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New to Amazon Prime Video September 2019: The Best of Romance and Period Drama

Amazon Prime Video (September 2019): This Month’s Romance and Period Drama Highlights.

Victoria season 3 promotional image of Victoria and Albert


VIctoria season 3 promotional image; New to Amazon Prime Video in September 2019
Victoria season 3 comes to Amazon Prime Video in September 2019. Photo: ITV plc for Masterpiece

Victoria (Season 3)

The third season of the popular romantic period drama series, Victoria, is finally available to stream on Amazon Prime Video this September. Expect some twists and turns, some tragedy, and, of course, some epic romance between Victoria and Albert.


New to Amazon Prime Video September 2019: The Best of Romance and Period Drama; Forces of Nature, Hearts in Bondage, Days of Thunder
The Best of Romance and Period Drama Coming to Amazon Prime Video in September 2019. Forces of Nature (Photo: Dreamworks), Hearts in Bondage, and Days of Thunder (Photo: Paramount Pictures).

Days of Thunder (1990)

Watch a young Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman fall in love in this movie about Nascar racing.

Forces of Nature (1999)

While not the best rom-com of all time, all romantic comedies with Sandra Bullock starring deserve a second chance! Ben Affleck also stars.

Ghost Town (2008)

Ricky Gervais, Tea Leoni, and Greg Kinnear star in this romantic comedy about a dentist who can see dead people. If you’re looking for a good laugh and some light-hearted fun, this is a good choice!

Hearts in Bondage (1936)

This lesser-known love story set during the Civil War stars two Hollywood greats, James Dunn and Mae Clark. While I haven’t seen it yet, the plot and cast are promising. So, if you enjoy classic films, this movie may be worth checking out.

New to Amazon Prime Video September 2019: The Best of Romance and Period Drama; promotional images of High Noon, Legally Blonde, and Much Ado About Nothing (2012)
The Best of Romance and Period Drama Coming to Amazon Prime Video in September 2019. High Noon (United Artists), Legally Blonde (MGM), and Much Ado About Nothing (Lionsgate/Roadside Attractions).

High Noon (1952)

Gary Cooper and Grace Kelly star in this classic romantic Western. It’s considered one of the best westerns ever made and won 4 Oscars, including Best Actor. So, if you haven’t seen it yet, now’s the perfect time to watch this historic and memorable film.

Kicking and Screaming (1995)

This romantic dramedy about four college graduates is a fantastic example of the indie film scene of the 90s. Kicking and Screaming is now also part of the Criterion Collection. If you enjoy artsy, dialogue-heavy films, this film may be a good streaming choice. Eric Stoltz, Josh Hamilton, and Parker Posey star.

Content Note: Rated R for language and some sexuality.

Legally Blonde (2001)

A classic but a goodie! Legally Blonde stars the perfectly cast Reese Witherspoon as Elle Woods, a popular sorority sister (and seemingly ditzy blonde) who gets into Harvard Law. She then goes on to discover she’s actually rather good at it despite what anyone thinks. Full of fun, hilarity, and romance, this rom-com is all about believing in yourself.

Much Ado About Nothing (2012)

If you’re a fan of Joss Whedon, then this modern adaptation of Shakespeare’s romantic comedy, Much Ado About Nothing, is must-see entertainment. Popular actors from Whedon’s various shows star, including Alexis Denisof, Amy Acker, Clark Gregg, Nathan Fillion, and more.

Play It Again, Sam (1972)

A romantic comedy about a film critic obsessed with Humphrey Bogart and Casablanca. Woody Allen and Diane Keaton star.

New to Amazon Prime Video September 2019: The Best of Romance and Period Drama; Witness, You've Got Mail, True Grit, and The Cotton Club
New to Amazon Prime Video in September 2019. Witness (Paramount Pictures), You’ve Got Mail (Warner Bros), True Grit (Paramount Pictures), The Cotton Club (Orion Pictures)

Stargate (1994)

This fantasy sci-fi film (with romance and Romanticism) went on to inspire many popular TV spinoffs. It’s a fun and original story about two men unlocking a portal through space and time.

The Cotton Club (1984)

Richard Gere, Gregory Hines, Diane Lane, Laurence Fishburne, Bob Hoskins, and Nicolas Cage star in this film set during the 1930s at a Harlem Jazz nightclub. It was directed by Francis Ford Coppola and was nominated for two Oscars.

Content Note: Rated R for Violence, Language, and Sensuality.

The Deadly Companions (1961)

While this classic romantic Western received mixed reviews, it’s worth watching for Maureen O’Hara and Brian Keith onscreen together. Some people love this film; others don’t!

True Grit (2010)

The Coen Brothers direct this excellent remake of the famous Western. A 14-year-old girl hires two men to help her track down her father’s murderer. Hailee Steinfeld, Jeff Bridges, and Matt Damon star.

Witness (1985)

Witness is a near-perfect film about the forbidden love between a Detective and an Amish woman. When he goes undercover in an Amish community to protect a young boy who’s witnessed a murder, things get more complicated when he falls in love with the boy’s mother. Harrison Ford, Kelly McGillis, Danny Glover, and Lukas Haas star. If you pay attention, you’ll also find a young Viggo Mortensen.

Content Note: Rated R for brief nudity, some strong language, and a few violent/intense scenes.

You’ve Got Mail (1998)

Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan star in You’ve Got Mail, one of the best romantic comedies ever made. With a brilliant and witty script from Nora Ephron based on the play Parfumerie (other adaptations include Shop Around the Corner and She Loves Me), nods to Pride and Prejudice, as well as immense chemistry between the actors, you have the perfect formula for an excellent film. To date, Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan are one of the best-ever rom-com onscreen duos.

Well, that sums of the best of what’s coming soon! What are you looking forward to watching on Amazon Prime Video in September 2019? Let me know in the comments!

(Featured image: Victoria. Photo – ITV plc for Masterpiece)

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