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Bob Newby – Superhero, My New TV Crush

Yes, there are MAJOR spoilers…so read with caution!

As much as I love the swoony Romantic Heroes such as Mr. Darcy, Gilbert Blythe or Mr. Thornton. And believe me, I do! Or even the bad boys and other tortured souls like Mr. Rochester, the Beast, or James Dean types found on just about every show. Sometimes there’s something to be said about the good, old-fashioned nice guy. The overlooked “realistic” Colonel Brandon’s of the world who deserve our attention.


They’re not drop dead gorgeous or a vampire or the most popular. But they’re also not the vulgar, selfish, man-children– which has also become prevalent in mainstream Film and Television. Not to mention, the nice guy is the one you fall in love with in real life. Why? Because they’re loyal, supportive, intelligent, brave, hard-working, and kind! They love you. They don’t care how perfect you look and they’re someone you can grow old with.

Which brings me to this season’s most surprising TV Crush:

Bob Newby of Stranger Things, Season 2

Played by Sean Astin, Bob is your normal, average guy who just so happens to be dating Joyce (Winona Ryder) in the supernatural thriller series, Stranger Things. They’re the perfect onscreen couple you never knew you wanted to see! Together, they make a nostalgic pair as they were both child stars in the ‘80s; perfect for a throwback series that takes place in the actual 1980s. It’s enough to put a smile on movie lovers’ faces everywhere.

After Joyce went through the ringer of having her son Will go missing for the entire first season, she’s now in a happier place with Bob. Albeit, she’s on edge as Will begins to show strange symptoms.

So, who is Bob Newby?

Bob the Nice Guy

Bob is the sweet, kind-hearted, “nerd” who manages the local RadioShack and now dates Joyce Byers. He also went to high school with Joyce and the Sheriff, Jim Hopper, implying that he most likely had a crush on Joyce since they were teenagers.

As a boyfriend, Bob not only shows his love for Joyce but also cares just as deeply for her children, especially Will, who’s a lot like a younger version of him. Bob’s cheesy fun but in a good way. He’s there for Joyce when she needs him, gives her space when she needs that, and even offers to take her and her boys to Maine to start over when things get tough!

Like I said, he’s a nice guy. And a whole lot less common as a character type in movies and TV than he should be.

Bob the Brain

Beyond the good guy persona, he also proves to be incredibly intelligent (“Bob the Brain”) – solving a supernatural puzzle (which proves to be a map of the town) that helps save the Sheriff. And not a puzzle just anyone can solve. So extra points for Bob to those of us who love smart guys!

Bob Newby – Superhero

Bob Newby – Superhero, My New TV Crush
Bob the superhero. Photo: Netflix

While he’s in the dark about the supernatural secrets of the town and what actually happened to Will, when Bob learns the truth at Hawkins Lab, he takes it in stride, putting on a brave face. He never cowers or tries to run away.

Unfortunately, the villain of the season – the Shadow Monster, sends his demo-dogs to kill everyone in the lab (except Will who he’s possessing), which includes Bob, Hopper, Joyce, and Mike. With the electricity turned off and most of the lab workers dead, the group attempt to plan an escape. But to do that, they need to turn the electricity back on. Well, the only one capable of doing this (because it requires high-tech computer knowledge) is Bob.


Knowing there’s a high chance that he’ll die, he risks it for Joyce and Will because he loves them. What’s more romantic than that? Which brings me to the quote everyone who’s seen the season will hold in their memory:

“It’s going to be okay. Remember, Bob Newby: superhero.”

“It’s going to be okay. Remember, Bob Newby: superhero,” he tells Joyce before he leaves.

With suspense in the air, Bob does succeed! He turns on the lights, helps everyone escape and saves the day. And at the very end, just as he’s about to make it out, Joyce and Bob see each other. They smile. Bob’s made it!

A Tragic End

And then just like that, tragically a demi-dog jumps on Bob, attacking him. Soon, a group of demi-dogs also attack and kill him. Hopper pulls Joyce away who’s in shock.

I’m not going to lie. Bob’s death is hard to watch. And I have no desire to watch it again. I also wasn’t happy about it as I LOVED Bob. But I’m thankful the series brought a wonderful TV character to the screen…if only for a little while.

So, there you have it. Bob Newby – superhero…my new TV Crush.

Have you watched Stranger Things, season 2? What are your thoughts on Bob? Let me know in the comments!

Photos: Netflix

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