#21 Felicity Reminding Oliver Why He Does What He Does

Every now and then, Olive needs a smack upside the head. Luckily, he has Felicity to list his past not so brilliant ideas to remind him why he does what he does.

#22 Felicity Hacking a Drone to What Else? Save Star City


Always cool under fire. And, how cute was mini-Felicity?

#23 You Can Take the Girl Out of Vegas….

One of the lighter moments of Season 4 courtesy of Felicity Smoak!

#24 Felicity Smoak in the Field Being Brilliant…As Usual

Look, anytime Felicity is out in the field is a fantastic moment. She may be nervous, but she’s there doing what she does best.

#25 Geeking Out Over the Waverider

Ah, Season 5. I blocked almost all of Season 5 from my memory. Still, there were some solid gold Felicity Smoak moments. Like this one during the first crossover with Legends of Tomorrow. I love it when Felicity geeks out!

#26 Felicity’s Grief Fuels Her Need for Revenge

One of the more difficult moments in Season 5 was when Felicity lost Malone. Grief could easily have led her astray. And it did, to a certain extent. But what it didn’t do was make her blame anyone but the person truly responsible. Because even in her grief, Felicity Smoak doesn’t lose her compassion or heart.

#27 A Hacking Felicity is a Happy Felicity

I love how gleeful Felicity is about hacking Chase’s laptop! While her joy in hacking is hiding a deeper issue, it doesn’t detract from this funny Felicity Smoak moment.

#28 Fearless, Fierce, and Fiesty

Do. Not. Test. Felicity. Smoak.

#29 Felicity Back in the Field

Felicity in the field is always a mix of humor and skill. I love that this character remains grounded and doesn’t suddenly become a ninja warrior. I love that no one, not even Curtis, can do what she does. So, when the show puts Felicity Smoak in the field? Yeah, I’m totally watching!

#30 Healing Fears and Easing Minds

This speech to William is amazing on so many levels. She’s being honest, something she values above all else. And, while being honest, she helps William understand the importance of what Oliver – as well as she and Diggle – do for Star City. Thank you to @austencello for reminding me of this Felicity Smoak moment.

#31 Mama Bear

First, Diaz is not my favorite villain. Of course, Chase spoiled me. Nevertheless, this intense scene between Felicity and Diaz is just an example of how fierce Felicity’s love makes her when her family is in danger.

#32 The Strength of Her Convictions

Don’t ever ask Felicity to give up on Oliver Queen. And that Diggle did was disappointing, to say the least. Felicity doesn’t hesitate to show her disappointment. In spades.

#33 This is Felicity Smoak…Your Conscience

The beginning of Season 7 is just one epic Felicity Smoak moment after another. Including this scene where she reminds the FBI to do their job!

#33 The Bad Guys STILL Underestimating Felicity Smoak

Like I said above: Do. Not. Test. Felicity. Smoak.

#34 A Mother’s Love

I’m behind on Season 7 so thank you to Felicity Smoak fans on Twitter for pointing out this wonderful and emotional Felicity Smoak moment.

#35 A Hero of Star City

She created it, she destroyed it. For the greater good. That is Felicity Smoak. Always acting for the greater good.

There are so many more amazing Felicity Smoak moments. Needless to say, Felicity is irreplaceable. She is beyond compare. So, thank you, Emily, for taking a small guest spot and creating the beloved Felicity Smoak. Her superpowers – her heart and intelligence – make her one of the most beloved television characters ever. I’ll miss you!

Does your favorite Felicity Smoak moment appear on this list? Share your memories of Felicity Smoak with me below! And come back next week when I share my favorite Olicity moments over seven seasons of Arrow.

Photo Credit: The CW

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