Sometimes something surprises you, and it puts a smile on your face just when you need it. For me, one of these things is The Holiday Calendar. A sweet seasonal treat that follows a trope I don’t think I’ve seen in the 2018 Christmas movie line up.

The Holiday Calendar (2018) Netflix Review 

For Abby (Kat Graham), working as a ‘Santa’s helper’ is far from her dream job. But it does put her behind the lens of a camera and earns her a paycheck which now includes longer holiday hours. This Christmas, she finds herself the recipient of two surprises. The first is the arrival of her best friend Josh (Quincy Brown) who is finally back from his latest jet-setting travels. Though this time he says he’s back for good.

The second is a gift from her grandfather. In going through her grandmother’s things, he finds an antique Christmas calendar with a door for each day. Only trouble is, when Abby takes the piece home and tries to open a door, it’s broken. Or so it seems. Little does Abby know that this calendar has a bit of magic.

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With Hallmark showing the way, many additional networks, and now streaming services vie for a place in the Christmas movie cheer. Netflix happens to be one of these streaming services. One of their 2018 debuts is this sweetheart of a film.

To be honest, at first glance I didn’t think I’d like this one. In the back of my mind, I felt like I’d seen a negative comment or review, so even though I didn’t remember exactly what it was, this projection clouded my “pre” impression. Fortunately for me, I didn’t let this stop me from hitting the play button. The story’s trope is one of the oldie but goodies; best friends who might fall in love. Of course, no matter how many times I see it, I still enjoy it.

This one is one of the better-executed ones, though I will admit I don’t love everything about it. What I do like is how Kat plays the fun-loving Abby. I really like her personality and her outlook on life even if she does have a few Grinch tendencies. Ron Cephas Jones also plays her loving grandfather who you might know from This Is Us. What I personally didn’t like is the attitude of a couple of the characters in the story. For some reason, certain scenes with these characters rubbed me the wrong way.

That said, overall, I do really like The Holiday Calendar, albeit the title confuses since the script calls it a “Christmas calendar.” Something that’s also fun is Abby’s photography passion since it’s one of my hobbies. Something I’m sure I could learn more about from her expert eye!

Overall Thoughts

For those of us who enjoy seasonal flicks, you’ll want to take a second look at this one. It’s cute and fun and keeps the viewer laughing. My mother and I both enjoyed the story. The romance isn’t rich with “grand gestures,” but it does have a few sweetheart moments that will make you sigh with rom-com pleasure.

Content Note: There are one or two instances of innuendo, but nothing terrible. The film is TV-PG.

Where to Watch: You can stream The Holiday Calendar on Netflix.

Did you see The Holiday Calendar? If so, what did you think? Comment down below with your thoughts – including your likes vs. dislikes. 

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