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The Originals: Brotherhood of the Damned Recap – Impossible Victories

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Returning from last week’s cliffhanger, this week’s episode sprung right back into the action. You’ve got a trapped room of hungry vampires looking over the ever tastier Kol. Jackson and Hayley move forward with their wedding plans, while Elijah and Cami converse in Doctor/patient couch time. Plus, the episode includes a trip down Marcel’s memory lane from World War I as the side effects from a werewolf bite give him hallucinations about his past. In all, it was a strong character driven episode where Marcel had the opportunity to shine.


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Marcel’s leadership abilities are brought to the test as his vampires remain trapped inside the compound with only Kol as a possible meal. Not to mention, the werewolf bite that is slowly killing him. Meanwhile, Marcel begins to have intense hallucinations/memories of his time as a World War I soldier. In the past, Marcel became leader of “the brotherhood of the damned,” a group of soldiers “meant to stall” the enemy. But Marcel had a different vision of his soldiers:

“They call us brotherhood of the damned because everyone here would rather be damned than let the enemy break this line. If you don’t know that, then we need a leader who does.”

After the original leader is killed, he steps forward in his place. But when his unit is defeated and dying, Marcel takes the opportunity to turn his whole unit into vampires, giving their nickname a whole new meaning.

battle new orleans the originals

These memories (a la Lost style) prove to be relevant to the present story as he once again needs to lead a group of soldiers (his vampires) to an impossible victory. Will they be able to make it across the city without feeding on the people of New Orleans, forever breaking their oath? After watching this episode, one thing is clear: Marcel is a stronger leader than Klaus.

Unfortunately though, the fight is not yet over. After making it to victory (with Marcel also getting the cure in time), Finn shows up to kidnap all of Marcel’s vampires as a way to find out Klaus’s secret.


Elijah and Cami the originals

Now that Elijah has warmed up a bit to Cami, the two take advantage of the time they have together to enjoy a therapy session. As Cami helps him open up, he describes the Red Door and reveals a long guarded secret: that he murdered the woman both he and Klaus loved. He admits his fear that Klaus will discover the truth and never forgive him. Suddenly, Elijah collapses into a sort of coma with a confused Camille left alone with baby Hope. When Elijah awakens from Finn’s spell, he reveals that the baby has been left in good hands. These two are only continually growing closer as friends.


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While Klaus makes an uneasy alliance with Davina, Finn casts a spell that traps Kol, Klaus and Elijah’s minds inside a magical room. Each of them is held there with a symbolic animal representing each of their personalities. Klaus is the big bad wolf, Elijah the noble stag, Kol the wily fox and Finn the boar. There, Finn confronts the brothers as a way to discover what it is exactly that Klaus loves most. We all know it’s Hope. But Finn still believes she died. Yet, he gets dangerously close to discovering the truth.

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Ultimately, Klaus and Elijah outsmart Finn by proving that his perception of them is incorrect. Elijah proves he’s not the “noble stag” by admitting his sin about Tatia (the woman they loved and he killed) to Klaus. And then Klaus proves he’s not “the big bad wolf” by then forgiving his brother. The spell is broken and they awaken back in their bodies.


the originals grandmother

Jackson and Hayley continue to move forward with their wedding that will happen in 10 days time. Jackson takes her to meet his Grandma Mary (played perfectly by Everwood’s Debra Mooney) where they’ll begin some of the traditional rituals. Unfortunately, Mary reveals that part of the ritual includes smoking the calamus root which causes people to tell the truth. This sends Hayley packing. She’s willing to do anything for her pack, EXCEPT give up the secret of her baby. She makes a quick apology and runs off.

But Jackson turns it all around as he continues to win Hayley over with his sincerity and understanding nature. According to Jackson, whatever secrets she has will become his secrets. This sounds pretty good to Hayley (a little too good?). She takes his hand and walks back to his grandmother’s house in the woods. With wolves and a grandmother involved, it’s hard not to see a smidge of Little Red Riding Hood influence in this side plot. When Klaus (who was revealed earlier to not in fact be “the big bad wolf”) learns of the truth ritual, he runs off to go see Hayley before she reveals the secret about Hope. Could Jackson be the real wolf in sheep’s clothing?


quote the originals

Klaus: Let me guess… I’m the big bad wolf, Kol the wily fox, Elijah is the noble stag, and you, fittingly enough, are the boar; bit obvious as far as symbolism goes.


Davina and Kol kiss the originals

The reunion of Davina and Kol in the streets of New Orleans was quite the sweet moment. You have the longing stares from a distance and then the lovely reunion sealed with a kiss. These two troublemakers seem to make the perfect pair.


Gia and Marcel the originals

What do you think of the possible Gia and Marcel pairing? Did the tension at the end of the episode between them surprise you? Or were you expecting this pair to happen eventually? Or are you still hoping for an Elijah and Gia pairing? Or maybe you don’t want any Gia pairing…

Is anyone else hoping for a Cami centric episode soon? I think it would be a nice departure!

Also, how long before Finn is defeated and Dahlia becomes the next main villain?

Well, what did you think of the “Brotherhood of the Damned?” Let me know in the comments!

Stay tuned for when I recap the next episode “Sanctuary.”

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