Kristen Nedopak Talks The Geekie Awards, Hosting and Nerd Machine

Amber: Okay, so we know you’re a Doctor Who fan and we love Doctor Who. Actually Autumn…

Autumn: Yes.

Amber: …got me obsessed like a few years ago.

Doctor Who
Photo: BBC

Autumn: I keep converting everyone around me because everyone must watch Doctor Who.

Amber: So, we have to ask, who is your favorite—

Kristen: David Tennant [Laughs].

Amber: …Doctor if you can pick and favorite companion?

Kristen: I didn’t even let you finish. Ask that question one more time…

Amber: Who is your favorite Doctor if you can pick, and then favorite companion?

David Tennant and Rose! 100,000 percent.

The Doctor and Rose
Photo: BBC

I love them so much! I personally love Rose the most out of all the companions. And again, I don’t really remember the old Black and White series that I used to watch with my Dad because I did not go back to re-watch them, so I’m sure there’s some hidden gems in there, but this is probably the more recent stuff that I remember. But David Tennant, to me, is just, he’s like a god and for him to be in Doctor Who? Him and Rose were my absolute favorites. And I bawled my eyes out when they were separated. [Laughs]. Bawled my eyes out.

Amber: Yeah. We have a younger brother, and he’s like the total opposite of who you would imagine to react this way, but he still hasn’t watched past season 2, [Laughs] because he was so upset over Rose.

Matt Smith as the Doctor
Photo: BBC

Kristen: I know! Well, I’m a Doctor Who fan but sometimes I get behind in my television and once Matt Smith started, and I’m not saying anything anti-Matt Smith because he’s awesome…(I think he’s an amazing Doctor Who), but I just kind of got busy with things. I don’t know what it was but I actually have not caught up since the last like one and a half seasons of Doctor Who so I have no idea what happens and I sound like the biggest lameball ‘cause I watched a whole season of Matt Smith and then I think it’s the last season….

Behind the scenes of "The Day of the Doctor." Photo: Credit to Telegraph Magazine
Behind the scenes of “The Day of the Doctor.”
Photo: Credit to Telegraph Magazine

And I watched The Day of the Doctor which I thought was so great. The two of them together were so great. But yeah, I’m so not caught up, so….Everybody’s gonna have to slap me.

Amber: Well, you have time before the next season starts.

Autumn: You have a lot of time to catch up. Well, maybe, since you’re so busy with The Geekie Awards…

Kristen: Exactly.

Amber: So do you have any other upcoming projects besides The Geekie Awards in the works right now?

Kristen: Well, there are a few potential jobs that I’ve been auditioning for that I can’t quite talk about yet, but there is one that I can tell you about, and I booked one of the hosts. I am one of the hosts for Nerd Machine’s newest show that’s coming out. It’s called Nerds. And it’s basically a female talk show, and so myself, Clare Grant, Stephanie Thorpe, Jenna Busch, Tiffany Smith… and oh my God, I know I’m forgetting somebody, but uh, we basically are doing a talk show with female geeks. And the whole point of it is, again kind of like ‘Geek Girls Create,’ is to put very intelligent female geeks on the spot and sort of sharing our opinions from tech to movies to games. So that actually should be being released in… February I believe is when they are going to start putting it out there. So, that’s coming out and you guys can obviously go to the Nerd Machine twitter or website because I’m sure they’re gonna be posting it on there [The Nerd Machine].

Amber: Well, that’s exciting!

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Kristen: Yeah. It was super fun. Those guys are so great. The Nerd Machine people, we really, The Geekie Awards especially, I mean we really appreciate their brand of being very non-Hollywood, non-exclusive, very much about fans. They’re probably one of the only parties at Comic Con that let fans have a big involvement instead of just celebrities. And so that’s sort of what we initially started to base our Geekie brand off of, or that whole concept of, you know it’s really about fans and the people who enjoy it. And yes, we’re Hollywood; we do have to have some celebrities because that’s just the nature of the business. But at the end of the day, they’re not out there winning best short film, best video game. Those are these independent artists that we want to be seen, so…Then our brand alignment is very much there and so they are such a great company.

Autumn: Well, what is the best way for everyone to keep up to date with your various projects?

Kristen: Well, you guys can find me on Facebook, even though I would have to say sometimes I get busy and I just don’t remember to update my website. I was really good about that until The Geekie Awards. But, most of the time I’ll post updates on Twitter and it’s @Nedopak is my Twitter or @TheGeekieAwards you’ll see me posting a lot more there because that’s basically the project that I’m working on and it’s Geekie…The Geekie Awards. One of those two are probably the best way to find out news or even go to my website: And if you guys want to check out The Geekie Awards, and see videos and photos of last year, and sign up for the newsletter to find out about submissions, you can go that website and it’s Very simple.



Excited about The Geekie Awards? What are you geeking out for right now? Let us know in the comments…

Photo Credit: Kristen Nedopak



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