For this week’s romantic moment, we decided to do something a little different. Usually, we focus on fictional romantic moments from film, TV, and literature. However, there was an unusual romantic moment on TV last week (August 21) that was too good not to put the spotlight on.

So, for the romantic moment of the week, we’re putting the limelight on America’s Got Talent. And on one specific act that gave a spellbinding performance full of romance during the Quarter Finals.

That act is Duo Transcend.

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Now, normally, I find reality shows to be overproduced, staged, and eye-rollingly bad. The only ones I typically enjoy are talent competitions. And even then, it’s a small number. And I still have to fast-forward sometimes through the annoying bits to get directly to the performances (the reason I watch).

But a “reality” show can’t fake a fantastic act such as this one – which is why we’re putting the spotlight on Duo Transcend.


Duo Transcend includes the married couple, Tyce and Mary, from Salt Lake who do a dangerous trapeze act together. What makes the acrobatic act even riskier is that Tyce has keratoconus, an eye disease that affects his vision.

Still, the talented duo easily made it past the audition round. But during the Judge Cuts, Tyce dropped Mary during a dangerous blindfold maneuver, which led to a bad fall. However, they came to the Quarter Finals looking for redemption.

Which brings us to…


This romantic moment doesn’t require much description. However, the reason we’re showcasing the clip is that everything about the performance is so intensely romantic. (Not to mention reminiscent of the film, Wild Hearts Can’t Be Broken.)

One, the performers are married in real life. (That’s what I call Romantic Living!) Two, the act requires complete trust and connection between them – especially when he wears a blindfold. And three, the music and choreography are incredibly romantic. Especially during the last few seconds with an intense kiss and hypnotic ending that will give you chills.

But you don’t need me telling you how fantastic their performance was. Watch it for yourselves in the clip below:

For those of you wondering about the awesome “Toxic” Britney Spears cover, it’s by 2WEI.

And if you didn’t watch the results of the Live Quarterfinals Part 2, they made it through to the next round! I’d say they definitely found their redemption with this perfect performance.

You can find out more about Duo Transcend on their official site HERE.

Did you watch Duo Transcend on America’s Got Talent? What did you think of their performance? 

Featured image at top: Duo Transcend on America’s Got Talent. Photo NBC

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