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Romantic Moment of the Month: Matthew and Diana in ‘A Discovery of Witches’

Whenever a fabulous paranormal romance series premieres, I get excited. Like super excited. With...

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Film Marathons for the New Year: 19 Epic, Binge-worthy Film Menus to Ring in 2019

It’s a tradition in my family of homebodies to ring in the new year with an epic evening of...

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The Moonstone (1996): A Melodramatic Period Mystery Score 82%

The Moonstone (1996): A Melodramatic Period Mystery

Film Review: The Moonstone (1996) The Moonstone is a BBC adaptation of Wilkie Collins’ celebrated...

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The 50 Best Paranormal Romance Movies & TV Shows to Watch on Amazon Prime (2018)

I’ve always had a soft spot for paranormal romance movies and TV Shows. Maybe it was my...

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150 of the Best Gothic & Paranormal Romance Period Dramas

I love period dramas. But I LOVE Gothic and paranormal romance period dramas. Call it my...

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The Woman in White (2018) Review – A Mystery Shrouded in Darkness Score 79%

The Woman in White (2018) Review – A Mystery Shrouded in Darkness

The Woman in White is unexpectedly brilliant. I confess I have not read the novel so going in...

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