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Arrow Season 4 Green Arrow Recap – Olicity Bliss, a New Villain Rises, and Then That Ending

The Arrow Team Back Together
The Arrow Team Back Together

If anyone had any doubt as to how Oliver and Felicity as a couple would work on a dramatic level, one need not doubt any longer. Instead of all that season three darkness, comedy was finally allowed to show its very welcoming face in the season 4 premiere, “Green Arrow.” Oliver and Felicity living in domestic bliss wasn’t going to last very long, however, not when a new threat has taken over Star City.

The New Flashbacks

After the abysmal flashbacks of season 3, the show returns to where it is most comfortable: the island. While running around as a not so successful vigilante in Coast City, Amanda Waller catches up with Oliver and captures him. He then gets sent on a mission back to the Island he tried so hard to escape in the first place. Well, we knew he’d have to return someday. Somehow, I get the sense that he’s going to stumble upon some mystical forces in his past (as hinted by Oliver in present day).

Damien Darhk

Neal McDonough as Damien Darhk
Neal McDonough as Damien Darhk

Meanwhile in the present day, a new kind of villain has taken over Star City. And after the underwhelming Ra’s Al Ghul (who I liked but never loved), the villainy of Damien Darhk is like a breath of fresh air. His entrance isn’t a villain in the shadows, but rather he presents himself as the leadership of the ghost killers taking out Star City. With suavity, Darhk even reveals his plan to Star City’s leaders (that he’s going to kill them all). Unfortunately, one of these leaders is Captain Lance, but more on that twist later…

After taking out all of the leaders except Lance (Laurel saves him or so we think), Damien becomes a threat the team of Thea, Diggle, and Laurel can’t handle on their own. Going behind Diggle’s back (who still hasn’t forgiven Oliver for kidnapping his wife), Laurel and Thea decide it’s time to ask Oliver for much-needed help.

Oliver and Felicity

Oliver and Felicity as a couple.
Oliver and Felicity as a couple.

Away from all the crime fighting (or so Oliver believes), Oliver and Felicity are living happily together as a domestic couple. While Felicity is ever so bad at cooking, Oliver really enjoys being happy for once. The two even have a normal couple over for lunch where Oliver reveals to them that he’s going to propose to Felicity that very same day with his mother’s ring. It’s so adorable to see Oliver this content with his life, a life with the woman he loves.

After a romantic dinner, Oliver is just about to propose with the dessert when Laurel and Thea show up. Poor Oliver! They plead for help, and Felicity convinces Oliver that they need to be there for their friends. So, for now the proposal remains secret.

Returning to Star City, Oliver tries to pick up where he left off, but he’s no longer the leader. He can’t boss everyone around (Thank gosh!!). Diggle doesn’t want him there, but they have to stop Darhk. They pinpoint his location and watch in the distance as Damien Darhk almost kills a man with his mystical powers. The team tries to take everyone out (Thea going a little over the top in her aggression), but Darhk takes off. Just as the cops arrive, Oliver learns that Darhk plans an attack at the train station.

In the meantime, Oliver also realizes that Felicity never actually stopped being part of Team Arrow (or whatever it is they call it now). She got bored with regular life and likes helping people. It gives her purpose. The back and forth as Felicity confesses her white lies was hilarious and adorable at the same time. I really like the dynamic of these two as a real couple.

Oliver later admits that he’s afraid of returning, of turning back into a monster (Captain Lance’s earlier digs didn’t help). Felicity tells him he can do it different this time, become someone else, someone based in hope and light. With a good pep talk, Oliver dresses in a new costume made by Cisco and sets out to take on Darhk.

The Green Arrow

Oliver becomes the Green Arrow
Oliver becomes the Green Arrow

With his mystical powers, Oliver didn’t have much of a chance against Darhk. Thankfully, Diggle shows up in time to help Oliver out and save his life. Darhk gets away, but the two have enough time to blow the empty train up before it reaches its final destination.

Oliver and Felicity soon reveal to the team they plan on returning, and Oliver (in disguise) then makes a speech to Star City through a video feed. While Arrow might be dead, he plans on becoming the hope the Arrow never was. He, from this point on, is The Green Arrow!

In the meantime, Oliver and Felicity move back into his and Thea’s loft (that she has since left), and the engagement ring gets hidden under a ton of marbles (or clear rocks). Hmm. Does this mean Oliver isn’t going to propose anymore??

A Couple of Twists

Captain Lance
Captain Lance

The season 4 premiere didn’t just have one twist but two big reveals. With Captain Lance’s self-righteousness just as strong as ever, it is quite shocking to see that he was working WITH Damien Darhk. He just didn’t expect all the killing. And now, it seems Lance doesn’t have much of a choice. This does not bode well for the man.

While this twist was quite surprising, it isn’t nearly as shocking as the flash forward (six months to be exact) of Oliver standing in front of an unseen grave. Barry arrives after the funeral, and Oliver states that he’s going to kill “him.” But the bigger question remains: Who is going to die? I have to admit, I’m not too thrilled with this direction, not unless Barry’s time travel can come into play…

What did you think of the season 4 premiere? Did you love Oliver and Felicity as a real couple? Oliver as the Green Arrow? Who do you think is going to die? Sound off in the comments…

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