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Previewing Ten of the Best Summer 2018 Movie Releases

Typically the “good old” days of summer are the weeks during which many families take vacations or visit the beach. But another trend summer boasts is the hot and humid weather! When heat waves strike, it might be time to make a visit to the box office and escape the great outdoors!

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Best Summer 2018 Movie Releases
Bill Nighy and Emily Mortimer star in “The Bookshop.” Photo: Celsius Entertainment

Below we preview ten of the best summer 2018 films all set to charm and entertain audiences. (Plus, we share a handful more in the bottom of the post.) As with each and every box office preview on Silver Petticoat, hopefully, in our tailored list (a list that spotlights period dramas or old-fashioned romances), you’ll discover the perfect film to enjoy at the cinema. (As is always the case, this isn’t an inclusive list, but hopefully, we’ve gathered the best summer 2018 movie releases you’re excited about and may introduce you to some new ones, too!)

Previewing Ten of the Best Summer 2018 Movie Releases

1: No Postage Necessary – July 6

George Blagden, Charleene Closshey, and Raymond J. Barry | Comedy, Romance | PG-13

Brimming with old-fashioned appeal, this story is about a devastated young widow who begins to write letters to her husband. Finding these letters is an ex-cyber hacker turned postal worker. With a limited stamp on this one, chances are it will appear on a streaming service in conjunction with its theater release or shortlist thereafter. Either way, this romantic-comedy sounds sweet.

2: Mamma Mia! Here we Go Again – July 20

Lily James, Amanda Seyfried, Colin Firth, Christine Baranski | Comedy, Musical, Sequel | PG-13

Ten years later, the Mamma Mia sequel makes its splash and looks as entertaining as ever, only with a bittersweet slant. This one follows the correlating journeys of Seyfried’s character Sophie and her mother, Donna’s story when she first came to the Greek island where Sophie grew up. The colors and music look as charming as ever. Pierce Bronson and Dominic Cooper reprise their roles, and Meryl Streep has a supporting role.

3: Puzzle – July 27

Kelly McDonald | Drama | R

Kelly McDonald plays an overlooked housewife and mother in this contemporary drama. That is until she discovers the simple joy of putting together a jigsaw puzzle. This new hobby prompts her to apply to be a jigsaw puzzle partner in a puzzle competition. Though rated R “for language,” it doesn’t look like an overly vulgar film.

4: Disney’s Christopher Robin – August 3

Ewan McGregor, Hayley Atwell | Adaptation, Animation | PG

Agent Carter aka Hayley Atwell co-stars in this Disney film chronicling the adult life of Christopher Robin (Ewan McGregor). The story is set to follow Christopher who unexpectedly “reconnects” with his childhood friend Winnie the Pooh, and of course, all of the Hundred Acre Woods friends. Plus, can I just say, how cute do Pooh, Piglet, and Tiger look? The little girl heart in me is melting!

5: Dog Days – August 10

Vanessa Hudgens, Nina Dobrev, Adam Pally | Comedy, Romance | PG

Four different dogs bring together 12 different people over a series of vignette stories in this new romantic comedy. This one gives off Must Love Dogs kind of vibes, but with a PG rating. Not only does this one look really cute, it also features Vanessa Hudgens of High School Musical fame.

6: Crazy Rich Asians – August 15

Constance Wu | Romantic Comedy, Adaptation | PG-13

Based on the novel of the same name, this romantic comedy features a lineup of stars who I’m not familiar with. That said, when I recently saw the trailer, a grin was affixed on my face the entire time. It looks like the perfect film to see with girlfriends or your mom! It follows a career woman who plans to travel to Singapore with her boyfriend, where she’ll meet his family for the first time. What she doesn’t realize is her fiancé is the “Prince William of Asia”! Michelle Yeoh of Memoirs of a Geisha and Star Trek: Discovery co-stars.

7: The Little Mermaid – August 17

Poppy Drayton, William Moseley | Fantasy (Limited Release) | PG

This fairytale looks a little dark (as Hans Christian Anderson’s original tale is), but also enchanting. It spins a new kind of take on the iconic tale with an atmospheric historical setting with a hero who’s a reporter! The tale’s narrative is told by Shirley MacLaine who takes us along on the journey of a reporter and his niece as they try to rescue a beautiful mermaid. Oh, and William Moseley of The Chronicles of Narnia plays the hero.

8: Juliet, Naked – August 17

Rose Byrne, Ethan Hawke | Drama | PG-13

This one tells the story of a “long-suffering” woman who begins an email correspondence and a long-distance romance with a once popular musician. The catch? Her longtime boyfriend is obsessed with the musician.

9: The Bookshop – August 24

Emily Mortimer, Bill Nighy | Drama, Period Drama | PG

This quiet film looks beautiful. Set in the late 1950s, it chronicles the story of a widow whose move to a small town stirs up trouble when she opens a bookshop (and sells controversial books!). It reminds me of Chocolat in many ways and looks to feature a stupendous cast, one that also features rising British star Honor Kneafsey (Our Zoo, Crooked Star).

10: Destination Wedding – August 31

Winona Ryder, Keanu Reeves | Comedy, Romance | R

Winona Ryder returns to the big screen in this romantic comedy that looks really fun with an opposites attract plot. It’s about two people who meet while travelling, and get off on the wrong foot, only they later discover, they’re both heading to the same wedding. Though (again), this one is rated R, how could we not include a film that reunites Keanu Reeves and Winona Ryder?

More Upcoming Releases

Looking for something a little different? These films are also set to drop during the summer 2018 box office season!

1: Ant-Man and the Wasp | July 6 |Action/Adventure, Sequel |  PG-13

2: Mission: Impossible – Fallout | July 27 | Action/Adventure, Sequel | PG-13

3: The Darkest Minds | August 3 | Sci-Fi, Adaptation | PG-13

4: The Spy Who Dumped Me | August 3 | Comedy | PG-13 (this comedy co-stars Sam Heughan and Gillian Anderson!)

5: Gold | August 15 | Biopic, Drama | Rating Unknown

6: Beautifully Broken | August 24 | Drama | PG-13

7: Down a Dark Hall | August 27 | Drama, Horror | PG-13

So, it’s your turn now. Tell me, which of these of the best summer 2018 movie releases are you planning to see? Did I miss anything you’ve been eyeing? Share all of your thoughts down in the comments. I look forward to chatting with you.

Top Image: Warner Bros. Pictures

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