If you’re an author, artist or publicist with an awesome book/film/show (or related project) to share, we would love to help spread the word. There are many ways to promote you or your work:


If you have a book, film, or TV Show you want to be included in the Monthly Newsletter, please send us a message.

However, please make sure:

  • For the ebook deals section of the newsletter, a book should be at a discounted price or even free, at least for a short duration during a promotion.
  • Book/film/show/product fits into one of the categories our site covers.
  • The book/film/show has content fitting to our site. Basically, PG-13 or below like content. Refer to our guides for old-fashioned romance and old-fashioned Romantic storytelling for more detailed descriptions of what we cover.
  • The book/film/show is ready to be seen by readers/audience with a good cover, a clear title and is professionally edited/filmed.

We are not charging any advertising fees to be included in the list at this time. We do not accept all submissions.


The interviews will be written up as a Q&A or as a story interview. If you’re interested in talking to us, please send us a message. We can’t accept all requests and will accept requests based on time restraints as well as how well we feel the interview fits our site.

So, who do we interview? Well, you can be an author, an actor, a director, a costume designer, book cover artist, whatever! As long as you live somewhere in the literary, film, theater, or TV world, you count. We mostly do email interviews, but we are open to phone interviews as well.


If you’d like to write up a guest post, we’d love to hear from you. Again, we can’t accept all requests. You can guest post on a topic related to our site, share a book excerpt/movie scene, or talk about your book or project (IE: the process you took writing your bestselling novel or even about your creative process making costumes for a period drama!)

Another place to guest post is Fairies, Witches and Gods! Oh My! This one is for fairy tale/folklore/mythology experts (including professors) and authors to discuss a particular subject or even personal novel.

If we accept your request, we will let you know! However, if you’re a writer looking to be a regular contributing writer to our site, that’s another matter altogether. Just send us a message if that’s the case and we can start a conversation.

When submitting for an interview or guest post please include:

  • Name
  • Whether you’re interested in writing a guest post or doing an interview
  • A little bit about yourself and why you want to guest post
  • What you’re trying to promote (when applicable)
  • Website link or credits (when applicable)
  • Giveaway information (if applicable)
  • Anything else you feel we should know


While we try to read as many queries as we can, we cannot agree to do all reviews. Due to busy schedules and the fact that we do more on our site than just write reviews, we find we have to be very selective about what we review. So requests will be considered depending on our schedules as well as how well we feel it fits our site. Make sure to read our About.

We have been sent some very disturbing content in the past, so please save us and you time by not sending us content that doesn’t suit our site.

If we accept your book, film or show to review, we will work on reviewing it as soon as possible (but like anyone, we are busy and may not always be able to get to it right away).

For books, we accept physical copies and e-books as well as invites through Net Galley.

We will email you when the review is posted! Every review we give is our honest opinion and we deserve the right to give our true critiques. If it’s a particularly bad review, we will try to let you know in advance.  That said, we also reserve the right to stop reading or watching and not review the book, film or show if we so choose.

When submitting for a review, please include:

  • Name
  • Title
  • Brief Synopsis
  • Website link (if applicable)
  • Giveaway information (if applicable)
  • Anything else you feel we should know

If we can’t accept your request please check out our interview and guest post policy above as well as the information about our Monthly Newsletter. We really want to support the Artist Community in every way we can and help get the word out about your project (book, film, show, etc…).


If you wish to be included in the newsletter as a promotion, reviewed, interviewed, or write a guest post, please send us a message with a clear subject header. We look forward to hearing from you. However, we do receive a lot of messages and while we try to respond to all requests, we may not always be able to. So if you don’t hear back from us, we apologize in advance for the inconvenience.

Thank you!

Please contact us at info@silverpetticoatreview.com