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The Originals: The Bloody Crown Recap and Review – Klaus’s Sacrifice

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I will try to be as objective about this review of “The Bloody Crown” as I can be as I admit my expectations for the episode weren’t quite met (I confess my expectations are always unfairly higher for my favorite shows!) So, in some ways the season finale was fantastic and in other ways it was a little bit of an anti-climactic misfire.

For one, the prophecy didn’t really make sense. Where did it come from? Was it the ancestors? Certainly, it was the prophecy that caused Elijah to make the choices he did which actually led to the outcome as predicted. Elijah blames himself for causing it but who created the prophecy to start with? Yes, it came to pass – sort of. But if they hadn’t followed its manipulation none of it would have ever happened – which is a textbook self-fulfilling prophecy. Except we don’t know who first had the prophecy. Though I assume we’re supposed to believe it was the ancestors.

I should also point out that none of them have actually fallen which lessens the impact of a self-fulfilling prophecy. To really pull off this type of prophecy, there would need to be an actual death from one or more of the characters IN the fight (Marcel, Klaus or Elijah) and not someone in the crossfire. Though to be fair, I might have rated the episode higher if I hadn’t already watched the far superior season 3 finale of Being Human UK that dealt with a similar “Shakespearean” self-fulfilling prophecy and handled it to perfection.

klaus the bloody crown

In all, the season’s end of The Originals would have been stronger if:

  1. We saw who was actually behind the prophecy. Perhaps a true victim out for vengeance or someone with a cool twist leading into season 4. This should have been the actual “Big Bad” reveal. Marcel was just another pawn (and a hypocrite) who took advantage. It was one character passing the baton to the next. The beginning of season 4 really needs to address this.
  2. The prophecy actually came to pass to some extent. Meaning, some of them would actually die. That would be a real tragedy and actually shocking (while I’m typically against just “offing” characters as a sport, at times it can be thematically necessary). And then season 4 would be about resurrecting them. Think about actual Shakespearean tragedies. Romeo and Juliet, Macbeth, Hamlet, etc. There were no real stakes involved here (no pun intended.) Yes, Klaus is being tortured and it’s a sacrifice – one he likely made due to Cami’s influence (though this should have been spelled out more) but it doesn’t really feel like anything other than a temporary obstacle. Though I do appreciate the path to Klaus’s redemption.
  3. There weren’t protagonist problems. In other words, the writers often connected the prophecy to Elijah. He was the one causing events to happen the most. So shouldn’t it then be Elijah who is on trial? Shouldn’t it then be Elijah who falls? Thematically, there was some confusion in the presentation here. I understand why they went with Klaus since he’s the “King” but then they should have had Klaus be the one who killed Marcel and not Elijah. Now that would have been Shakespearean or even Greek – the father murdering his own son. The impact was not felt.
  4. Oh, and some surprises!

Still, despite these weaknesses (and yes I know I’m nitpicking but blame that on my need to vent), the dialogue was in fine form and the acting was some of the best of the series. I have to give a special nod to Claire Holt and Yusuf Gatewood who especially impressed.

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marcel the bloody crown

The episode begins with Marcel’s memories of his time spent with the Mikaelsons. It’s the ultimate betrayal in his mind. He was their family and they killed him. The question is: Whose side should we be on? No doubt Marcel has a reason to feel wronged. They betrayed him by killing Davina and then they betrayed him when Elijah killed him in cold blood. And yet, Klaus is changed so we sympathize with his viewpoint as well.

Still, it doesn’t take long before Marcel storms the “castle.” Things turn ugly quickly. First, Marcel bites Kol and then bites Elijah with his lethal poison. Meanwhile, Freya’s been poisoned. It’s not looking good for the Mikaelsons.

And just when Klaus’s “calm” demeanor begins to reach its breaking point, Rebekah shows up working as a mediator between her siblings and her former lover. After all, Marcel would never hurt her. She calms the situation down briefly but realizes Marcel is not backing down. He does, however, agree to let Klaus have justice – a trial. Hundreds of vampires there to condemn him for what he’s done to them.

Meanwhile, Rebekah and Klaus come up with a plan. Go to this trial for “justice” as Marcel has suggested and find a way to live (Klaus) and not go mad (Rebekah). Ultimately, Rebekah pretends to go mad and sways the mob to believe the best justice for Klaus is to be tortured and not killed. Marcel and the other vampires fall for it. And Klaus makes the noble sacrifice for his siblings.


hayley and freya the bloody crown

To save herself and her siblings, Freya puts them all (using Klaus as the anchor) in a sleeping spell. Until Hayley (the only one – besides Hope – left awake) can find a cure to save them all, they will remain in a sleep state while they spend time in a blissful dream world together as siblings. Everyone except Klaus who is being tortured by Marcel – and then buried alive.


marcel and vincent the bloody crown

Vincent: All hail the king.

Will brings Vincent into an odd case at St. Ann’s church where Vincent discovers many of the Strix have been slaughtered. While investigating at the church, Will is attacked by a surviving vampire and barely comes out alive. In the end, Vincent sarcastically bows to Marcel pointing out Marcel’s hypocrisy. Marcel is just another “King” and is no different than the Mikaelsons. He then tells Marcel that he’s taking back the church and it will be a sanctuary for anyone who needs it: human, witch, or vampire. Yusuf Gatewood again stole the scene with his brilliant performance.


Elijah and Hayley have a nice touching moment where he pleads with her to not mourn – that she deserves to be happy.


hayley the bloody crown

I predicted a couple weeks ago what would happen in the last two episodes and it seems I was spot on. I really shouldn’t be disappointed that nothing surprising happened but I admit I am a little bit. Again, blame that on unrealistic high expectations! I actually think the writers of The Originals do a wonderful job despite me having some differences of opinion with their creative direction these last few weeks. Mainly being the decision to kill off Cami and Davina (though I understand I don’t have all the facts behind said decision), Klaus’s lack of emotional fallout over Cami’s death and the predictable finale.

Still, I do understand this was meant to be a character heavy episode rather than an action-packed one and I appreciated some of the sweet moments between the Mikaelson siblings and the journey we get to watch of Klaus’s redemption. The letter at the end was also a nice touch.

No surprise guest stars? What?

Last week, I shared a quote from Michael Narducci about surprising guest stars in relation to an interview he did with TVLINE. But I misunderstood the original quote. I assumed the “surprising” guest stars he was referring to were in relation to the finale when they were in fact about last week’s episode. Apparently, the surprising guest stars we wouldn’t believe if he told us were Josh and Will. While that’s not what I would consider the definition of surprising or unbelievable, I do give Narducci some major salesman points for selling it so convincingly!

So, there were, in fact, no surprise guest stars this week – so sorry for the unnecessary letdown if you read my review!

Season 4

will and vincent the bloody crown

As you have probably heard by now, season 4 of The Originals will not be returning until mid-season. So, it will be a shortened season. This is both a good and a bad thing. It’s great because they won’t need to drag out any plots. But it could also be bad because they film ahead of time and could film the ending without realizing it’s the finale. Hopefully, if it is going to be the last season they will be told in enough advance to film an ending.

As far as season 4 goes creatively, this is what I hope to see:

  1. The reveal of who was actually behind the prophecy.
  2. The takedown of Marcel. Either he needs to die, find a way to permanently heal his rift with the Mikaelsons, or leave town. Marcel vs. the Mikaelsons obviously can’t continue until the end of the show.
  3. More Vincent and Will. I love the sanctuary idea so I can’t wait to see the show run with that! I wouldn’t mind Vincent having a love interest either. I’d also like to learn more about Will and if he is who he says he is.
  4. No new love interests for Kol or Klaus. That would just feel wrong. These two need to find a way to be with their soulmate loves in the end. AKA Davina and Cami.
  5. More characterization for Freya. Give her a story outside of taking care of her siblings!
  6. A stable Hayley and Elijah romance without unnecessary relationship angst.
  7. More female characters!
  8. The resurrection of Camille. Read last week’s review about how this could easily be done. Now, I’m not saying she “has” to be a regular cast member. But I’d like to see her presence be felt. Look at season 4 of Doctor Who with Rose. A few glimpses of Rose throughout the season which ultimately at the end led to her return…which was AWESOME. They could do the same with Cami. Have short, interspersed scenes of her trying to communicate with Klaus or one of the other characters like Vincent. And then by the end of the season return. OR at least find a way for Cami and Klaus to be together by the series end. If season 4 is the final season (and there’s a high chance it will be based on ratings) then have a Wuthering Heights or Jane Eyre type end. When Klaus finds redemption, he’ll finally deserve Cami either in death or in life.

I could go on! But these are some of the ideas I have in mind right now.

Well, what did you think of “The Bloody Crown?” What would you like to see in season 4? Let me know in the comments!

Till next year…

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4 thoughts on “The Originals: The Bloody Crown Recap and Review – Klaus’s Sacrifice”

  1. Fantastic review! I was slightly disappointed with this episode too – namely Klaus being downed by Papa Toonday’s blade…again. A bit of a lazy plot point. Liked the drama of the trial though. Such a long wait now. Ridiculous! I hope they bring Cami back though – the show is lacking without her. She’s integral to Klaus’ redemption.

    • Thank you. 🙂 Yeah, I hear you. Using the blade again is a bit repetitive. And yes, it’s like having Rochester’s journey of redemption without having Jane Eyre return in the end. Just NO.

  2. Totally agree with your recap. Concerning a new storyline for Freya…I was thinking about ‘dark’ Freya in season 2. She told her mother, just before she murdered her, that she would kill Esther’s family “one by one”, out of revenge, because her mother gave her away, and her “light was snuffed out” by Dahlia. What if the prophecy was the curse of Freya? She told Finn in an earlier episode that sometimes you need to finish things to start refresh. Then she crushed a caterpillar, that became a butterfly. Perhaps this is not some ordinary plot hole, idk.

    • Freya was definitely a figure of suspicion throughout so we definitely can’t rule her out! It also was a little too convenient for Freya not to think of a way to save Cami when it came pretty quickly to her to save her siblings. However, I do worry Dark Freya may be too reminiscent of Dark Willow in Buffy. Personally, I’m hoping for something new and really surprising for the prophecy reveal. Though I fear there won’t ever be one and we’re supposed to just assume it was the ancestors. Anyway, great points! Thanks for your thoughts!


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