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Period Dramas & Romance: What’s New to International Streaming December 2017 (Acorn TV, BritBox, Dramafever, & Viki)

If you love British Dramas, Asian Dramas, or series from down under, then you’ll want to know the best of what’s new to period dramas and romance this month in the world of international streaming. For this list, you can find information from the streaming sites Acorn TV, BritBox, Dramafever, and Viki.

Acorn TV mostly includes British, Australian, and New Zealand dramas. BritBox is all British. And then there’s Dramafever and Viki that focus mostly on Asian Dramas (Korean, Chinese, Taiwanese, etc…).

A few highlights this month include the award-winning period drama series, A Place to Call Home, the new British series Love, Lies, and Records and the upcoming Korean paranormal romance on Viki, Black Knight.



Next to certain titles, you’ll find a silver star. This means that the Silver Petticoat Review Editors have seen and recommend these choices. The silver star represents our personal favorites. From the guilty pleasures to the award-winners, these are the ones we might recommend from one friend to another. That’s not to say that some of these other titles aren’t also fabulous just that these are the ones we’ve seen and love and could watch more than once! Of course, we haven’t had a chance to see the new shows yet.


So, let’s see what there is to watch on International Streaming (Acorn TV, BritBox, Dramafever, & Viki) in December 2017!

Note: I added links to each title so you can learn what each film or show is about!

New and Coming Soon to International Streaming December 2017


Murdoch Mysteries; Period Dramas & Romance: What’s New to International Streaming December 2017 (Acorn TV, BritBox, Dramafever, & Viki)
Murdoch Mysteries, Season 11. Photo Courtesy of Acorn TV

Period Dramas & Romance

Recently Added

A Place to Call Home, Season 5 (the best show you’re not watching… And all seasons are available to binge-watch)

M.R. James Ghost Stories (three different adaptations; at least one a period drama)

Poirot: Murder on the Orient Express (2010)

Poirot: Super Sleuths

December 4

The Indian Doctor (a fabulous period drama series with old-fashioned small-town charm)

December 25

A Place to Call Home, Season finale

December 25

Murdoch Mysteries, Season 11 Premiere

Bonus – Other Recommendations 

Recently Added

Love, Lies, & Records (looks like a lovely new character-driven series! Content Unclear)

December 4

The Brokenwood Mysteries, series 4 (a cozy mystery New Zealand show)


Dickensian; Period Dramas & Romance: What’s New to International Streaming December 2017 (Acorn TV, BritBox, Dramafever, & Viki)
Dickensian. Photo: BBC

Period Dramas & Romance

Recently Added

A Christmas Carol

Churchill: The Darkest Hour (docudrama)


Great Expectations (the fabulous 1999 adaptation with Ioan Gruffudd)

Looking for Victoria

The Mrs. Bradley Mysteries

Poldark (1996)

Young Hyacinth

Bonus – Other Recommendations 

Recently Added

More Classic Doctor Who Episodes


Too many to list, but throughout December BritBox is releasing dozens of holidays and specials including Vicar of Dibley and even the Queen’s Christmas message. So, check them out and watch their Christmas previews of what’s coming over on Facebook!



Period Dramas

Recently Added

Tribes and Empires: The Storm of Prophecy

December 1

December 19

Nirvana in Fire II

Romance Dramas & Comedies

Recently Added


Forever Young

Game of Hunting

Go Back Couple

I Belonged to You

The Package

The Perfect Match

Revolutionary Love

Someone You May Know

Temperature of Love

December 4

Hip Hop Teacher

December 6

I’m Not a Robot

New York, New York

December 7

With You

December 11

Somehow 18

December 13

A Seven Faced Man

Only You

December 18

Last Minute Romance

December 20

Guia in Love

December 27

A Journey Through Time with Anthony


Black Knight; Period Dramas & Romance: What’s New to International Streaming December 2017 (Acorn TV, BritBox, Dramafever, & Viki)
Black Knight. Photo: Viki/KBS

Period Dramas

Recently Added

The Legendary Tycoon

Romance Dramas & Comedies

Recently Added

Because this is my First Life

Judge Vs. Judge

I Am Not An Elite


Lion Pride

Melo Holic

Two Cops

While You Were Sleeping

Witch’s Court

December 6

Black Knight

I Am Not a Robot

December 10

See You In Time

December 11

Just Between Lovers

December 13

A Seven Faced Man

December 23


Coming Soon

The Fox’s Summer Season 2

Only Side By Side With You

Bonus – Other Recommendations 

Recently Added

Money Flower

My Golden Life

Oh, the Mysterious

What do you plan to check out on Acorn, BritBox, Dramafever, or Viki this month? Let me know in the comments!

Note: Per our site’s focus, our highlights focus on less explicit content minus a few exceptions (usually for artistic reasons or genre interest). R-Rated or TV-MA content will have a note next to the title. We apologize in advance if any explicit titles slip our notice. This list is also informational and should not be seen as personal recommendations unless you see a silver star. 

Featured image credit: A Place to Call Home, Season 5. Sarah and George. Photo Courtesy of Acorn TV

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1 thought on “Period Dramas & Romance: What’s New to International Streaming December 2017 (Acorn TV, BritBox, Dramafever, & Viki)”

  1. On Dramafever- I’m watching Tribes & Empires: Storm of Prophecy. The cinematography and production values (sets, costumes, details) are amazing. The cinematography is truly on a whole different level here in this drama, and combined with the production values, it is a visual feast. The visual beauty of this drama is stunning and at times overwhelming. So far the story is interesting, and I hope that the storytelling can stay solid throughout the entire run of the drama. I am taking it in slowly because there are a lot of characters and story to absorb.

    Just finished Chinese Youth drama “With You” over on Dramafever. It was very cute, and the main male lead is nice to the female lead from the beginning instead of the typical jerk-so refreshing.

    I also liked the short K Drama Last Minute Romance. The story was sweet and the parodies of famous K Dramas were funny.
    Looking forward to checking out I’m Not a Robot and The Package.

    On Viki- My new “must see” K Drama is Just Between Lovers. It is a romantic drama, written by one of the co-writers of Secret/Secret Love and the PD of Innocent Man/Nice Guy. The story and acting are so far good, as well as the look of the drama with cinematography. This PD really knows how to frame a scene. I like the 2 main leads and I’m looking forward to the romance development. The show has a bit of a Dickensian feel to me in that we have a cast of characters who are from all classes-the very rich, the middle class, the poor, everyone struggling to make it. The run down, seedy neighborhood of the main male lead and the quirky characters who inhabit it especially remind me of a Dickens novel. I recommend it to anyone who likes romantic dramas with a slice of life feel. The characters are all dealing with various trauma and issues, but the tone is not super sad and depressing, like some melodramas can have.

    I enjoyed Because This Is My First Life and agree with others who have rated it one of the best romantic comedy dramas of 2017.
    I’m going to check out Jugglers and Hwayugi.


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