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Previewing Hallmark Channel’s Fall Harvest 2017 – Six New Originals Premiere!

Previewing Hallmark Channel’s Fall Harvest 2017 – Six New Originals Premiere!

Previewing Hallmark Channel’s Fall Harvest 2017 – Six New Originals Premiere! | Image: Falling for Vermont

Previewing Hallmark Channel’s Fall Harvest 2017 – Six New Originals Premiere!

In my corner of the world, the familiar crisp air of autumn dominates the weather pattern. It’s this kind of sensation that inspires us to get excited for all the cozy feelings of autumn’s arrival.

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One of our favorite things to talk about on Silver Petticoat is Hallmark Channel. As they do with each important occasion and season, they bring us into fall with new originals. Not just one or two, but six all-new romances are in the plans, all sure to evoke all the happy feels of autumn’s glorious charms.

Keeping with their tradition, a cast of familiar faces, a return to Grey House (Good Witch) plus a sequel to a fan favorite form the make-up of these six flicks. Not only are these sure to be fun as standalone originals, but this block of programs will bring us straight to the popular “Countdown to Christmas” campaign.

Let’s have a look at the six originals premiering over the next six weeks.

Previewing Hallmark Channel’s Fall Harvest 2017 – Six New Originals Premiere!

#1 Falling for Vermont – September 23

Previewing Hallmark Channel's Fall Harvest

In the aftermath of a car wreck, a bestselling author (played by Julie Gonzalo, Pumpkin Pie Wars) cannot remember who she is. Of course, the sleepy town where her accident occurs welcomes her, and one resident in particular (along with his kids) gives her a new lease on life.

#2 Harvest Love – September 30

Previewing Hallmark Channel's Fall Harvest | Jen Lilley and Ryan Paevey fall in love in "Harvest Love."

With her young son in tow, a widow spends a week at a pear farm in the Washington countryside. While there, they find “home,” and she begins to open her heart to the possibility of love. Ryan Paevey (Unleashing Mr. Darcy) and Jen Lilley co-star.

#3 All of My Heart: Inn Love – October 7

Lacey Chabert returns in Hallmark Channel's All of My Heart: Inn Love | Fall Harvest

This addition is sure to delight legions of fans who campaigned faithfully for this sequel. Lacey Chabert and Brennan Elliott return as co-owners of the inherited house they fought over in All of My Heart. I suspect much mischief (and those rambunctious baby goats!) will continue to reign in this follow-up.

#4 Love Struck Café – October 14

Previewing Hallmark Channel's Fall HarvestThe title of this one is telling. It suggests a small town and a quaint feeling is about to envelop us. The plot tells of an aspiring architect and the reunion between her and the sweetheart who broke her heart. Fan favorite Andrew Walker co-stars with Hallmark newbie, Sarah Jane Morris (Brothers & Sisters, NCIS).

#5 A Harvest Wedding – October 21

Previewing Hallmark Channel's Fall Harvest 2017Things get complicated in this story when a New York wedding planner discovers the brother of her client is her “first love.”

#6 Good Witch: Spellbound – October 22

Catherine Bell stars in "Good Witch: Spellbound" | Previewing Hallmark Channel's Fall Harvest 2017What’s next for Sam and Cassie? Will Grace continue to successfully navigate tricky friendships? The fan-favorite series gets ready for a new season with this 2-hour film subtitled, ‘Spellbound.’

BONUS! Hallmark Movies & Mysteries

While not technically a part of the Fall Harvest series, Hallmark’s second channel, also has a duo of new premieres.

#1 Signed, Sealed, Delivered: Home Again – September 24

Shane and Oliver share a romantic stroll in Hallmark's 'Home Again'

A fan favorite for many a Hallmark fan, the #POstables gang returns in this new installment complete with favorite characters Rita, Norman, Shane, and Oliver. (PS: it looks like the slow burn romance of Shane and Oliver takes a significant step in the right direction if this photo is an indication.)

#2 Gourmet Detective: Eat, Drink and Be Buried – October 8

Dylan Neal and Brooke Burns return in Hallmark Channel's Gourmet Detective: Eat, Drink and Be Buried

Dylan Neal returns as the chef-turned-amateur detective. With his smart and beautiful partner, Detective Maggie Price, their latest case involves the death of a publishing tycoon. (Plus we get to see these two in period costumes!!?)

That’s it for our preview of Hallmark’s ‘Fall Harvest’ campaign. Is there one you’re most looking forward to watching? Do you have a favorite Hallmark original? Comment down below. We’d love to chat with you

Photos: Hallmark Channel / Crown Media Press

Header Image: Unsplash / Chris Lawton on Unsplash

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  1. Sumaya Paruk

    I’m a huge Hallmark fan, but don’t end up watching many of their films since once I’ve seen an actress/actor play the lead already, it’s so difficult to watch them in another role/setting/with a completely different partner.

    Like you’ve been shipping this couple for the entire movie and then they finally get together – and then bam! Here they are in a new movie, new persona and you just can’t reconcile yourself to it. It’s a strange feeling indeed! Anyone else feel that way?

    • Rissi JC

      I get this, Sumaya. Sometimes I like seeing the same pairings if I like the chemistry, and other times I’m 100% good with seeing new leads together. For example, Andrew Walker is one of my favorite leads for Hallmark, and I’ve liked all of his co-stars. So far. (But it’s also been fun to see him co-star with Arielle Kebbel twice for Hallmark.) It helps me when they’re playing new characters. This way, I know that couple is still happy and together, and they’re know playing new people with a new story. But yet, I do get what you’re saying. This is part of the reason why, much as I like familiar faces, I love when I spy a new actor in these line ups. 🙂

  2. Miss Josephine

    I really am looking foward to see them ♥

    • Rissi JC

      As am I. They all sound so fun, cute and of course, sprinkled with some fun mystery. 🙂


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