episodes (as they air) on Amazon Video or buy the DVD collections for season one and season two.

Are you a fan of When Calls the Heart? What are you most anticipating about season three? Sound off below with your comments; I’d enjoy reading them.

Photos: Hallmark

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