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Good Witch Season Four (2018), Episode One – ‘With This Ring,’ Romance is in the Air!

Good Witch Season Four Review

Though I cannot remember exactly where last I left Good Witch (only know I am behind), there’s never a time when I don’t enjoy visiting Middleton. What you might not know about this show is that its home is the same as that of a fan favorite period drama, plus our weekly romantic-comedy fix. Of course, I am referring to Hallmark Channel. One of their weekly scripted series, Good Witch is back for its fourth season, and while Good Witch Season Four may hint at ups and downs, it looks to have plenty of romance.

When viewers last saw Cassie Nightingale (played by expert TV actress, Catherine Bell), her life was about to change. She and her beau Dr. Sam Radford (James Denton) were committing to a future together. Following a courtship, Sam proposes to Cassie who joyfully says yes. Only their joy is short-lived when they learn their children, Grace (Bailee Madison) and Nick (Rhys Matthew Bond), are no longer friends.

Now, as they attempt to keep their news a secret, Cassie and Sam begin to hope for a happy future with a blended family. Unable to resist knowing everything that goes on in her cousin’s life, Abigail (Sarah Powers) manages to insert herself into the secret she knows Sam and Cassie are hiding. Meanwhile, Mayor Tinsdale (Catherine Disher) is busy trying to find Middleton’s “most romantic spot.”

It seems impossible to believe, but 2018 marks ten years for the Good Witch franchise. Here’s a brief history of the series. The character Cassie Nightingale is first introduced through a series of 2 hour televised films, seven in all. These aired periodically on Hallmark Channel and were once films I stalked Amazon for (prior to having a service to watch the channel on) in the hopes DVDs were in the works. Fast-forward ten years and the alluring franchise is now a television series that just began its fourth season.

Like all of the prior installments, Good Witch Season Four pulls the audience in from the opening frame. This first episode, ‘With This Ring’ is all about the romance between Sam and Cassie. Or this is what drives the episode. Underneath, hides the difficulties of how best to tell their kids about the engagement; along with Middleton resident sub stories. These include Stephanie (Kylee Evans) and of course, the busybody mayor, Martha, whom everyone loves (despite her nosy nature). Of course, at some point or another, all of them are helped by something Cassie offers or advises them.

One of the more unique premises Hallmark has ever produced, there’s a “magic” quality to the storytelling. Any of my experiences with this show hasn’t been one of supernatural elements or solutions. Rather, the scripts all seem to have realistic approaches, which seems a more organic approach to the “witch” trope. This makes the scope of the series more mysterious and allows the audience to reach their own conclusions about Cassie’s remedies. This is true of any “cure” she provides, whether it be literal or an emotional sonnet of wisdom.

Good Witch

Same as before, the cast is perfect. Everyone works well together and plays off each other nicely. It’s been fun to watch Bailee Madison “grow up” on this show, and the genuine scenes between her and Catherine are sweet. Also, the tender scene between Grace and Sam in this episode is perfect. The architectural and aerial scenes are beautiful, and many will appreciate the emphasis the script places on vintage and old-fashioned themes.


If you’re looking for some Sunday night charm, look no further than Good Witch. This fourth season marks its milestone tenth year on Hallmark Channel, and the season sets up well. Plus, there’s plenty of romance in the air!

Content: there’s nothing offensive in this pilot episode. The show is rated TV-G.

Where to watch: You can see episode one on demand, or purchase Good Witch Season Four (as the episodes air) on Amazon Video.

What do think about Good Witch Season Four so far? Sound off below…

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