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8 TV Show Couples That We Desperately Wanted To Be Endgame

8 TV Show Couples we wanted to be endgame
Sherlock and Molly
Photo: BBC

TV writers can be both delightful and merciless with their work. They give us romantic moments that create intense OTPs in our hearts leaving us with just one desperate cry: please be endgame! But sometimes great TV show couples, or great potential TV show couples, never get that final endgame satisfaction. Sometimes, our beloved lovers break up to the outcry and pain of the fans. Or the OTP is only allowed to cultivate a silent crush until the last episode rolls by. And we’re left sobbing with our tissues wishing we had one more chance to see them confess their love to each other.

So here are 8 different TV show couples in television that we were rooting for to finish that goal line but never quite made it. And we still loved them despite that.

8 TV Show Couples That We Desperately Wanted To Be Endgame

(In No Particular Order)

#1 Sherlock BBC – Sherlock & Molly

Molly and Sherlock’s fantasy kiss. Photo: BBC

The very popular BBC remake of the Sherlock Holmes story has captivated fans in Britain and around the world with great writing, acting and Benedict Cumberbatch’s electric portrayal of Sherlock. A self-labeled “high functioning sociopath”, Sherlock is obsessed with solving crimes and usually ignores or doesn’t understand other people’s feelings in his quest. Which is why it takes him so long to figure out that his friend, Molly, a reserved consultant doctor, has a massive crush on him. Perhaps the show’s creators themselves realized how popular the ship was since they teased several almost romantic scenes between them (including a fantasy kiss)!

#2 Community – Annie & Jeff

8 TV Show Couples
Alison Brie as Annie, Joel McHale as Jeff — Photo by Lewis Jacobs/NBC

This zany but clever comedy about six friends in a very unconventional community college brought fans loads of hilarity. Of course with a sitcom, especially a crazy one, there are numerous love-lines. One of my favorites, and definitely a popular one as it kept reemerging throughout the series, was Annie and Jeff. Annie Brie was the fresh-faced youngster of the group with a major overachiever personality who crushed a lot on Jeff Winger, the sarcastic lawyer who went back to school for falsifying his degree. They were a fun and adorable couple and one of the best “almost” OTPs the show created. The final episode hinted at a possible romance between Jeff and Annie, but left it very open-ended with no promises.

#3 White Collar – Neal & Sara

8 TV Show Couples That We Desperately Wanted To Be Endgame
Neal and Sara leaning in a for a kiss. Photo: USA Network

In a world of grisly crime dramas, White Collar gave us something different with a sleek and utterly fun story about a young conman. Neal Caffrey gets assigned to work with FBI agent Peter Burke to commute his long prison sentence. Neal had many romantic entanglements through the series yet none were as perfect as his romance with Sara. They were polar opposites – a conman and a law-abiding insurance investigator but their romance was so sweet and full of so much darn chemistry. They made us wish they could’ve been OTP to the end.

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#4 Happy Days – Fonzie & Pinky

Happy Days is a classic megahit from the 1970s-80s that created cultural icons and launched several popular spin-offs. Of course, who could forget the very image of Happy Days: Fonzie? Always dressed in a leather jacket, Fonzie was a street-hardened rebel with a heart of gold underneath. He was also a ladies’ man, who with a snap of his fingers drew women straight into his arms. Throughout the show, Fonzie only had a few serious relationships.

Despite the briefness of his romance with Pinky, I believe that they had the best chemistry of any his girlfriends. Perhaps that was because she was technically the female Fonz – a gorgeous, motorcycle-riding thrill-seeking woman with plenty of backbone. They matched each other well and it could’ve been fun to see them playfully one-upping one another all the time with daredevil tricks and being cool. Sadly, the couple never got far because of rumored real-life drama. Pinky’s actress didn’t get along with any of the cast members. So despite the big publicity around her being introduced into the show, she was only there for two episodes.

 #5 Agents of Shield – Ward & Skye

8 TV Show Couples That We Desperately Wanted To Be Endgame
Skye and Ward. Photo: ABC

Marvel’s fun series Agents of Shield brought the world of superheroes to the small screen with tales of Shield agents like Agent Coulson and his team. Two team members: Ward, a very serious Black Ops specialist, and Skye, a free spirit hacker who gets pulled into the group. They gave us a burgeoning adorable romance during the first season. A shocking first season climax swiftly ended any romance for the couple. The OTP that we loved was never brought back despite the fact that they had oodles more chemistry than any new relationships they had afterwards.

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#6 Laverne & Shirley – Shirley & Carmine

 One of the several successful spin-offs of Happy Days was the lovable, screwball series, Laverne & Shirley. The show harkened back to the I Love Lucy days delivering heavily on comedy situations and sometimes physical comedy revolving around two brewery-working roommates living in the late 1950s. The longest running couple on the show was the pitch-perfect Shirley and Carmine. I mean, he called her Angel Face, friends! How could their love not be OTP for all times?

Sadly, their on-and-off romance ends by Shirley marrying another guy (who they never even showed his face, lol) because the actress was leaving the show and Carmine’s actor wasn’t. Never mind that it made NO SENSE that Laverne & Shirley would continue without Shirley (and yes it didn’t last beyond a few episodes after her departure). In the fans’ hearts, Shirley and Carmine were the ones who married happily ever after.

 #7 Liar Game – Nao & Akiyama

8 TV Show Couples That We Desperately Wanted To Be Endgame
Akiyama and Nao discussing the Liar Game rules. Photo: Fuji TV

This J-drama (or dorama) adaptation of the popular Liar Game manga told us the story of an extremely innocent and compassionate girl forced to play in a reality game about deceiving others. With the help of a super-hot shrewd ex-con, Nao worked her way through the reality game to win and save herself from massive debt. While Nao and Akiyama never came out and confessed their true feelings to each other, they said it in every other way – with their devoted loyalty to one another. And some very evident romantic tension.

 #8 Stargate Atlantis – John & Teyla

Stargate Atlantis, a spin-off of the popular sci-fi show Stargate, paired a modern day world with space exploration through stargates (space transporters). John Shepherd, one of the crew members of a military/scientist exploration outfit, was one of the first Earth humans to meet Teyla, a wise human leader living on the planet Athos. Despite the Stargate series’ reluctance to bring TV show couples together (at least with their lead characters), the chemistry between John and Teyla was undeniable. They had each other’s backs at all times. They also had loads of romantic tension, enough to keep fans holding on to the very end for this OTP.

Any OTPs here that you wanted to be endgame? Or any other TV show couples that you believe should’ve been endgame? Sound off in the comments below!

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20 thoughts on “8 TV Show Couples That We Desperately Wanted To Be Endgame”

  1. Total yes to Neal and Sara on White Collar! And even though they aren’t a tv show couple, I will never get over Jo and Laurie from Little Woman not ending up together! They really were a perfect match and Amy was just wrong for him!

    • Yay for another White Collar fan!! Oh yes, Jo and Laurie! You know I never thought of them as a potential couple as a kid, maybe becuz I had seen/read the movies/book so many times it never occurred to me. Then I heard people saying that and it made me wonder why they didn’t get together! They were besties, lol. It made so much sense. 😀

  2. I’m so glad that someone finally mentioned Community here! Apart from being an ingenious piece of writing and acting, this pairing is just wonderful! I don’t care if they are together in another timeline! I want them together in our timeline, the one that counts! Wails in frustration…
    Still holding out hope for Sherlock and Molly. It’s not over ’til it’s over 😉
    Also, I have complete and utter respect for you now that I see you are a fellow fan of the Japanese version of Liar Game. High Five! It’s perfection and these two complemented each other so well! Sigh…we can’t have everything 🙁

    • Yes, Community! I luuuv that show. And agreed; we needed them together in our timeline! What about that movie they promised us???
      Well said! It’s not over until its over!
      Thank you! I actually watched the K-drama version first and utterly fell in love with it. Then I decided to check out the J-drama version and I fell in love all over again! It’s just a great show!!

  3. When Wang So promised to find Hae Soo at the end of Scarlet Heart: Ryeo, my heart broke. Meeting and recognizing one another in the museum for a moment at the very end would have been perfect.

  4. Fun post! My two Stargate disappointments (because seriously that franchise sucked with romance) was Sam and Jack on original stargate and Dr. Keller and Ronan Dex on Stargate Atlantis. Getting Dr. Keller together with Rodney felt like a sop for the geekboys (seriously, Rodney did NOT need a love interest) and I wanted a sop for the geek girls! :0) And to stick in the geek girl world, I always wished they had gotten Captain Janeway and Chakotay together in the end of Star Trek Voyager.

    • Thank you, Stephanie! I totally agree though – Stargate really dropped the ball when it came to romances. Sam and Jack – after the whole show and the movies, why couldn’t the writers even get them together? It’s not that hard people, lol. And Dr. Keller and Rodney was definitely an unusual choice, one that surprised me. Ronan and Dr. Keller would’ve made a lot more sense and would’ve been a lot of fun! I haven’t seen Star Trek Voyager, but it sounds like this couple needed to happen! 😉

    • Yes! I assume that Sam and Jack got together, even though we didn’t see it, but it would have been nice to get some confirmation! And I agree about Voyager, Janeway, and Chakotay.

    • Yesss! Ward and Skye! *starts singing We could’ve had it all * You think with two Stargate series they would’ve learned something but nope, lol.

  5. My additions: The Doctor and Sarah (there was obvious chemistry there), Stargate’s Jack and Carter (I read that the writers intended them to get together eventually), Barnabas Collins and Vicky.

    • Great additions! I do think that they intended to get Jack and Carter together. In a hilariously vague way, the writers had Carter mention that she was with someone (implying Jack) – but it was in a episode where she cameoed in Stargate Atlantis. And then they cut the scene, so it was just in the deleted scene compilation. *facepalm* that’s not how you do it writers, lol.

  6. Id like to add Ichabod Crane and Lieutenant Mills from the fox show Sleepy Hollow, their chemistry was great, would have been interesting to see them as a couple, and it seemed like it could go that way, their final scene was pretty emotional.


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