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This is the Word Revolution – A Lesson in Vocabulary

A Lesson in Vocabulary article. This picture shows a heart inside of a book with letters floating around.

Recently I have been coming across a number of words that I didn’t previously know, and I wish to share them with you so that you too can benefit from some new and, in my opinion, sadly underused words. Let’s bring them back, start a revolution, mix it up a little…Here they are:

First, check out this wonderful article. I hope it changes your life as it has changed mine.

I’m definitely going to start using some of these words more often. A person is no longer hung-over but instead feeling quite crapulous after their previous night’s overindulgence. I love it!

11 Words That Don’t Mean What They Sound Like

“Bodkin must mean “little body.” Didn’t Hamlet say something about a “bare bodkin”? He did. But he was talking about taking the “not to be” option, ending his suffering with a bodkin, or dagger. (Origin unknown.)”

My favorite word in this article is:

“Callipygian: It may sound like a bird with a suntan and a laid-back attitude, but it means “having shapely buttocks.” (From Greek kallipūgos, which was used to describe a famous statue of Venus, and from kallos, or “beauty,” and pūgē, or “buttocks,” plus -ian.)”

Really, this word just has to be put back into use. Use it, people! Another word I’d like to feature is:

(From 10 Old-Fashioned Swears To Spice Up Your Cussin’)

“Bejabbers! – This antiquated swear is a substitute for “by Jesus!” that is similar to “bejesus!” but jabbier. An Irish import, along the lines of “faith and begorrah!” Especially good for toe-stubbing.”

Here’s an interesting one I recently put back into use:

Beshrew – wish harm upon, invoke evil upon – similar to be damn, but perhaps a bit more appropriate for mixed company. “Beshrew that lazy wench!” Let’s all find a way to use it at least once today, preferably inserted naturally into a conversation among a group of people.

Now, this is very important! Don’t just file these away for later. Conversation has become dull and simple.

It’s time to spice it up a bit. So, I pass along this great responsibility to each and every person who reads this.

Learn, embrace, and revive these terms! Don’t put up with sub-par language that rotates between the same 100 odd phrases and terms. We don’t have to take it anymore. It’s time to fight back. Because you’re worth it!



By on August 8th, 2013

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