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Other Updates on The Silver Petticoat Review:

It’s been a while since we’ve updated you, our followers. So, we felt it was time to share a few updates.

Streaming articles:

  1. Monthly Netflix List: This has evolved over time and going forward will now focus on a list of the “best” romances and period dramas added to Netflix.
  2. The same goes for Amazon Prime Video and our Monthly Watchlist.


We’ve started building up our Pinterest page and creating vertical pins for new articles (and starting to update old articles). We’re also creating many fun boards. So, follow us on Pinterest HERE.

Romantic Moments:

About a year ago, we announced we were switching Romantic Moment of the Week to Romantic Moment of the Month. This will remain the same. Basically, the column will pick a “romantic moment” from movies and shows that aired within that month.

However, we’ve decided to make a slight change to “Classic Romantic Moments.” Classic romantic moments are any other romantic moments from movies, shows, and books. But going forward it won’t be called “classic” romantic moments. It will instead simply be putting the spotlight on fantastic romantic moments from any time period! So, new or old moments.

The Silver Petticoat Review Manifesto

If you’re a subscriber, you can receive a free HD copy of our manifesto. It’s a fun art collage you can print for personal use.

If you haven’t subscribed, make sure to subscribe below to receive a copy! If you have already subscribed and don’t yet have a copy (we sent out an email with the Manifesto gift a few months ago), send us an email and we’ll make sure to send you one.


We’ve updated the archive pages for period drama reviews and romance with a fun new look! So, check them out. We’re still updating the period drama review archives, however, with recently written reviews.

Past Articles

We’re working on updating past posts to be easier to read! As we’ve changed the design over the years, it can alter how articles look.

Plus, we’ve learned a lot over the years and made improvements. So, we hope to improve our old posts over time.


In the last few months, we changed how we run ads. While in a perfect world we wouldn’t need ads at all, know that it’s how we keep this site running! So, we’re now working with an amazing ad management company, so we hope your experience has improved!

New Categories

We’ve recently created new categories for The Silver Petticoat Review! We’re looking to build up the Romantic Living section, for example, on top of the entertainment. So, expect some fun new additions to the site in the near future.

The Future of The Silver Petticoat Review

In the next year, we have some exciting changes and additions planned and we can’t wait to introduce them to you.

Please, be patient with us, however, as we incorporate new and exciting changes to the website. Sometimes we’ll be posting less than other times. Just know it’s because we’re working behind the scenes to improve the website and your overall experience.

We will update you with new changes as we make them. So, stay tuned!

If you have some suggestions on what you’d like us to cover, please send us a message!

Read More About The Silver Petticoat Review

Check out our updated pages, so you know what we’re all about!

Pride and Prejudice (1995) Anniversary

In diverting news, this week (September 24th, 1995) marks the 24th anniversary of Pride and Prejudice starring Colin Firth and Jennifer Ehle.


So, for the sake of fun, drop a comment below with your favorite Pride and Prejudice scene below. Ours? When Mr. Darcy first confesses his love!

(Featured image: Pride and Prejudice (1995. Photo Credit – BBC)

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