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Our Christmas Gift Guide: 100+ Gift Ideas on Amazon for Period Drama Fans

These are gifts for the Austen, Downton, and other period drama fans on your list.


Gift Ideas on Amazon Featured image
Gift ideas on Amazon. Photo Credit: Downton Abbey (ITV) and Becoming Jane (BBC Films/Miramax/Buena Vista International)
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The 2021 holiday season is well underway, and gift buying is in full swing.

This Christmas gift guide is brimming with unique gift ideas for all types of period drama fans. From Jane Austen gifts to Downton Abbey gifts, historical costumes, DVDs, a Victorian tea set, and more!

You can find them all on Amazon, and they’re guaranteed to please all the period drama aficionados amongst your family and friends (or even yourself!). We’ve searched for the best of the best gift ideas on Amazon, so hopefully, you’ll be able to find the ideal present for your loved ones who may or may not be just a little bit obsessed with period dramas!

We’ve organized the gift guide into five sections for your convenience. And just so you’re aware, the Downton Abbey and Jane Austen DVDs will only be in the DVD section.

You can scroll down the entire page or click on the section that interests you.



Gift Ideas on Amazon for Period Drama fans; social featured image


Downton Abbey Gifts on Amazon; Pinterest image with Matthew and Mary

#1 1920s Gatsby Sequin Fringed Paisley Flapper Dress with 20s Accessories Set

If you or a loved one wants to dress up like a Downton Abbey character for Halloween or a special event, or even to attend a 1920s party, this dress is a perfect gift choice.

The dress is high-quality and well-made, the price affordable, the style gorgeous. It’s available in sizes S to XL.

#2 BABEYOND Plus Size 1920s Art Deco Fringed Sequin Dress Flapper Gatsby Costume Dress for Women

For more inclusive sizes, check out these plus-size flapper costumes! They come in numerous colors and would work perfectly for a Downton Abbey party.

#3 Christmas At Downton Abbey (CD)

This Downton Abbey gift idea is the ideal choice for fans of the show and lovers of classic Christmas music.

#4 Christmas at Highclere: Recipes and Traditions from The Real Downton Abbey

Downton Abbey fans will love this detailed and enchanting book of the history, activities, traditions, and poignant stories from Highclere Castle (aka the real Downton Abbey). 

#5 Clue: Downton Abbey Edition Board Game For Kids Ages 13 & Up, Inspired by Downton Abbey

If you love board games and enjoy mystery, then you’ll love this fun twist on the game! It’s inspired by Downton Abbey, and it features iconic items and characters from the show. Perfect gift idea for Downton Abbey fans!

#6 Downton Abbey – A Celebration: The Official Companion to All Six Seasons

This book is the ultimate gift for die-hard Downton Abbey fans. The book (Hardcover and Paperback) is illustrated with hundreds of exclusive photographs from the series and includes original cast interviews, episode guides, and more.

#7 Downton Abbey Castle Ornament, 3.5-Inch

This beautiful ornament is a gift that any Downton Abbey fan would love to have displayed on their Christmas tree. It is also officially licensed Downton Abbey merchandise and is hand-painted!

#8 Downton Abbey: The Official Coloring Book (Gold Foil Gift Edition)

This adult coloring book is for artistic Downton fans who want to re-create their favorite scenes therapeutically.

#9 Downton Abbey: The Official Film Companion

Downton Abbey: The Official Film Companion is a beautiful gift and must-have memento for every fan who enjoys going behind the scenes and exploring more of their favorite fictional world.

#10 Garvey’s Downton Abbey Best Of British Traditional Organic Scone Mix, 9 Ounce

We have bought (and made) these Downton Abbey scones, and they are absolutely delicious. Garvey’s scones are packed with flavor and are perfect for gift giving.

This is an excellent gift for friends and family members who enjoy English Afternoon Tea and scrumptious treats.

#11 I Was Meant To Live At Downton Abbey Coffee Mug

This is a fun gift for your family and friends who love Downton Abbey! High-quality ceramic mug with artwork printed on both sides. Just be aware, the cup is hand-wash only. 

#12 Lady Almina and the Real Downton Abbey: The Lost Legacy of Highclere Castle

The New York Times Bestseller is a thoughtful present for Downton Abbey fans who are also book lovers! This book reveals the secrets of Highclere Castle and the life of Lady Almina Carnarvon. 

#13 The Official Downton Abbey Afternoon Tea Cookbook: Teatime Drinks, Scones, Savories & Sweets

This bestselling cookbook is a must-have gift for Anglophiles and Downton Abbey enthusiasts who enjoy baking or afternoon tea. The giftee can even host their own tea party like the Lady Dowager herself!

#14 The Official Downton Abbey Christmas Cookbook

If you’re looking for a holiday-themed Downton cookbook, you can’t go wrong with this gift. It’s a gorgeous and elegant coffee table cookbook that can be used for cooking or for decor.

#15 The Official Downton Abbey Cookbook

This cookbook includes more than 100 recipes inspired by life at Downton Abbey! Besides reading up on etiquette tips, fans will also discover unique recipes authentic to 1912-1926.

#16 The Republic of Tea Downton Abbey® Bates’ Brambleberry Tea

Described as delicious, it contains black tea, raspberry bits, blueberry bits, and strawberry to give it an authentic taste. If you or your friends enjoy black tea, give Bates’ tea a try.

This would make a great stocking stuffer too!

#17 STfantasy Finger Wave Wig Short Curly Synthetic Hair for Women 1920s Cosplay Costume

How fabulous is this natural-looking wig for dressing up for that Downton Abbey-themed party you or your friends are throwing? It makes a lovely gift for a friend who likes cosplaying or for yourself!

#18 WREBBIT 3D Downton Abbey 3D Jigsaw Puzzle (890 Pieces)

This 3D puzzle is a fantastic gift for that friend who loves both Downton Abbey and challenging puzzles. Recommended for ages 14+. 


Jane Austen Gifts on Amazon; Pinterest image with Becoming Jane

#19 1791’s lady Regency Dress Jane Austen Vintage Dress High Waistline Tea Gown

Perfect for cosplay or special occasions, this Jane Austen Women’s Dress is a great gift idea for a Janeite!

#20 Accoutrements Jane Austen Action Figure

Looking for a funny gift to give a Jane Austen fan? Look no further than this action figure of her! It includes a quill and a book as accessories and is 5 1/2 inches tall.

#21 Child Jane Austen Costume

Know any young Jane Austen fans? This adorable Jane Austen costume would be a fun, cute gift for a young Janeite to dress up in. It’s a pullover dress made up of polyester with an elastic waist.

#22 Color Me Jane: A Jane Austen Adult Coloring Book

All the artistic Austen fanatics out there will love this gorgeous adult coloring book. It includes many of the iconic scenes from Jane Austen’s classic novels with eight pull-out posters.

#23 HEQU Regency Dresses for Women

The perfect affordable Regency costume for Jane Austen festivals or other fun special occasions. They’ll feel like they’re stepping into their very own Jane Austen movie!

#24 Jane Austen Bag – 9″ Zipper Pouch for Pencils, Tools, Cosmetics, and More

This cute Jane Austen bag is a great gift idea if you’re looking to give a Jane Austen fan something small but nice!

#25 Jane Austen Coffee Mug – Austen’s Most Famous Quotes and Depictions – Comes in a Fun Gift Box

We own this Jane Austen mug, and it is high quality and just the gift to give any woman who loves Jane Austen, the period drama adaptations, Austen’s work, and admires her as a writer. 

#26 Jane Austen Novels Glass Christmas Ornament

Treat yourself or a friend to this gift of elegance and class with an ornament celebrating Jane Austen’s brilliant body of work! You will be enchanted by its beauty. 

#27 Jane Austen Quote Wall Art Prints, Set of 4, Unframed, Vintage Highlighted Dictionary Page floral Wall Art Decor Poster Sign, 8×10

You can gift someone a gift of inspiration or encouragement with these Jane Austen print sets. Frames need to be bought separately.

#28 The Jane Austen Society: A Novel – Audiobook  

Period drama and Jane Austen fans alike will love this book about Jane Austen’s books! The bestselling novel (our first Silver Petticoat book club pick!) also has period drama favorite Richard Armitage (North & South) narrating the audiobook.

Armitage reading a fictional work about Austen is just pure heaven and makes you feel like you’re listening to a new romantic period drama.

#29 Jane Austen Women’s Costume

This gift is perfect for fans of Jane Austen’s works. Wearing costumes from her novels will make you feel like you’re getting your own period drama experience right in your living room!

You can wear it to any costume event, costume, or special occasion. A period drama marathon, tea party, Halloween costume contest event at your library, etc.

#30 Jane Austen’s Finest Balm – Lip Balm

If your gift recipient is a Jane Austen fan, you can gift this lip balm made by The Unemployed Philosophers Guild. It’s a fun stocking stuffer!

#31 KleverCase Faux Leather Book Cover for Kindle Paperwhite (Any Paperwhite Version Purchased Before October 2021)…

This Pride and Prejudice Kindle Paperwhite Foldback Cover makes it look like you’re reading a classic copy of the famous novel! It’s a unique way to protect your Kindle! We have similar ones, and they are very nice.

#32 Laurence King Publishing The World of Jane Austen 1000 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle

This world of Jane Austen Jigsaw Puzzle makes a great gift that will last years. Puzzles never go out of style, and they are an excellent gift to give.

The recipient will enjoy the hours they spend doing the puzzle, and they will no doubt discuss it with friends, family, or co-workers who also love Jane Austen.

#33 Lit for Little Hands: Pride and Prejudice

For readers aged 3-6, this board book is an excellent gift. It has plenty of interactive elements and will engage young children in the story of Pride and Prejudice. The illustrations are absolutely stunning.

It will be a cherished gift for years to come, especially by Jane Austen fans who can share this gift with their children or grandchildren!

#34 Marrying Mr. Darcy Board Game

This gift will appeal to Jane Austen fans for many reasons. It is a card game that can be played as a couple, with family or even friends. The gift appeals to those who love all things Pride and Prejudice and those who like other role-playing games.

And what period drama fan hasn’t wanted to marry Mr. Darcy?

#35 Mr. Darcy Scented Candle Jane Austen Gift Pride and Prejudice

Do you or a friend love the 2005 adaptation of Pride and Prejudice and Matthew Macfadyen as Mr. Darcy? Then this thoughtful gift is perfect for you (or for your friend, of course). This gift will appeal to those who love candles and those who secretly dream about marrying Mr. Darcy. 

#36 Out of Print Women’s Literary and Book-Themed Dolman Sleeve Tee T-Shirt

This gift has been designed for Jane Austen fans as it is a t-shirt with the classic cover of Pride and Prejudice emblazoned on the front. This gift would appeal to those who love clothes, books, period dramas, and Austen. And someone looking for something to lounge in or wear casually to the store!

The t-shirt is officially licensed, and every shirt purchased supports literacy programs donations of books to those in need worldwide!

#37 Paddywax Candles Library Collection Jane Austen Soy Wax Candle, 6.5-Ounce (Gardenia, Tuberose, Jasmine)

This gift is for anyone who loves candles, literature, and Jane Austen. This gift is stylishly packaged and would look great on a bookshelf or coffee table.

#38 Pride and Prejudice Coffee Mug, Jane Austen Coffee Cup, Pride and Prejudice 1995, Keep Calm and Rewatch Pride and Prejudice (again)

Maybe you know someone who’s in love with Pride and Prejudice movies (and, like, really needs an intervention Austenland style).

Well, look no further.

This gift is a coffee mug with a funny and snarky message on it. The gift receiver will definitely laugh when they see this gift, and it’ll be a conversation starter!

#39 Pride and Prejudice: The Complete Novel, with Nineteen Letters from the Characters’ Correspondence, Written and Folded by Hand

The official book description best explains why Austen fans will love it:

This deluxe edition brings to life the letters exchanged among Jane Austen’s characters in Pride and Prejudice.

Glassine pockets placed throughout the book contain removable replicas of 19 letters from the story.

These powerful epistles include Lydia’s announcement of her elopement, Mr. Collins’s obsequious missives, and of course, Darcy’s painfully honest letter to Elizabeth.

Nothing captures Jane Austen’s vivid emotion and keen wit better than her characters’ correspondence.

Each letter is re-created with gorgeous calligraphy.

Letters are hand-folded with painstaking attention to historical detail.

Perusing the letters will transport readers straight to the drawing room at Netherfield or the breakfast table at Longbourn.

For anyone who loves Austen, and for anyone who still cherishes the joy of letter writing, this book illuminates a favorite story in a whole new way.

Ultimately, this is for anyone who loves Austen, period dramas, and still cherishes the joy of letter writing.

#40 Socksmith Women’s Jane Austen

These socks featuring beautiful lettering from Jane Austen are a gift that will delight every die-hard Austen fan!


Period Drama Gifts on Amazon with picture of Poldark; pinterest image

#41 11oz Coffee Cup Poldark Mug Coffee Cup Gift Funny Present

For die-hard Poldark (and Aidan Turner) fans, this gift will be both funny and delightful. 

#42 The Anne of Green Gables Cookbook: Charming Recipes from Anne and Her Friends in Avonlea 

This Christmas, if you are looking to gift an Anne fan (whether of the books, 80s miniseries, or TV show) this Christmas, this cookbook will make them very happy!

The recipes are inspired by LMM herself with full-color photography, quotes from the author, witty anecdotes, and more. And yes, you can make your own Raspberry Cordial to drink!

#43 Belle Poque Vintage 1920s Dress Victorian Titanic Maxi Dress Tea Party Gown Antique, Dress

This is a fun gift for a Titanic (1997) fan. The Edwardian dress would be a great costume to cosplay Rose Dewitt-Bukater, played by Kate Winslet. 

#44 The Complete Call the Midwife Stories: True Stories of the East End in the 1950s

Find out the true story behind the popular period drama series, Call the Midwife in Jennifer Worth’s captivating memoirs.

#45 The Crown Coloring Book

Fans of The Crown will love this coloring book as a way to relax and have fun while also inspiring creativity and imagination. 

#46 Ellie Shoes Women’s 253 Amelia Victorian Boot, Black Polyurethane

If you love Victorian fashion from period dramas, check out these vintage boots a la Victorian style! They make a great addition to a Victorian period drama cosplay and would be a unique gift.

#47 Fanquare 15 Pieces British Porcelain Tea Sets, Flower Vintage China Coffee Set, Wedding Tea Service for Adult

Tea is a beautiful gift for pretty much all occasions. It’s delightful when you’re feeling under the weather to lift your mood and comfort you. This gift isn’t just any ordinary teapot, though!

With its charming floral patterns, it looks like something out of Victorian England that would’ve been used at Afternoon Tea or fancy weddings. Something all period drama fans should love!

#48 Framed Titanic Autograph Replica Print – Cast Signed Movie Poster – Winslet and Dicaprio

This gift is perfect for any Titanic fan but especially movie buffs! It’s a wonderful gift idea to commemorate the iconic period drama film!

#49 Funny Kitchen Towel, I Burn For You, Flour Sack Dish Towel, Sweet Housewarming Gift, White

If you’re looking for a cute and funny gift to gift a fellow Bridgerton fan, then this kitchen towel is just the thing. The brooding and handsome Duke is on a kitchen towel! 

#50 GRACEART Women Victorian Rococo Dress Renaissance Costumes (Dress & Hoop skirt)

This versatile Victorian costume is sure to excite period drama cosplayers! It has a flattering design and can be used for Victorian Galas, Halloween, Renaissance Fairs, and more!

#51 Gzrlyf Victorian Cameo Pin Vintage Rhinestone Brooch Jewelry

If you (or the person you’re giving a gift to) are like us, then your love for period dramas goes beyond good storytelling! You also love all the vintage fashion.

Well, this Victorian cameo brooch is gorgeous! It’s an elegant gift for someone special, be it your mom, sister, friend, or wife.

#52 I’m A Gilbert Blythe Kind of Girl Fun Tee Shirt

This gift is for all the Gilbert Blythe fans out there (us included)! You know who you/they are…This gift idea will be sure to bring lots of smiles to the recipient.

#53 Jamie Fraser Candle Outlander Gift Bookish Candle Gift for Book Lover Sassenach

If you know someone who loves the Outlander book series and TV show or is a fan of Jamie Fraser (or both), they will love this candle! It comes ready to gift in a pretty gift box and is entirely handmade in Oregon. We can’t be the only ones curious about what Jamie Fraser’s scent might be!

#54 Lisianthus Women Belt Buckle Fedora Hat

This gorgeous red hat is a close match to Agent Peggy Carter’s hat in the underrated period fantasy series. It is a gift any Agent Carter fan or cosplayer is sure to appreciate.

#55 Literati Club Jane Eyre Book Scarf, White, One Size

This beautiful Jane Eyre-inspired scarf has a literary pattern that will please the book’s (or period drama’s) fans. It’s a great and stylish choice for fashion lovers.

#56 The Little Women Cookbook: Tempting Recipes from the March Sisters and Their Friends and Family

This gift provides you with step-by-step instructions on how to make the foods that feature in Little Women. It gives your gift recipient a way to create their own little women world in which they can indulge themselves in comfort food!

#57 Louisa May Alcott: The Woman Behind Little Women

This gift offers an intriguing insight into Louisa May Alcott’s life, the author of Little Women. It’s one of the best biographies we’ve ever read, and we can’t recommend it enough.

All gift recipients will feel that they are really getting to know the woman behind one of their favorite novels (or movies).

#58 Outlander Deluxe Stationery Set

This beautiful stationery set features imagery from the Outlander TV show and is the perfect gift for Outlander fans who love journal and letter writing. The entire set comes in a gorgeous box too.

#59 Out of Print Jane Eyre Dolman Shirt

This Jane Eyre gift is the ideal present for fans of this classic novel (or the period drama adaptations) who want to express their appreciation for the story to others. It’s even got a distressed, softened graphic print that gives it a nice look. 

#60 The Queen’s Gambit Coloring Book

Here is another creative adult coloring book for period drama fans. If they loved Netflix’s recent period drama, The Queen’s Gambit, and they love coloring for relaxation, give this one a try!

#61 The San Francisco Music Box Company Phantom and Christine Mirror Scene Water Globe

This gift features the famous mirror scene from Phantom of the Opera. It’s a gift that not only celebrates one of the most memorable moments from the classic musical but the entertaining 2004 period drama as well. When you wind it up, the globe plays the tune, “Music of the Night.”

#62 Timeless: Recreate the Classic Makeup and Hairstyles from 100 Years of Beauty

This makeup book is a fitting present for period drama and classic film fans who also love learning about makeup looks. This book comes from the renowned film and TV makeup artist Louise Young and the film industry hairstylist Loulia Sheppard.

Together, they give you step-by-step instructions on how to get iconic makeup looks from throughout the 20th century.

#63 Titanic Heart of the Ocean Necklace

If you’ve ever wanted your own version of Titanic’s Heart of the Ocean necklace, this gift is for you. It makes for a lovely holiday gift or even an accessory to a cosplay costume.

#64 Victorian Trading Co. December Reverie Woman Sitting at Christmas Tree Print

This gift is excellent for period drama fans who love the holidays, fine art, and Victorian decor. It offers a cozy scene perfect for all the Romantics out there.

#65 The Wisdom of Call The Midwife: Words of love, loss, friendship, family and more, from the Sisters and midwives of Nonnatus House

Since the first episode, Call the Midwife has been internationally adored for its charming and authentic approach to telling touching and often funny stories. This gift offers a collection of the best quotes from the series. The book is sure to entertain and inspire.


A Few Favorite Period Dramas

Colin Firth as Mr. Darcy in Pride and Prejudice 1995
Pride and Prejudice. Photo: BBC


Crystal Clarke in Sanditon
Sanditon. Photo: ITV


I Capture the Castle Promotional photo of the characters dancing
I Capture the Castle. Photo: BBC Films/Momentum Pictures


If you’d instead let someone pick out their own gift, then you can easily gift an Amazon Gift Card for $25 and up!

It’s also a fun way to gift Amazon Channel Subscriptions. For period drama fans, we recommend PBS Masterpiece Channel, Britbox Amazon Channel, and Acorn TV.

We hope this Christmas/Holiday gift guide has helped you find the perfect gift on Amazon for your favorite period drama fan (or for yourself!). If not, don’t worry! If you’re still lost, you can’t go wrong with an Amazon gift card.

For more gift ideas, we also recommend checking out *Shop at Sullivan for lots of cool Anne of Green Gables’ goodies, Etsy, the Jane Austen Centre for unique Jane Austen gifts, and Victorian Trading Co, among others.

Well, let us know if you found the right gift or if something here is now on your own wishlist. We won’t judge…

Our Christmas Gift Guide: 100+ Gift Ideas on Amazon for Period Drama Fans; Pinterest image


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