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Love at the Shore (2017) Hallmark Review – Sun, Sand and Romance Creates Family Bonds

Love at the Shore (2017) Hallmark Review – Sun, Sand and Romance Creates Family Bonds

Love at the Shore (2017) Hallmark Review – Sun, Sand and Romance Creates Family Bonds | The Silver Petticoat Review

Love at the Shore Hallmark Film Review

There’s a reason many romances take place on coastlines or the shores of sandy beaches. The primary reason being it gives the stories a breezy, beautiful and swoony setting for a romance to further blossom. Hallmark’s Love at the Shore further proves why these reasons are valid.

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The Plot

In this setting, we follow the story of single mom, Jenna Turner (Amanda Righetti). An author of young adult literature, Jenna suffers a terrible case of writer’s block. This is why, for five weeks, she packs up her two kids and heads to the beach for some summer fun. Once there, the kids (Nick and Ally) spend their days enjoying the beach while Jenna works to “find” the sequel she desperately needs to write. Things go awry when she discovers her next-door-neighbor is something of a “Peter Pan.”

Lucas McKinnon (Peter Porte) is a single man whose lifestyle suggests he hasn’t quite grown up. His idea of responsibility is taking care of his “furry kid,” Tank (Hallmark’s Happy the Dog). But the longer Jenna’s kids hang out with Lucas, the more his priorities begin to shift. But will it be enough to convince the guarded heart of their mother?

Those of us who enjoy sweet romantic-comedies with a moral compass will find a kindred spirit in Love at the Shore. It’s full of sweet scenes and “good people” who are impossible not to like. Everything works together really well in this script. The story has a good flow to it, all of which is assisted by the beautiful landscape. Unusual for most Hallmark films, this one filmed in the states. More specifically Georgia and on Tybee Island. The choice pays off as the stunning beach scenes help lend authenticity and charm to the allure of the story.

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Jenna's curious kids pepper Lucas with questions! - Love at the Shore (2017) Hallmark Review – Sun, Sand and Romance Creates Family Bonds | The Silver Petticoat Review

The Romance

Though there are many things to enjoy about this sweetheart of a story, one of the things the script does well is not to exaggerate the romance. There’s plenty of sparks here, but because of limited screen time, the writers (wisely) stop with a promise of what’s to come. This is instead of a declaration at the end, which always makes a story less believable (unless it’s been a lengthy timeline).

The Cast

Another breath of fresh air is the different cast. Much as fans enjoy seeing fan favorites return in their favorite romances, seeing new cast members is always nice. Especially so for me since I was a fan of The Mentalist in which Amanda played an agent. Though I haven’t seen him in a starring role, Peter too plays a wonderful leading man, and the kids are also fabulous in their roles.

Overall Thoughts

Anyone looking for a new romantic-comedy to watch in these final days of summer should make Love at the Shore a must see. It’s sweet and keeps the quips snappy and cute (the back-and-forth, I-don’t-like-you banter between Jenna and Lucas) which makes the antics all the more fun. Then the kids add another dimension of entertainment. Plus, with the beach bonfires and roasted marshmallows, volleyball and stunning sunsets, ‘Shore’ is your perfect date.

Content Note: This film contains nothing offensive and is family appropriate.

Where to Watch: look for re-airs of Love at the Shore on Hallmark Channel; check your local listings for repeat showings in August and September.

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