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Downton Abbey Season Six: Episode Two Recap – Wedding Politics and Marigold Goes Missing

Downton Abbey Season Six Recap (Anna and Bates)

Downton Abbey Season Six, Episode Two Recap

Downton Abbey Season Six continues, and as is bound to happen on nearly every episode of Downton Abbey, one character’s past creeps up on them, along with more wedding drama. Episode two was more filler than progress as petty arguments make up the better part of it, but then there is some tearful realizations, most of them involving the “forgotten Crawley,” Edith.

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“It’s a Changing World”

Mary’s new role in the house as the land agent (taking over solely in the wake of Tom’s departure) doesn’t set well with some. Not the least of which is certain members of her family. When Farmer Finch arrives at the house to speak with Downton’s land agent, he sees Mary come into the room. A bit taken aback, Farmer finch believes surely her appearance is in error. She, of course, sets him straight and assures him she’ll see about entering some pigs in the local judging show. She says she’ll have a word with their “pig man” about it, putting an end to the conversation.

Trips to LondonDownton Abbey S6 E2 (Lady Edith on Phone)

Running her prized newspaper is more difficult than Lady Edith imagined. Her editor is growing increasingly more difficult, fueled by the fact that the paper’s leadership is a woman. The phone calls attempting to set him straight do little good, which prompts Edith to again take a train to London.

Anna’s sorrows continue as she tries to hide from Bates the reason for her gloom. This inspires Mary to plot her own trip to London under the guise of shopping when she discovers Anna’s secret. As she is prone to do, Mary prods the reason for Anna’s tears out of her. You see, Mary’s plan involves spiriting Anna away to the specialist Mary saw about her own pregnancy woes. Anna protests but Mary hears nothing of it: after all, Anna saved her more than once. This brings to mind the night Anna helped drag a dead Pamuk out of Mary’s bed, and the women share a giggle.

Wedding DebatesDownton Abbey S6 E2 (Mrs. Hughes and Carson

Elsewhere, the soon-to-be-marrieds have set a wedding date having now settled the issue of the marriage bed. Only there is more conflict with the location of the wedding reception. Mr. Carson wishes to have the wedding at the abbey following Robert’s invitation to host while Mrs. Hughes does not. She’s not willing to be a “servant” on her wedding day, which she fears a wedding at Downton will lend itself to. Mrs. Hughes’ response to Carson for the invite goes badly: “Thanks but no,” she says. And then Lady Mary gets involved believing Carson deserves to have his wedding at the abbey thanks to all of his many years of faithful servitude.

The Drewes

Prior to Edith’s trek to London, Mary decides a trip to see the pigs are in order, which involves the Drewes’ farm. Of course, still clueless as to her real parentage, she decides to bring Marigold along. This news sets Edith in a tizzy prompting Cora (who does know the truth) to volunteer to come along. The idea is, Cora can keep everything under control and it almost works. Just before the Crawley’s are preparing to leave, Mrs. Drewe returns. Seeing Marigold proves too much for the woman, and she has a kind of relapse. This inspires Robert to visit the farm and have a word with Mr. Drewe. The farmer assures his landlord he’ll see to it his wife doesn’t interfere with Marigold’s upbringing again. All seems put to rest.

Downton Abbey S6 E2 (Robert and George)

Then the day of the pig show arrives, bringing the Crawley family and Drewes to town. Once there, as the family watches the show, it’s soon discovered that young Marigold is missing. Seeing his wife is gone along with his truck, Mr. Drewe quickly deduces what’s happened. Along with Robert, Cora and Edith, they set off for the farm (as a clueless Mary is left behind wondering, “how will we get back?”) where Mr. Drewe finds a peaceful Mrs. Drewe humming Marigold to sleep. As Drewe hands Marigold back to Edith, he knows what he has to do. He packs up his family and leaves.


+ The episode opens with letters from family. Robert reads Tom’s news and Mary a letter from Rose, who updates her on life in the Hamptons. A visit isn’t in the near future, leading Mary to wonder if Rose might be in the family way.
+ Robert takes a meeting with his mother minus Cora at the request of Violet.
+ Pursuing his help with Daisy’s education, Moseley sees about Daisy taking a test with the local schoolmaster. She continues to believe Cora is working up a solution for Mr. Mason’s eviction.
+ Feeling like his job is quickly becoming extinct, Thomas interviews at another estate and continues to try and befriend the footman, Andrew. Andrew is having nothing of it following his discovery that Thomas may have been interested in more than friendship. Baxter continues to be his only ally.
+ Her guilt still bothering her, Daisy continues to try and make things right for Mr. Mason.

Favorite Quotes:

Naturally, Violet get in some great zingers (as always). Throughout this hospital debate, her tongue is sharper than ever. Hoping to woo Robert to her side, when he says something she doesn’t like, she tells him her opinion of his in no uncertain terms.

“If you can’t say anything helpful Robert, please be silent…”

In response to Anna querying what a trip to Mary’s London physician would cost, and her refusal to accept such a gift from her employer, Mary replies:

“Don’t be silly. You’ve earned it fair and square. Keeping my secrets. Hiding that fearful Dutch thingamajig, carrying poor Mr. Pamuk down the gallery in the dead of night.”

Have any thoughts about last night’s episode or any thoughts about Downton Abbey season six so far? Sound off below…

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