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5 Faithful Heroes in Period Dramas

5 Faithful Heroes in Period Dramas - Gabriel Oak
Photo: BBC Films

Many period dramas feature a love triangle that the heroine must go through before she finds true love. The love triangle usually involves one nice guy and a handsome rake. The nice guys are the focus of this list. These are the men that stand by  the heroine and love her even when she doesn’t see it herself. These heroes are the faithful ones that girls swoon over once they realize the bad boy is not for them. Also, these heroes are proof that being a gentleman never goes out of style. Take a look at these five faithful heroes. In no particular order…

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Faithful Heroes in Period Dramas

#1: Gabriel Oak, Far From the Madding Crowd

5 Faithful Heroes in Period Dramas - Gabriel Oak
Photo: BBC Films

Gabriel was always by Bathsheba’s side and helped with saving her farm. He loved her quietly even when she fell in love with Captain Troy. Gabriel stepped aside when he thought it would make Bathsheba happy. Eventually, she realized she could not be happy without Gabriel’s steadfast devotion and faith.

#2: Mr. Knightley, Emma

Photo: BBC
Photo: BBC

Mr. Knightley outwaited Emma’s youthful meddling and her phase where she was influenced by Frank Churchill. He was never afraid to tell Emma when she was acting wrongly. Although Emma was not exactly in love with Frank, she was under his sway. Mr. Knightley’s heart belonged to Emma and it was faithful throughout her foibles.

3. Pip, Great Expectations

5 Faithful Heroes in Period Dramas - Pip in Great Expectations
Photo: BBC Films

Pip endured years of pining and watching Estella being used as a weapon against men. She toyed with his heart, even though she could not lie to him like she did other men. Estella went through a horrible marriage until finally realizing that Pip was there for her all along.

#4: Gilbert Blythe, Anne of Green Gables series

Jonathan Crombie as Gilbert Blythe Photo: Sullivan Entertainment
Jonathan Crombie as Gilbert Blythe
Photo: Sullivan Entertainment

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Gilbert never loved another but Anne. He was hers from the moment she broke a slate over his head. Gilbert even hid his feelings because he felt that was what Anne wanted. Anne finally came to her senses and realized Gilbert was her kindred spirit.

#5: Colonel Brandon, Sense and Sensibility

5 Faithful Heroes in Period Dramas - Colonel Brandon
Photo: Columbia Pictures

From the moment he first saw Marianne, Colonel Brandon fell in love. His heart was faithful to her, even when he stepped aside during her romance with Willoughby. He was there to rescue her from the rain and mend her broken heart when it was over. Colonel Brandon was not the passionate rake, but he is a prime example of the faithful hero.

Please share your favorite period drama faithful heroes below!

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