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Exquisite Captive Book Review – Genie in a Bottle


Imagine a world in which jinnis and their magic are real, a world where jinnis are divided into castes based on the color of their chian, the smoke they emit, and the element they draw their power from. The most powerful jinnis are the all-female ruling caste, the Ghan Asouri. That is, until two separate revolutions clash and destroy all but one Ghan Asouri girl who is sent to earth as a wish maker’s slave. Well, that’s exactly the world you get with Heather Demetrios’ magical and captivating book Exquisite Captive.

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I was unsure about Exquisite Captive for at least the first 200 pages, which is a long time to be having second thoughts. I liked the main character and the world was richly imagined but the plot was giving me icy shivers that I could not shake even when I put the book down and walked away for a few hours. Mostly I was concerned about the love triangle being developed. It seemed like the writer was glorifying an abusive relationship, which is something I will not tolerate in a book written for young girls. But the book was so much more than what it appeared to be at a cursory glance.

Exquisite Captive is a well written, beautiful, exploration of many things that we are afraid to look at in full light.

The main character is an incredibly strong and willful young woman who knows her worth so I was personally shocked by the decisions she was making. I continued reading with the hope that the author would give Nalia the chance to pull herself out of the situation she was in. I was not disappointed. Rather than glorifying a bad relationship, Heather Demetrios explored the question of what people will do and put up with when their hunger for affection wakes up. She also looks into the way attraction can affect even the strongest woman. When you know the person is wrong for you and you know they cannot be trusted but you are drawn to them anyway. The book takes a really hard look at the way those relationships happen.

Exquisite Captive is a well written, beautiful, exploration of many things that we are afraid to look at in full light.

Here’s why you should put Exquisite Captive on your summer reading list:

  • The world is INCREDIBLE.  Most of the story takes place in Los Angeles with only brief glances into Arjinna, the realm of the jinnis. It doesn’t matter. Whether it is the high society of LA who buy and parade their wish granting slaves, the seedy underground night clubs where jinnis of all classes gather, or the palaces and oceans of Arjinna it is impossible to look away from the picture Heather Demetrios paints.
  • The characters are varied and wonderful. Some YA novels hinge their story on one or two interesting characters, not this one. Every member of this considerable cast is dynamic and multifaceted.
  • The action and writing are truly glorious.

This book has something for everyone. It is smart and serious while also being fun – filled with romance, action, and magic. And let’s be honest, who doesn’t want to live in a world with jinnis and magic?

Adaptation Recommendation

I would stand in line all night to see this book as a film! It would be amazing on the silver screen.

Content Note: This book does deal with a lot of subjects that are not appropriate for younger readers including seduction, human trafficking, and drug use. There are no explicit scenes but it is there beneath the surface.

Have you read Exquisite Captive? Do you plan to? What are your thoughts on this book? Share your thoughts in the comments!


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