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Arrow Midnight City Recap – A New Canary, a Romantic Moment, and the Downfall of Starling City

Roy and Laurel

Arrow Midnight City Recap

Starling City without Oliver Queen is an ugly place. Brick’s takeover has increased criminal activity to a terrible degree. Without a hero to save the day, the unsung heroes behind the scenes must step up and protect the city. But without Oliver, will Team Arrow (without Arrow) even stand a chance?

Oliver’s Rescue and Standout Romantic Moment

Oliver and Felicity dream

The episode opened with an unexpected scene, a scene very reminiscent of the moment Oliver left Felicity to go fight Ra’s Al Ghul. Before the episode aired, I heard rumors of an Oliver dream sequence, so I sensed this might be where the scene was headed. For a dream, I had no idea it was going to be this romantic however.

In an episode with several romantic moments thrown in (Maseo and Tatsu’s reunion – both of them, and Ray and Felicity’s heart to heart), I was honestly surprised the episode opened with Oliver’s dream. I loved the dream idea as it was like allowing us into icy Oliver’s subconscious mind. What does he dream about? He dreams about telling Felicity that not only does he love her but he’ll stay. He won’t go off and fight.

After declaring his love (thank you writers), the two come together for a kiss (again thanks…).

Oliver and Felicity dream kiss Oliver and Felicity dream kiss 2 Oliver and Felicity dream kiss 3 Oliver and Felicity dream kiss 4

Unfortunately, this happy scene isn’t real and can’t last, Oliver’s dream quickly transitioning into a nightmare as he looks down at his chest to see all the blood from the sword wound. Oliver didn’t stay after all, he chose to fight. In doing so, he “died.”

Oliver and Felicity dream blood Oliver and Felicity dream sword

When he awakes, he marvels at the reunion of Maseo and Tatsu. It seems grief has torn these two apart (things do not bode well for their adorable son), Maseo turning away from his wife. At one point in the episode, she pleads for Maseo to stay with her (Oliver even telling him to stay), and kisses him, saying she loves him no matter who he thinks he has become. This, however, is not the Maseo the two had once known. He will stay with Ra’s.

Maseo and Tatsu

When a few of the league arrive, he even kills them to protect his wife, but still he won’t stay. He cuts his own neck so as not to be accused of helping Oliver. Meanwhile, five years back Oliver and Maseo arrive at a club (after tracking China White down to save Tatsu), only for Oliver to realize Maseo betrayed Amanda to save his wife. Inopportunely, Amanda figured out Maseo’s game (handing the Alpha concoction or whatever it is to her as a trade), and switched it in time, making Maseo look like a liar. Despite the switcheroo, they are able (with Tatsu’s help) to fight their way out. With the family reunited, one can’t help but wonder how long before things turn really bad for them, as Maseo’s heart is clearly turned off in the present.

Felicity’s Change of Heart

Felicity Smoak

Someone whose heart will never be closed off? Felicity Smoak…But before we discuss Felicity’s heart, I want to talk about Ray Palmer. Let’s face it: the fandom has been kind of harsh to Ray (No, I don’t think he comes across as a stalker). As an Oliver/Felicity fan myself, I get that as he sort of gets in the way of their love story. That being said, I’ve never had a problem with Palmer and enjoy his optimistic view on life. This episode made him all the more likeable as not only did he save our beloved Felicity Smoak, but he reminded Felicity that the people they love who are still alive, are still worth saving.

Laurel, Quentin, and mayor_ Arrow

With no Arrow to save the city, Brick arrives at the new mayor’s meeting (played by the fabulously witty Christina Cox so they better use her more effectively in the future….Actually, on a side note, please play her off Quentin and create a crossover fantasy/noir snark off between the two ex-private investigators of the supernatural). At the meeting is Captain Lance, DA Laurel Lance, the mayor and her team, Ray Palmer and Felicity Smoak (Ray has just donated a lot of money to the police force).

Brick shoots his way through and kidnaps Alderman in order to sway the mayor into taking the SCPD from the Glades (which she later does despite Quentin’s major protests). In this shootout, Laurel protects herself with her heel, Quentin takes some down with his gun, and Ray protects Felicity, marveling that this is why he needs his suit (good point Ray).

Felicity and Ray

As Felicity helps patch Ray up (after having a much needed conversation with Quentin about the Arrow being gone), Ray confesses that she was right all along: he was trying to avenge his fiancé Anna. But seeing Felicity in danger, he realized that he was fighting for those he cared about that were still alive. He was fighting for her. So, while I’m rooting for Oliver and Felicity, I have to admit this was quite the great scene between the two. Plus, let’s face it: Felicity is such a great character that she’s a great love interest for all the superheroes…

With this talk from Ray, Felicity realizes she was wrong and turns to Laurel who she figured out was masquerading around as the Canary. But instead of convincing Laurel to give up (more on that in just a moment), she decides to help Laurel. Even though Oliver’s gone, they have to fight for their city and for the people they care about.

By the end of the episode, Felicity gives Ray back his chip, and this time she fixed it. “Thought you weren’t gonna help me on my suicide mission,” Ray muses. Felicity just says back, “Well, that’s the thing … with my help, you might not end up dead.”

Laurel as Canary

Laurel as Canary

Street Thug:  “I heard rumors about a mask who protects girls around here. I guess you ain’t her.”

Poor Laurel. Her transition from District Attorney to Masked Vigilante didn’t go off very well. Sure, she looked kick butt at the end of the prior episode. But with limited training, Laurel just isn’t ready to take her sister’s place as the canary. When she runs off a street thug, she stumbles and makes a lot of mistakes. Luckily, Roy shows up and saves her.

Of course, Laurel then gets patched up and lectured from both Roy and Diggle. I think it is going to take a little more convincing on their parts to be on board Laurel’s vigilante agenda. With reluctance, they do allow Laurel to tag along and attempt to rescue Aldermen and others kidnapped by Brick. But again, Laurel really bumbles along, and instead of this amazing rescue, a man gets shot in retaliation of their rescue attempt.

Laurel almost puts the towel in, but then Felicity shows up with her typical kind of pep talk, convincing Laurel that they have to fight not to avenge Oliver or Sara, but for everyone still living. With Felicity backing her, the two go back to the foundry where Felicity admits she was wrong to quit, that they had to do whatever it took to save the people of the city. Even without Oliver, they would choose to be heroes.

This time, the team works together quite nicely (Felicity even borrowing Ray’s helicopter in one of the funniest moments of the episode). Sure, there are major bumps still but they are now fighting for hope and that seems to work better for them all, especially Laurel. While she doesn’t take down Brick (who will now have free run of the Glades), she’s able to help save a couple people.

Laurel and Brick

With Felicity’s help, Laurel is also to talk to her father with Sara’s voice, continuing the façade that she still lives. At this point, I think the poor man deserves the truth. I just feel bad at how meanly he is being duped for the sake of his “sanity.” Sometimes, lies really do sting more than the truth. If someone I loved was dead, I’d want to know rather than be kept in the dark.

Malcolm and Thea

Thea and Malcolm

While last week Malcolm told Thea they had to move, Thea is having none of it. She wants the truth as to why. After a conversation with Roy, Malcolm realizes he has to tell Thea at least partial truths and so confesses to Thea that Ra’s Al Ghul wants to kill them. Even after this sort of truth, Thea decides to stay because that’s what her father taught her: to not be afraid and to fight. Malcolm seems pleased with this ego boosting.

Meanwhile, Thea tells her nosy DJ that she is indeed not leaving. After hearing this news, he calls Maseo to tell him that Malcolm won’t be leaving Starling City after all. This reveal didn’t come as too much of a surprise as I knew the boring character had to have some kind of point.

Favorite Quote

Ray and Felicity helicopter quote

This week had a lot of great zingers, but I had to go with:

Ray: “To be honest, I’d feel a little more confident in your aeronautic abilities if you knew, for instance, helicopters don’t actually have keys.”

Thoughts and Questions

When will Captain Lance discover the truth about Sara? And how will he react when he realizes the level of duplicity used to keep him in the dark for so long?

Who else is super excited for Oliver and Felicity’s reunion next week?

Do you think Thea should have been more suspicious of her DJ fling guy? He did seem to know about her possibly leaving…


What did you think of Midnight City? Are you enjoying Laurel’s journey as the new Canary? Eagerly waiting for Oliver’s return? Sound off in the comments…   


Stay tuned for my next Arrow Recap.

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