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New Changes to the Site, Reading Lists and Email Updates

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New Changes to the Site, Reading Lists and Email Updates

After reading feedback and, of course, always looking to improve our site and the experience of users, we’ve once again decided to make some changes. This is all trial and error for us after all. So bear with us as we continue to work to improve your experience on our site.

We’ve decided to change the email site updates to twice a week (on Tuesdays and Saturdays) rather than three. We’ve also decided to lessen the weekly reading lists to once a month and it will now be more of a newsletter.

Still, we know there are some who enjoy receiving emails every day! Honestly, we love how much you enjoy our site! But too many people have been marking our emails as spam to be able to do that. So, for now, until we can find a solution in the future where people can mark different preferences, we have to keep the emails down.

That said, please follow us on our various social media! We put updates up daily. You can also always bookmark our site and check in as much as you like.


We’ve decided to make some changes to the weekly reading list and period drama recommendation of the week. In the past, the reading list has been mostly free and inexpensive books from the genres we cover on our site. However, in the future the reading list is going to be a little bit more fun (we hope) and a little bit more informative. The reading list/now newsletter (once a month) will come out on the first of each month and it will look something like this:

  1. A few free and inexpensive ebook deals focused on the categories we recommend on the site.
  2. 1-2 books we think sound promising and therefore recommend – many of these will be new releases so you can know what’s coming out. We’ll include links to the ebooks as well as the physical copy. These probably won’t be “free” or “deal” books.
  3. 1 old and usually forgotten book that we think sounds great. We might link back to places like “Abe Books” if you’re interested in buying a copy.
  4. 1-3 Film or TV recommendations to put on your watchlist: From classics to period dramas to fairy tales and more.
  5. Spotlight: It might be an actor, actress, a costume, a book cover, a vintage lipstick to look like your favorite Hollywood starlet, etc…basically anything we want to highlight. It will be a short spotlight with a fun description.

Expect to see this new “newsletter” starting in January! Till then, our last regular weekly reading list will be this upcoming Sunday.


You may have noticed that we’ve re-worked the menu around a little bit. We’ve added a section for fairy tales and there is no drop down menu for articles. However, all of the same columns are still there. It just made it easier for us to categorize (the list had grown REALLY long!)

There are also some new categories coming soon to the site.

  1. Curious Appetites – A food blog that will be connected to literature, film and television. For example, recipes inspired by something written in a novel.
  2. Learn to Entertainment Blog –We always get asked how we put together this site, how we write reviews, where we get pictures, etc…so we thought we’d share with all of you what we’ve learned with lists, tips and how to guides for anyone looking to put together a book, film or TV blog or even an Author website or something similar.
  3. Story Glamour – A blog section dedicated to story (film, literature, and TV) inspired makeup and fashion. From vintage makeup reviews, how-to guides, easy tutorials, costumes and more!
  4. The Silver Petticoat Mysteries – A new column coming soon with a fun twist. Once a month, we will include a new mystery. Basically, how it works is we pick an old book we find in a used bookstore or even a vintage shop or online and then we start to research. These are typically lesser known novels we have forgotten over time and we want them to be remembered again. So we will research the author and the book and share what we find.
  5. Book Trailers – We don’t know how long till the first one will be up. But we’d like to make book trailers of classic books and share them with you. The first one will be Villette by Charlotte Bronte.

There’s more coming, but for now, that’s what we’re focusing on. As always, we hope you enjoy The Silver Petticoat Review. Thank you for your support.

Make sure to read our ABOUT for a full description of what The Silver Petticoat Review covers!

What would you like to see more of on our site? Let us know in the comments!

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