Are you Charlotte Heywood? Miss Georgiana Lambe? Esther Denham? Clara Brereton? Or even Lady Denham?

It’s been a few years, but we are finally bringing quizzes back to The Silver Petticoat Review! We were dismayed with the quality of Playbuzz tests (what we used in the past to create quizzes) and had been researching to find a professional replacement. And we did! So, expect many more fun quizzes and polls in the future.

Our first quiz is a personality test about which Sanditon heroine you are. We picked the five most prevalent female characters from the fabulous period drama series because they each have distinct personalities and are relatable in unique ways. Plus, we loved Sanditon and feel it deserves more love than it’s been getting. (Not to mention, it needs a second season!)

So, take our quiz and find out which Sanditon heroine you are! Maybe you’re the adventurous and compassionate Charlotte, the romantic and independent Georgiana Lambe, the snarky and old-fashioned Lady Denham, the blunt and reserved Esther Denham, or even the intelligent survivor, Clara Brereton. This period drama personality quiz is the first of what we hope to be many more romantic quizzes to come. Enjoy!

(Note: If you haven’t watched Sanditon yet, you can currently watch the Jane Austen-inspired series on PBS Passport, PBS Masterpiece on Prime Video, or buy on Digital or DVD. Sanditon is TV-14. You can also read our review linked above with seven reasons why we need more of Sanditon and why you should give it a second chance despite polarizing audience reactions.

Let us know which Sanditon heroine you are? Did you enjoy our Sanditon quiz! Sound off in the comments.

Featured image: PBS Masterpiece/ITV

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