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Love Struck Café (2017) – Hometown Girl Returns and Reunites in Hometown on Hallmark Romance

Love Struck Café (2017) – Hometown Girl Returns and Reunites in Hometown on Hallmark Romance

Love Struck Cafe | Joe and Megan find their way back to each other

Love Struck Café Film Review

When I need to decompress and end the weekend in a state of happy feelings, there is no question as to where I turn. Hallmark Channel’s originals never cease to leave viewers with a smile, and they continue to do so with the fourth Fall Harvest title. They invite you to have a latte and pull up a chair at Love Struck Café

The Story

Megan Quinn (Sarah Jane Morris) is customer service relations rep (the best there is!) who gave up on her dreams. Her dream once was being a successful architect, which her parent’s supported, but it became a dream that cost her the affections of her first love. Now years later, Megan is unexpectedly sent back to her hometown by her boss. You see, they have a single homeowner who’s a holdout on their new development project. With the promise of possibly working as an architect in her future, Megan packs her bags and heads home.

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While there, she reconnects with her first love, Joe (Andrew W. Walker). The boy she once knew is all grown up now with a young daughter of his own. As the pair see more of each other, and Megan reconnects with all the reasons Cedarvale is special. The longer she stays, the more she realizes this. Does her life include her successful attorney boyfriend? Or does her future have something different in store?


Previewing Hallmark Channel's Fall Harvest

Despite their contemporary settings, all of Hallmark’s scripts have that special “something” in their storytelling that makes them so popular. Though each of the stories has this kind of old-fashioned appeal stitched into each script, this one seems to boast these themes to a greater extent (carved initials and notes tucked in the knot of a tree). A use of storytelling we like to see in our entertainment. The same threads pull together the fourth 2017 Fall Harvest original.

“A first love is a forever love.”

Though this marks her debut with the Hallmark Channel family, it’s lovely to see Sarah Jane Morris as a leading lady. Much as we like to see the return of our favorites, it’s always fun to discover a new actress in a Hallmark script. If you do recognize her, it’s likely from one of her many recurring roles in popular TV shows like NCIS, Brothers and Sisters or the cult favorite, Felicity. However, if leading man Andrew Walker is familiar, it’s because he’s a returning Hallmark favorite (including for me).

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His roles include everything from a nosy reporter to a figure skating coach and even a groom-in-waiting. Whatever the profession or character, he steps into that romantic hero role well. Of course, young Cassidy Nugent is also adorable as Joe’s daughter, Lily.

Overflowing with heart and family; romance and humor, Love Struck Café is another winning romantic comedy from the “Heart of TV” network. Those who enjoyed Harvest Love or any of Hallmark’s previous titles in this campaign will love this quaint romance.

Content: Love Struck Cafe contains nothing offensive; it’s rated TV-G.

Where to Watch: Check your local Hallmark Channel listings for re-air dates.


Four corset rating

“Hello, Gorgeous.”


four heart rating

“In vain have I struggled. It will not do. My

feelings will not be repressed. You must allow me

to tell you how ardently I admire and love you.”

Photos: Hallmark Channel / Crown Media Press

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  1. Brittaney B

    I’m always happy when I see Andrew W Walker pop up in a new Hallmark movie.

    • Rissi JC

      Me too!! He’s one of my favorites. 🙂


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