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Arrow: Suicidal Tendencies Recap – An Interrupted Wedding & The Arrow Versus The Atom

Diggle, Lyla and baby

Suicidal Tendencies Recap

A wedding, the Suicide Squad, a hostage situation, two superheroes at odds, the League of Assassins, oh and some nice Olicity filled up the latest Arrow episode to the brim. While online it seems “Suicidal Tendencies” was divisive, I (for the most part) really liked it, particularly everything Deadshot.

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And as an Oliver/Felicity fan, I’m not worried about the Ray/Felicity pairing either. They have to happen in order for Oliver and Felicity to eventually happen. Besides, Ray is getting his own show soon. Somehow, I doubt Ray and Felicity will be together during that time. Ray will get his own main love interest (which I’m looking forward to).

Until then, I’m glad that Felicity is making her own choices rather than sitting around waiting for a man who says he loves her but can’t ever be with her. Oliver needs to step up first. Seeing Felicity with someone else will hopefully push him in the right direction. For now, I’m really enjoying the slow build up between the two. Every couple on television needs obstacles. Without them, they would be boring. Let’s just say that one of my favorite TV couples is Scully and Mulder, and they didn’t get together until season 7. Rant aside, let’s get back to the episode at hand.

A Wedding and a Standout Romantic Moment


The episode begins with the wedding, and everything just looks beautiful. The colors hardly look like Arrow, and everything seems blissful for about 5 minutes.

Before the ceremony begins, Oliver arrives late, missing out on all the pictures. Then Felicity arrives with her date, Ray, and Oliver doesn’t look too thrilled about it. Actually, Oliver spends most of the episode looking unhappy about Ray. Still, he tells her that he’s happy because she’s happy. On a side note, Felicity would be much happier with Oliver if only he was smart enough to do something about it…

Being Arrow, the wedding doesn’t go off without a hitch, as Lyla and Ray’s minister can’t make it. Luckily for them, Ray is a minister, so he is able to do the ceremony. Not sure this last bit was needed, other than for Oliver to once again look irritated by the man.

Finally, our sweet romantic moment arrives. This week, I have to give it to Diggle and Lyla, because what can be more romantic than a wedding (although I quite liked the looks Oliver would pass Felicity’s way)? The romantic moment is all about the vows and marriage between Diggle and Lyla. Their words say it best:


Diggle: You really want to do this?

Lyla: Even more than the first time.

Diggle: Good. Because I’m not letting you get away from me this time.”

Lyla: I’m holding you to that.

Diggle: Good. I love you, Lyla.

Lyla: I love you, too.

They exchange rings, Ray announces them married, and the two kiss. It’s a wonderful moment that can’t last however. After some dancing and Felicity revealing she caught the bouquet, the announcement of the Arrow killing again reaches all their phones. Nevertheless, Oliver tells Lyla and Diggle to go on their honeymoon. They get in their limo only to see Deadshot. It seems the two can’t get a break, their honeymoon another Suicide Squad mission.

Deadshot and the Suicide Squad


As it turns out Lawton wasn’t always such a bad guy. He served in the military and had a beautiful wife and child. But while he was fighting the war, he was also a sniper. All the killing and horrible experiences on the battle front gave the man PTSD. It didn’t help matters that his daughter didn’t even recognize him when he returned.

During one of his flashbacks, he suffers a PTSD episode, horribly taking a gun out on his wife and getting rough with her. He clearly wasn’t going to hurt her, but the damage was done. His wife called the cops and put out a restraining order on him. He would never be with his family again.

Back in the present, Deadshot along with Cupid, Diggle and Lyla attempt to save a senator from a hostage situation. Things go bad, however, when the Senator turns the gun on them because they ruined his political move. He’s the one who created the hostage situation to become a hero and president one day.

The attempted rescue gets Deadshot shot, but Diggle is nice enough to patch up the man who killed his brother. He hesitates slightly though when he sees Andy’s name tattooed on Lawton’s chest.

Then there is Cupid, who after being “saved” by Deadshot takes quite a liking to him. Until this moment, I thought she was sort of irritating. But as soon as she became enamored with Lawton, I found her antics pretty entertaining because of Deadshot’s reactions to her insanity. It’s a pity this interaction must come to an end, but more on that later.

Earlier in the episode, Deadshot warned Lyla and Diggle that they can’t do what they do when they love someone at home. It gets in the way, and it could get them killed. They didn’t believe him, until the Senator threatens to blow up the entire compound. Will they leave their daughter orphaned?

Thankfully, they come up with a plan. They get into a shootout with the Senator and his men, Deadshot taking his place as sniper once more. In the midst of all the fighting, the show flashbacks to Lawton sitting in jail. Things are at the lowest for him, but instead of getting help for PTSD, a group called HIVE wants to hire him for his “skills.” First order of business? Kill Andy Diggle.

Back in the present, the Suicide Squad is able to save the hostages and themselves, but only because Deadshot gives up his life. He tells Lyla and Diggle to go home to their daughter. This self-sacrifice as he looks at the picture of the family he lost was a great character moment. The building blows up, with Deadshot unable to escape. Is there any chance he miraculously survived? I hope so, especially since that horrid Senator blamed Deadshot for the terrorism.

After this stressful ordeal, Diggle was going to quit team Arrow only for Lyla to confess she quit working for Waller first because she wants their daughter to be proud of her. Good point. I never liked Lyla working for that snake Waller in the first place.

Ray’s Agenda

Ray Palmer

With an Arrow copycat (or copycats it would seem) running around town killing people, Ray wants to go after the Arrow and get justice. First, he throws a press conference with Captain Lance and the mayor, announcing he’s putting his money behind taking down the man. On a side note, I kind of loved Laurel in this episode saying the Arrow being a killer again was uncorroborated.

After this announcement (which Felicity admits she had no clue about), Ray takes his Arrow suit to discover the Arrow’s identity. Of course, he arrives on the scene just as the League of Assassins disappeared. Using Felicity’s facial recognition software, he uses it on the Arrow to discover it is Oliver Queen.

This also clues Ray in on Felicity’s involvement. The two get into a fight about the truth, Ray upset that Felicity kept this from him. He thought they were partners after all (leaving out the fact that he didn’t tell Felicity the suit was operational). He wants to go after Oliver, even when Felicity tells Ray that Oliver’s being set up.

Felicity warns Oliver (who is angry at Felicity for the ATOM news and warns her Ray won’t be able to be with her either), and then Oliver warns Laurel. I have to admit, that I LOVED the Laurel/Ray scene at the precinct where she protects Oliver’s secret (and her own obviously). Can we have more Laurel scenes like this in the future?

Arrow Vs. ATOM

Arrow and ATOM

With the “law” not on Ray’s side, he takes justice in his own hands. Even after Oliver addresses Ray in person, Ray will hear none of it. Indeed, I kind of got the vibe that part of Ray’s desire for justice was him being upset over Felicity and Oliver. It’s clear even to him the two have feelings for one another.

Putting his suit on, Ray as the ATOM goes out after Oliver, setting up a bogus crime. Once Ray knocks out Roy, Ray and Oliver fight it out. The effects for a TV show (with not a huge budget) looked pretty great I thought. Hopefully, they will be able to keep the effects up. The two battle, but Oliver comes out on top. Not killing Ray and reminding him that not only should he trust Felicity, but Felicity chose him as well.

This seems to end Ray’s agenda against Oliver. Ray and Felicity make up with a kiss and the idea they can be partners in life too. It’s a sweet scene, even if I’m not rooting for them. Ray DOES deserve a love of his own.

Of course, the episode just wouldn’t have been the same without a sweet Olicity moment as well. Back in the foundry, Felicity smells the bouquet she caught (interesting she left it there instead of somewhere else), and tells Oliver thanks. “For what?” He asks. She gives him a kiss on the cheek, and says, “For proving me right.”

Olicity kiss on cheek

Oliver can’t help but smile. It’s a short scene, but a nice way to keep building the tension between the two. Personally, I find the best formula is to have at least one romantic moment between the main couple in every episode, so this worked out perfectly for me.

The Cliffhanger

Felicity cliffhanger

With Ray now on Oliver’s side, he calls off his agenda but Captain Lance is hearing none of it. Laurel starts bickering with her Dad (the mayor sick of listening to them argue), and then Maseo shows up shooting the mayor with an arrow (Nooo! I love this actress…). Felicity gets caught up in the crosshairs as she too shows up at the meeting. Maseo holds up an arrow, but does he shoot her? We’ll have to wait until next week.

Favorite Quote

Deadshot and Cupid

Cupid: You were so brave

Deadshot: I take it back. I do want to die.

Thoughts and Questions

Why do you think HIVE was after Diggle’s brother Andy? I’m really interested in seeing how this story plays out.

I have to admit I’m relieved Ray is finally included in the story with the rest of the cast. Before, it felt too isolated with just him and Felicity. Having him in on the secret just works a whole lot better.

Do you think anyone other than the mayor gets injured by Maseo? The preview does not give us much to go on…

What did you think of “Suicidal Tendencies?” Sound off in the comments…

Stay tuned for my next Arrow Recap.

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