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Five Reasons Vampire Academy Should be a TV Show

Photo: Weinstein Company
Photo: Weinstein Company

Unfortunately, the Frostbite funding campaign failed. But should that really mean the end of the franchise? I don’t believe so. Here are just five reasons why I believe Vampire Academy’s best path would be in television.

Vampire Academy_Rose_Weinstein Company#1: Vampire Academy Deserves a Second Chance

Regrettably, many fans of the books (and even those who never read the series) didn’t completely take to the film adaptation of the popular YA book series….I say, give the franchise a second chance. Perhaps, the writers can fix what didn’t work the first time around. A TV show would be the perfect platform to do so. Why? With more time, the writers could work out all the kinks. Not to mention, a better way to test the audience’s reactions. And even though I personally loved the movie, I do recognize the imperfections, but imperfections merely tell me that any problems can be fixed or perfected. Even if you didn’t like it at all (or didn’t watch it because the TV promos were so terrible), does that mean we should shut the door on Vampire Academy completely? I don’t think so. Everything deserves second chances. Imagine if we had given up on Buffy after season one, which was rather campy after all? There would have been no Spike…

#2: More Rose and Dimitri

Photo: Weinstein Company
Photo: Weinstein Company

I don’t know about the rest of you, but I haven’t had enough Rose and Dimitri just yet. We’ve barely scratched the surface. For me, one of the weakest aspects of the first film, was that rushed relationship. We didn’t spend enough time getting to know these two, or see their bonding. Don’t get me wrong, I adored them when they did have a scene, but I definitely want more sizzling moments between the two. I want to see their relationship progress; I want to see more scenes from the books. A TV show could give us these moments weekly!

Bloodlines-BIG#3: Adrian

Okay, let’s face it. One of the best parts of the Vampire Academy books is Adrian and we have yet to see him on the big screen. The broodiness, the charisma, and the sarcasm all need to come to life (and not just in our imaginations). I want to see Rose react off him. I want to see Sydney interact with Adrian. Several TV seasons (or even an eventual spinoff) could get us there without worrying about making millions and millions of dollars at the box office! So more Vampire Academy not only leads to more Rose and Dimitri, but also into Bloodlines territory! Just picture the possibilities.

#4: Each Book as New Season

Photo: Starz
Photo: Starz

Think Outlander and how closely the new series follows Diana Gabaldon’s books, thus proving that a show CAN be true to the books while also being their own entities at the same time (True Blood proved how to fail in this regard). If the writers stretched the story of one book into a full season, we could have an abundance of time focused on characterization, mythology, etc. Bringing Mead’s world to television in a time when television can sometimes be more entertaining than the movies may be the solution us Vampire Academy fans have been hoping for. The stories would no longer feel rushed or cut or even squeezed into the limited length of a feature film.

#5: Buffy the Vampire Slayer as Prototype

Photo: WB
Photo: WB

Most importantly, I believe Vampire Academy would work as a TV show because it wasn’t the first vampire show to succeed in this kind of transition. I’m sure many of you out there haven’t forgotten about the mediocre (though still fun) Buffy film starring Kristi Swanson and Luke Perry that came out before the TV series, right? Let’s face it, would you have even considered that little campy movie could have become such a huge hit on the small screen? And not only did Buffy succeed, Buffy defined a generation, influencing many genre shows that followed its lead. Why not let Vampire Academy have the same chance? Sure Buffy required a complete recast, but it was a cast that would come to define the name Buffy and her Scooby gang. Does that mean I want a recast of Vampire Academy? Not really and I’m not even sure if this would be a necessity (aside from actor contracts and availability). At the same time, what if the same magic happened for Vampire Academy that happened for Buffy? What if the show became everything you could have ever thought possible?


What do you think? Should Vampire Academy become a TV show? Sound off in the comments…



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  1. I would love to see vampire academy made into a movie ..I’m all for it …but I would to have Danila and zoey as Dimitri and rose others if they can do it but diff them two.


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