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Introducing Free Books and Period Drama Recommendation of the Week

A Lady Reading in the Garden from Artist Niels Frederik Schiøttz-Jensen.
A Lady Reading in the Garden from Artist Niels Frederik Schiøttz-Jensen.


For a while now, we’ve been wanting to add something useful and fun to our loyal readers. So we’ve decided to once a week (for now) share with our subscribers a list of free and discounted/inexpensive books as well as a period drama recommendation of the week.

For the time being, the buy links will only be for our American audience. But we hope to expand that in the near future to further include the United Kingdom and Canada. However, the period drama recommendation of the week is for everyone!

UPDATE: The links will now be available to the UK and Canada as well as the US.


If you’re subscribed to our site, you will receive four emails from us a week. The three times (Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday) a week Silver Petticoat Digest with updates of new articles. And then on Sunday, your weekly reading list with links and descriptions to free and discounted books as well as a period drama (Film or Show) recommendation of the week. These books will be researched by us and focused on the categories we cover here at The Silver Petticoat Review. If you’re not sure what we cover, read our ABOUT.

We’ll be looking for books with good “real” reviews, eye-catching book covers AND old-fashioned content (even if many of these books will be contemporary and modern). We’ll be taking a look at bestsellers, classics as well as Indie books.

The Period Drama Recommendation of the Week will be a short spotlight on a Period Drama we think you should check out. It might be what’s on TV that week, in theaters or even a classic recommendation.

UPDATE: The Silver Petticoat Digest will now go out three times a week on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays with the weekly reading list going out on Sundays.


We know how difficult it can be to find books to read that don’t have tons of explicit content. While those books have their place, not everyone is interested in reading them. However, books with less explicit content can be more difficult to find. And since we are an old-fashioned themed site, we want to share books with you that aren’t crude, profane or explicit. Wouldn’t it be nice to read an urban fantasy book, for instance, for adults that do not include graphic sex scenes or lots of profanities?

Basically, we are looking to include books that have PG-13 “like” content or below, minus a few exceptions for artistic reasons that may have a scene or two but is overall, mostly “old-fashioned” (which we say with a wink). For further descriptions of our categories read our ABOUT.


We are not reading every page of these books, nor are we endorsing them. Everybody has different feelings about content and must decide for themselves what they feel comfortable reading. We are not here to point out if a book is acceptable or not acceptable (that is too subjective), only that through our research we believe (subjectively) these books have PG-13 like content or below, minus a few artistic exceptions. We will not be held liable for the quality of a book or for the content of a book. Read our Website Disclaimer.


We cannot guarantee prices. Book prices are subject to change at any time!


If you haven’t already, make sure to subscribe (in the box below) to receive lots of exciting free and discounted ebooks to read and updates only three times a week for new posts. The first Weekly Reading List will be this Sunday or next, depending on technical issues. So stay tuned!

Update: The updates will now come out three times a week and the weekly reading list will go out on Sundays.

Well, let us know what you think! What kind of books are you looking to read? Do you like the idea of a weekly reading list? Or would you prefer a Daily? Or even three times a week? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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