Where to Watch Jane Austen Movies (BritBox)

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Emma (2009)

BritBox Synopsis: Romola Garai is Jane Austen’s fickle heroine, fatally convinced she is good at matchmaking, but unaware she is playing a dangerous game that might finally force her to grow up.

Why You Should Watch: Romola Garai is the period drama queen! Plus, with an excellent cast including Jonny Lee Miller and Michael Gambon, not to mention a script from Sandy Welch (Jane Eyre, North and South), it’s a must-see miniseries.

Pride and Prejudice (1995)

BritBox Synopsis: Colin Firth in his wet shirt was the television moment of the 90s. This irresistible, sophisticated and sexy saga launched Firth and Jennifer Ehle to international fame and inspired a modern Jane Austen renaissance.

Why You Should Watch: What more can be said? If you haven’t watched this iconic miniseries yet, watch as soon as possible! It’s absolute perfection.

Lost in Austen (2008)

BritBox Synopsis: Bored bank worker Amanda Price literally becomes lost in her favourite Austen book, after she finds a portal in her bathroom and swaps places with its heroine Elizabeth Bennet.

Why You Should Watch: For anyone who’s ever dreamed of marrying their own Mr. Darcy, this is the show for you. It’s completely unrealistic and completely fun. 

Miss Austen Regrets (2008)

BritBox Synopsis: Drama based on the life and letters of Jane Austen. Approaching her fortieth birthday, Jane appears happily unmarried, until she reflects on previous suitors and life choices. 

Why You Should Watch: Olivia Williams as Jane gives an incredible performance. 


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