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20 of the Best Hallmark Christmas Movie Encores to Watch

On July 12th, Hallmark Channel begins its “Christmas Keepsake Week” of seasonal programming. This year, they don’t have a new debut, but they do have several fan favorites set to air. So, I’m sharing a few of the best encores of Hallmark Christmas movies.

As usual, this is far from an inclusive list because there are simply too many Christmas movies to include all of them. Today, I’m sharing some of the best from this 2019 schedule* which runs through the 28th of July.

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                                                           20 of the Best Hallmark Christmas Movie Encores to Watch

Also, on Saturday July 13th, you can see a “First Look” preview special for their upcoming 2019 Countdown to Christmas campaign. A campaign that will be bigger than ever this year given this is the network’s 10th anniversary. But we’re getting ahead of ourselves. We’ll look at all that in October.

20 of the Best Hallmark Christmas Movie Encores

20 of the Best Hallmark Christmas Movie Encores. Find out what Hallmark Christmas movies to watch for Christmas in July. #Hallmark #HallmarkChristmasMovies #romance

from the 2019 Christmas Keepsake Week; titles sorted from a-z

*please note: the schedule/dates may change. check your local listings for the most up to date information or HallmarkChannel.com

1: Christmas at Pemberley Manor – Showings: July 14 / 19 / 24 / 27

Why You Should Watch It: Because as its title suggests this one is a re-telling of an Austen classic.

2: A Christmas Detour – Showings: July 15 / 21

Why You Should Watch It: Two strangers find themselves stranded when a snowstorm grounds their plane. Candace Cameron Bure and Paul Greene play the two doing the falling-in-love.

3: Christmas Incorporated – Showings: July 20 / 25

Why You Should Watch It: Because it’s fun and a seasonal romance set in the corporate world.

4: Christmas Next Door – Showings: July 12 / 16 / 20 / 28

Why You Should Watch It: Jesse Metcalfe (Chesapeake Shores’ Trace) plays a cranky neighbor with a cheerful new neighbor setting out to rekindle his seasonal spirit. In short, it’s a fun and festive rom-com.

5: Crown for Christmas – Showings: July 13 / 17 / 27

Why You Should Watch It: Rupert Penry-Jones (Persuasion) and Hallmark favorite Danica McKellar co-star in this royal romance. Yes, we get to see Rupert play a king!

6: It’s Christmas, Eve – Showings: July 13 /17 / 21 / 26

Why You Should Watch It: A super cute end makes this one a favorite.

7: Jingle Around the Clock – Showings: July 14 / 19 / 22

Why You Should Watch It: A workplace romance develops in this romance, but of course, it’s one of those that involves a couple who don’t exactly see eye-to-eye.

8: Let it Snow – Showings: July 13 / 26

Why You Should Watch It: Stats prove Candace Cameron Bure’s Hallmark Christmas movie originals are among the highest rated. As this is the first of her movies to air during this block, it’s a must watch.

9: Love You Like Christmas – Showings: July 14 / 24

Why You Should Watch It: It’s all about family, reconnecting, and learning what’s important in life.

10: The Most Wonderful Time of Year – Showings: July 14 / 23

Why You Should Watch It: This is a throwback from way back in the day. Henry Winkler plays an eccentric uncle trying to set up his uptight niece with a stranger he meets in the airport.

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