The Silver Petticoat Book Club will select books from all genres with a love story.

Last week, we announced our brand-new book club, and we’re excited at how fast the book club is growing! Readers from all over the world have joined us on Facebook and Goodreads. And we’d love to see you there too! So, to further spread the word before our first book announcement, we created a Silver Petticoat Book Club promo and posted it on our brand new YouTube page. It’s our first video for the new channel, with exciting videos to come in the future!

Now, some of you may be familiar with our other YouTube page, Silver Vintage Videos. Since 2007, we’ve created popular transformative music videos such as romantic movie and TV montage mashups, TV couple music videos, and more. Silver Vintage Videos was our third channel and has been there since 2009.

However, with the upcoming book club, we felt it was time to have a more official YouTube page for The Silver Petticoat Review. The name for the official channel is:


We decided on this name because we feel it fits our website’s vision and who we are as people. On the channel, we hope to create book club videos, top ten video lists, classic book trailers, and more! Video editing is something we enjoy, so we felt it was time for us to incorporate this aspect of our creativity back into The Silver Petticoat Review.

So, make sure to SUBSCRIBE to our YouTube channel and join The Silver Petticoat Book Club. We plan on it being a fun international group that celebrates wonderful love stories from all book genres. If you haven’t joined our club yet, here are the best ways to follow and join in on the fun:

Facebook Group (one of the three meeting spaces for the book club)

Goodreads (one of the three meeting spaces for the book club)

Instagram (one of the three meeting spaces for the book club)



Follow the hashtag #TheSilverPetticoatBookClub

Thanks for watching The Silver Petticoat Book Club promo. We hope to see you on our new YouTube channel and in the book club!

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