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Once Upon a Time Recap: “Lily” – The Savior Meets the Anti-Savior

Photo: ABC
Photo: ABC

On this week’s episode of Once Upon a Time we finally were introduced to Maleficent’s mysterious daughter Lilith, Regina and Emma go on a road trip (who’d have thought this would ever happen), and Emma slips a little closer to the Dark.


This week’s flashbacks give us a little peek into more of Emma’s life as a foster child. This time she’s happily living with a cookie cutter couple and their two perfect boys when Lily shows up asking Emma for help. After her last run in with the girl, Emma isn’t too keen on lending a helping hand. However, due to a convenient moment when her foster father finds her with Lily on top of Emma’s good nature, she ends up sticking her neck out for the lost soul. As usual, however, Emma’s dealings with Lily produce less than happy results. Emma gets caught sneaking in late at night by her foster parents, who also happen to have discovered that Lily stole a large chunk of their money and is a suspect in an armed robbery. This spells the end of this foster family for Emma. While waiting at the bus stop, Lily appears wanting to team up with Emma so they can live out on their own together. Emma’s not incredibly excited by the prospect, as you might imagine, and tells Lily to hit the road. Our last little glimpse of young Lily reveals the Author sitting next to her on a bus, telling her all about her cursed life as the daughter of Maleficent and Emma’s parents’ role in it.

Storybrooke/The Road Trip

Back in Storybrooke we find Emma determined to go after Gold for his manipulation of the Cruella situation from last week. Fearing her possible further descent into darkness, her friends and family are anything but supportive.

Photo: ABC
Photo: ABC

And then in walks Maleficent championing Emma’s cause. There’s just one thing Emma has to do for her first: track down her daughter, Lilith. Did I mention Lilith happens to have landed in Minnesota, the very place Emma first met Lily? The mere mention of this little tidbit of information has Emma running off to the library to study the microfiche. At the speed of light, Emma finds Lily’s 30-year-old, out-of-state baptism announcement. Even more amazing is that baby Lily conveniently posed to show off her star-shaped birthmark to its best advantage. As Regina said, “Ain’t fate a bitch?”

Seeing as both Emma and Regina need to leave town in order to complete their missions, Regina suggests they team up to find Lily and save Robin Hood from Marian/Zelena. And so these two former enemies prepare to go on a good old-fashioned road trip together (isn’t that sweet). Fate sends another red alert to Emma when she discovers that Lily’s last known address is in Lowell, Mass., a mere half an hour outside Emma’s former home of Boston. The girl’s first stop is a shady apartment building where one of Lily’s former neighbors kindly tells Emma that Lily’s been dead for years. The increasingly on edge Emma nearly flattens the guys face for his help. For once, Regina acts as the voice of reason on this show, talking Emma down from her murderous rage. Of course, Emma denies her little outburst has anything to do with her flirtation with the dark side. She’s just feeling guilty over Lily getting the darkness that was meant for her.

Photo: ABC
Photo: ABC

After almost crashing into a wolf on the road, Emma and Regina find a little diner nearby where Emma discovers Lily working as a waitress. Things certainly are lining up nicely for our daring duo. When confronted by Emma, Lily shrugs off Emma’s claims that her cursed life is Emma’s fault. She then lies about having a husband and daughter to ditch Emma’s questions. But, as we all know, Emma has a nose for BS, and doesn’t buy Lily’s story for a minute. The biggest surprise of all comes when Regina finds proof in Lily’s trailer that she knows everything about her origin, Storybrooke, and what the Charmings did to ruin her life. Unfortunately, just as they realize this, Lily is heard speeding off in Emma’s bug. Not one to accept defeat, Emma steals her own ride and heads after Lily.

Emma eventually cuts off Lily, and marches over to confront her former BFF. The girls get into it big time, swinging punches, trading threats, and generally kicking the crap out of each other. The tides turn, however, when Emma pulls a gun on Lily. Rather than talk her down, Lily eggs Emma on, threatening to go after her parents if Emma lets her go. Once again, Regina steps in as the voice of reason, cautioning Emma, “If you cross this line, the journey back isn’t easy.” After a tense few seconds, Emma lowers the gun and offers Lily her hand. The two sit for a few minutes hashing out some details, after which Emma asks Lily to join them, saying she won’t push her away this time.

Photo: ABC
Photo: ABC

We finally make it to New York for the last smidgeon of the episode, where Regina and Robin Hood joyfully reunite. “Marian” plays dumb for a moment when Regina reveals that she’s actually Zelena, but then returns to her original form with a gloating look directed at Regina. It appears that Robin can’t return with Regina because Zelena is pregnant. Now there’s an unfortunate twist.

Extra Wishes

Other happenings:

The Charmings apologized to Maleficent for ruining her child’s life, to which Mal replies, “It’s Lily you should be afraid of because if I won’t forgive you, why would she?”

Rumple joins forces with his rival for Belle’s heart, Will, to steal Belle’s heart back from Regina’s office. Once the item is returned, Rumple declares that it’s now Will’s job to protect it since, “I’ve (Rumple) proven unworthy.” Aww, this makes me like Rumple again. I hope they eventually get their happy ending.

Curious Coincidences:

Lily has a star-shaped birthmark, her assumed name at the diner is Starla, and her full name, Lilith, means “of the night.” Could this possibly mean something bigger? What do you think?

Romantic Moment:

Hook and Emma saying their goodbyes before she leaves on her roadtrip.

“I didn’t have anything to live for. You have your parents, Henry…”


“Aye, me. And I, you. That’s what’s kept me on my path now.”

What did you think of this week’s episode of Once Upon a Time? What did you think of Hook and Emma’s little Romantic Moment? Any favorite moments or quotes you’d like to share? Sound off below…



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