Note: I received a free copy of We Met in December from the publisher, HarperCollins, in exchange for an honest review.

We Met in December follows a year in the life of Jess who is following her dream of living in London and working in publishing. She moves into an old home with three strangers and an old friend from college. On the first night, she meets Alex, her floormate, a gorgeous corporate lawyer turned nursing student. Jess falls for him instantly.

However, after spending two weeks away during the Christmas holidays, she returns to find Alex secretly involved with one of their roommates. What follows is a year of buried feelings, self-discovery, and a slow-burn romance that will have you sighing in delight.

We Met in December – A Lovely Romantic Comedy

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We Met in December by Rosie Curtis is a sweetly romantic comedy from start to finish. It has an authentic feel to it, especially Jess’s voice. Curtis hits exactly the right notes as Jess adjusts to life in a new city, a dream job that at times is overwhelming, and her feelings for Alex. 

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What really sells We Met in December, is Curtis’s use of London as a secondary character. She sends Jess and Alex on long walks through London.

During their strolls, as Alex shows Jess around, the two become fast friends. While they do grow closer, they are hiding truths from the other. At times, I wanted to shake them as they talked past each other.

Still, these walks become increasingly more romantic. Not between Alex and Jess, but to the reader.

We Met in December is not without faults. Secondary characters were somewhat flat and lacked the punch needed when either Jess or Alex turned to them. However, Jess’s relationship with her grandmother and mother was beautifully done. 

Told primarily from Jess’s point of view, We Met in December is a charming, relatable holiday read.

We Met in December is coming to a bookstore near you on November 5, 2019.

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