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Bestselling Author Alina Adams Takes the Petticoat Personality Test


AlinaAdams-picNew York Times Bestselling Author Alina Adams not only has worked on some popular soap operas and their tie-in novels, but she has also written romance novels and ice skating mysteries (she used to cover the skating circuit too). Currently, Alina is working on a brave (I don’t think I could do this) project where she writes her latest romance novel live, mistakes and all…You can learn more about this project below, but first let’s learn more about Alina as she answers ten questions from our Petticoat Personality Vault, including what movie romance makes her swoon…

What was on your summer reading list when you were a teenager?

Sidney Sheldon. Yes, I was that teen. I read “Master of the Game” when I was 13, and it warped me for life. I decided then and there that I wanted to grow up and write family sagas full of plot twists, melodrama, shocking secrets and sex. And I did. (Did I mention that I also watched a lot of soap operas as a kid?)

If you could teleport/time travel to any time period when and where would you go and why?

Well, my first rule of thumb is that I will only travel to time periods with indoor plumbing. I was born in the former USSR, and if you know the sanitary conditions there, you will understand why. Next, I’m Jewish. So that already removes a lot of times and places where I’d be welcome. My husband is African-American so, yeah, if we’re traveling together (or if I’m bringing the kids), scratch a few more off the list. Finally, I’m a woman and, you know what? I think I’ll just stay where I am. History hasn’t exactly proven itself to be a big fan of my kind(s).

Are there any writers that influence you?

George Orwell. He said the most using the least amount of words. Oh, and Sidney Sheldon (see above), who did the opposite.

What movie romance makes you swoon?

“His Girl Friday.” Talk fast, work hard and wear shoulder-pads. (Even if that thing with Cary Grant? Won’t work out. Trust me.)

What fashion trend do you wish would come back?

Remember those shoulder-pads? I can use the help.

What movie or TV Show best represents your sense of humor?

“Soap.” It’s the only television show that’s been able to walk the fine line between being hysterically funny (my family and I can have entire conversations just quoting lines from it) AND making you care about the story and characters. Most “satires” of the genre make fun of, rather than have fun with the tropes, and fail at both.

If you could pick a combination of three fictional characters the most like you, who would they be and what traits do they have that mirror your own?

Mary Lennox (Secret Garden) – crankiness

Anastasia Krupnik – know-it-all-itis

Pippi Longstocking – red hair

(I’m sure the fact that I chose three children also says something about my current maturity.)

What movie/TV show character turns you off?

I can’t stomach self-pity. I’ll follow a character to hell and back (and maybe forgive them a murder or two) as long as they keep a positive attitude and are proactive. But one “woe is me,” and I am out for the count. One exception is, in books, when writers try to make me like a character by just piling misery upon misery to the point where it becomes comical. In that case, I don’t care how spunky and brave they are, my ire gets transferred to the author and the book gets closed for good.

What TV Show have you binge watched?

My husband and I flew through “Orphan Black,” where yes, Tatiana Maslany is amazing, but the character we really fell in love with was Mrs. S as played by Maria Doyle Kennedy. Talk about a bad-ass who can be brutal and maternal and smart and fallible and sexy. (Also answers your question about a great fictional female character.)

Has there ever been an ending to a story you wish you could rewrite?

Well, we all know Rhett comes back, don’t we? As my husband and I say about our relationship, “We have to be together, why should we make two other perfectly nice people miserable?”

About Alina Adams

Alina Adams is the NYT best-selling author of soap opera tie-ins, romance novels and figure skating mysteries. She’s worked for E!, ABC Daytime, ABC Sports, TNT, ESPN, Procter & Gamble Productions, Dick Clark Productions and Prospect Park as a writer/producer for everything from the 1998 Winter Olympics to the Emmy Awards to the online reboots of “All My Children” and “One Life to Live.” Currently, she is writing her next book live on the web with real time reader feedback at: www.AlinaAdams.com/live/

About Writing Live

When I was a Sidney Sheldon reading teen/aspiring author, I wished I could just hang out over his shoulder and watch him write so that I could learn how to do it. Now that I’m an adult, I’ve created the resource I’d always wished I’d had. Join me at www.AlinaAdams.com/live/ for an up-close and personal look at what a first draft looks like – typos, bad word choice, edits, plot dead ends and all. Then literally watch me edit and try to whip the manuscript into readable shape. Make suggestions, and I’ll either take them, or tell you why I didn’t. In other words, you can learn from your own mistakes, or you can learn from mine!

About When a Man Loves a Woman


Ever since their medical school days, James Elliot and Deborah Brody have been best friends and colleagues. Deborah has been married for the past 20 years to Max, but no one understands her like Elliot.

Tragedy strikes when Max dies of a heart attack. Deb is emotionally shattered. Elliot comforts her as best he can, but comfort unexpectedly leads to a night of passion.

Elliot has been in love with Deb since college, but he never would have acted had Max still been alive. Deb is guilt-stricken over what happened. Their emotional dilemma is complicated by a budget crisis at the hospital. Events may set these two on opposite sides of a divide. Can their long-time friendship turn into love?

Alina Adams returns with a profound and emotionally wrenching tale of love and loss. WHEN A MAN LOVES A WOMAN will bring both a tear to your eye and a smile to your heart.

 AWRCoverAbout Annie’s Wild Ride

When his ex-wife and daughter’s plane goes down in a snowstorm, Major Paul Gaasbeck is forced to break every US Air Force rule and betray his own honor code in his attempt to rescue them.

As both battle the elements in a desperate struggle for survival, Paul and Anne can’t help remembering all of the reasons why they couldn’t stay together – or apart.

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