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The Silver Petticoat Review’s Top 20 2013 TV Picks

Reaching the end of the year, I wanted to look back at some of the best TV shows of 2013. I went back and forth on whether I should go with the best written or basically just my personal favorites and the ones I truly love. I decided for the latter. Admittedly, I am not the type that gets sucked into many of the cable dramas that almost every critic and awards shows rave about (edgy doesn’t particularly equal interesting or even entertaining to me and honestly I have no interest in even watching Breaking Bad whatsoever). So, my list (I think) will be quite different from the norm.

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To be fair, I have not seen every show that aired in 2013 so some good ones just won’t make my list because I haven’t got around to seeing them just yet (The Americans, for instance, I plan to watch in the near future). I’ve also got a little behind on some shows I do like (i.e. Mad Men) so those won’t be one of my 2013 TV picks either. My choices just boiled down to love, ones I look forward to week after week because of good characterization (especially with the sometimes ignored female characters), stories that suck me in, or even series with a romantic pull that gets me to root for a particular couple. The series could have also ended sometime this past year. So, without further ado, I give you my top 20 2013 TV Picks (in no particular order).

2013 TV Picks

#1: Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries
#1: Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries (With Miss Fisher and Detective Inspector Jack Robinson always on the case, this series never has a dull moment): Photo: Acorn
Photo: Acorn

With Miss Fisher and Detective Inspector Jack Robinson always on the case, this series never has a dull moment.

#2: Witches of East End
Witches of East End
Killian and Freya from Witches of East End.
Photo: Lifetime

So campy and fun!

#3: The Originals
As much as I enjoy The Vampire Diaries, The Originals is superior from the writing to the characters
Photo: CW

As much as I enjoy The Vampire Diaries, The Originals is superior from the writing to the characters.

#4: The Good Wife
#4: The Good Wife (Fantastic writing even if Alicia drives me crazy sometimes and I love Eli Gold): Photo: CBS
Photo: CBS

Fantastic writing even if Alicia drives me crazy sometimes. Plus, I love Eli Gold.

#5: Downton Abbey
#5: Downton Abbey (A depressing year but still must see period drama): Photo: ITV/PBS
Photo: ITV/PBS

A depressing year but still a must-see period drama. Who wants to miss out on the Dowager’s one-liners?

#6: Nikita
Photo: CW

A great show hardly anyone is watching. It’s almost time for the series finale too…

#7: The Killing
The Killing
Photo: AMC

While season 2 was slightly disappointing, season 3 was outstanding and I can’t wait to see the end on Netflix because there can never be enough Holder.

#8: Grimm
Photo: NBC

I love how this show creatively brings folk/fairy tales to life.

#9: Miranda
Photo: BBC

Just too cute.

#10: Dracula
2013 TV Picks - Dracula
Photo: NBC

A great steampunk vampire show that no one is tuning into, unfortunately. Perhaps because it is more like a period drama?

#11: Doctor Who
2013 TV Picks
Photo: BBC

Doctor Who speaks for itself even if I found series 7 flawed and I still don’t know how I feel about Clara.

#12: Call the Midwife
2013 TV Picks - Call the Midwife
Photo: BBC

Very well written, goosebumps-inducing period drama.

#13: Continuum
Continuum - 2013 TV Picks
Photo: SyFy

An excellent time travel Sci-Fi show that includes both the Cigarette Smoking Man and Krycek…enough said.

#14: Bunheads
2013 TV Picks - Bunheads
Photo: ABC Family

A pity this feel-good drama by the Gilmore Girls creator got the boot.

#15: Being Human UK
2013 TV Picks - Being Human
Photo: BBC

While the new cast never quite lived up to the original, the writing never lost its magic. A very fitting end.

#16: Arrow
Arrow - 2013 TV Picks
Photo: CW

This show just gets better and better each week. The scenes with these 3 are always my favorite.

#17: Luther


Photo: BBC

The return of Alice and the killer writing of the finale were some of the best moments on TV this year.

#18: Broadchurch
Photo: BBC

David Tennant was amazing in this excellent mystery drama.

#19: The Paradise
The Paradise
Photo: BBC

Another fantastic and romantic period drama with great examples of good characterization.

#20: Fringe
Photo: Fox

I personally loved the ending and miss Walter on my screen every week.

What were your favorite 2013 TV picks? Sound off below…

Top Photo Credit: Downton Abbey (ITV)

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5 thoughts on “The Silver Petticoat Review’s Top 20 2013 TV Picks”

  1. I adore so many of these you list. Love ARROW, MISS FISHER, DOWNTON ABBEY, DOCTOR WHO, CALL THE MIDWIFE, and BUNHEADS. Just finished watch S2 of THE PARADISE and it’s still (mainly) cute. 🙂
    Really curious about ‘Witches of East End,’ and my mom likes “Good Wife.”

  2. I really like Miss Fischer, The Paradise, Downton Abbey and Arrow. Have not seen most of the rest but they sound good. The Americans was way too violent for me.thanks for posting.


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