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8 Books that Would Make Perfect Hallmark Films

8 Books that Would Make Perfect Hallmark Films

Books That Would Make Perfect Hallmark Films

8 Books that Would Make Perfect Hallmark Films

If you were to do a search on the number of times the Hallmark network is featured or the word “Hallmark” used on my blog, the count would be high. No secret is made of the fact that I am an enthusiastic Hallmark Channel fangirl. A fandom that carries over to Silver Petticoat.

LIST | 8 Romantic Hallmark Channel Originals to Stay In With

This is why as I think about their more recent original films (which are, far and away, their best to date), I began to realize many are based on novels. Furthermore, two of novelist Denise Hunter’s books have been adapted. As one of my favorite authors, this then got me to thinking of all the other books on my shelf I’d like Hallmark to perhaps adapt.

Today I thought it might be fun to take a look at eight of the books occupying space on my shelf that would make good Hallmark originals. And since this list isn’t inclusive (partially because this writer forgets), chances are there’s part two list is in the future. Plus there are lots more books on my shelf, all of which are awaiting discovery. Below I’ve even cast some of the roles with some of our favorite Hallmark stars.

Now that all that business is out of the way, here’s a “Dear Hallmark…” letter.

8 Books that Would Make Perfect Hallmark Films

Sorted alphabetically by author

Books That Would Make Perfect Hallmark Films#1 The Runaway Princess by Hester Browne

The Story: A klutzy gardener meets a guy who she believes could be “the one” only to discover he’s actually not who he appears.

Why it should be a Hallmark original: This book fits perfectly with the network considering all of the royal fairy tales they’ve adapted. The story differs in some ways from their previous efforts including the fact that both main characters are British.

Cast: Okay, so the only actor with a British accent I’ve seen on this network is Jack Turner. Though I don’t remember the character description, I would be totally fine with this casting.

Jack Turner and co-star Taylor Cole in “My Summer Prince.” | Photo: Hallmark Channel/Crown Media Press

Content note: this novel does contain some adult material, but nothing explicit.

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#2 The Trouble with Tulip by Mindy Starns ClarkBooks That Would Make Perfect Hallmark Films

The Story: Jo Tulip, an intrepid newspaper reporter, finds herself solving various mysteries in her small town.

Why it should be a Hallmark Original: It’s been years since I read this series, but one thing I do know, it’s adorable!

For this one, it’d be well suited to their Hallmark Movies and Mysteries brand since it does follow a character (dubbed as a “female Macgyver”) who consistently finds trouble (like a murder!).

Remind you of anyone? (Aurora Teagarden, perhaps…)

Bree Williamson in “Portrait of Love.” | Photo: Hallmark Channel / Crown Media Press

Cast: again, I cannot remember the description of Jo, but I could see Bree Williamson (Portrait of Love) playing the sassy character.

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Books That Would Make Perfect Hallmark Films#3 My Hope Next Door by Tammy L. Gray

The Story: This one tells the story of a small town girl “gone bad.” When she returns home, she reconnects with her next door neighbor, the preacher’s kid who also hides baggage.

Why it should be a Hallmark Original: This one has more of an emotional impact. That being said, Hallmark could still make it work. When she returns home, she has to deal with the fallout of her “bad behavior,” but as most stories do, Tammy manages to craft a beautiful ending.

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#4 The Perfect ArrangementBooks That Would Make Perfect Hallmark Films

The Story: A woman who’s ex is recently married strikes up an email friendship with Nick. A guy, who also happens to be her ex’s new brother-in-law.

Why it should be a Hallmark Original: This one may only be a novella, but there’s more than enough content to be a film. It’s a darling romantic-comedy about a couple who write e-mail letters to each other. The meet-cute involves the heroine spying on her ex-boyfriend’s wedding. It only gets cuter from there.

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Books That Would Make Perfect Hallmark Films#5 Barefoot Summer by Denise Hunter

The Story: After losing her twin brother, a woman reconnects with a man who harbors a secret.

Why it should be a Hallmark original: As I mentioned above, Denise already has two Hallmark credits (The Convenient Groom, A December Bride) to her name. That said, this Chapel Spring series (which A December Bride also fits with) is a beautiful series. Plus, it follows a family of siblings so it’d work as a film with sequels “built in” or a TV series!

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#6 The Bachelor Girl’s Guide to Murder by Rachel McMillan

The Story: Set in the 1900s, this chronicles the adventures of two female private detectives.

Why it should be a Hallmark original: If there’s one filmmaking capacity Hallmark leaves untapped (or relatively so), it’s period drama.

This is why it’d be great fun to see (under the Movies and Mysteries brand) Rachel’s cute Sherlock and Watson detectives on-screen, only this time they’re of the female persuasion!

Cast: On Pinterest, Rachel has already cast Erin Krakow (a Hallmark favorite) as Jem. For Merida, she cast Kelly Reilly. If I’m sticking with the Hallmark family, Leanne Lapp might be a good fit.

Chance at Romance

Erin Krakow and co-star Ryan McPartlin in “Chance at Romance.” | Photo: Hallmark Channel / Crown Media Press

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Books That Would Make Perfect Hallmark Films#7 Made to Last by Melissa Tagg

The Story: A home improvement reality TV star scrambles to find a fiance (for the press), only to discover she falls in love with someone who is not her fake fiance.

Why it should be a Hallmark original: Any of Melissa’s books would be a perfect match for this network. (Including her Walker family series which has great material for a TV series or a series of films.)

I chose this title because it’s a kind of loose re-telling of Christmas in Connecticut and “feels” like a great match.

Cast: Melissa cast Jason Ritter in the role of Matthew (which I can totally see!). I’d pick Emilie Ullerup or Julie Gonzalo.

Julie Gonzalo in “Pumpkin Pie Wars.” | Photo: Hallmark Channel / Crown Media Press

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#8 Undeniably Yours by Becky WadeBooks That Would Make Perfect Hallmark Films

The Story: An heiress returns to Texas to deal with her father’s estate. While there, she meets the handsome foreman of her father’s ranch.

Why it should be a Hallmark original: One of Hallmark’s films, A Country Wedding is a charming story about a “cowgirl” and country star who fall in love. Becky’s wonderful novels tell the stories of four Texas siblings, all of which points to a perfect fit for Hallmark Channel’s undeniably charming brand.

Cast: I could see Shantel VanShanten or Jill Wagner in the role of Meg (both have a sweet on-screen personality perfect for Meg). As for Bo? I could see Jesse Metcalfe in the role. Especially as we know he’s adept at playing the cowboy! *wink*

Jesse Metcalfe and co-star Autumn Reeser in “A Country Wedding.” | Photo: Hallmark Channel / Crown Media Press

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Have you read any of these? Who’s your favorite Hallmark star? Let me know down below what books you think would be good matches for Hallmark Channel.

About The Author

Rissi JC

Rissi is a self-diagnosed Bookaholic and TV fandom addict. She’s currently an avid blogger and reader who enjoys interacting with readers, and often dreams about finishing her first novel. When not writing or reading, she can be found working as an INSPYs advisory board member or contributing to e-zines. Her scribbles are housed on her blog Finding Wonderland (


  1. Brittaney B

    I love your list Rissi! Barefoot Summer and Undeniably Yours are two of my favorite stories. And I too would love to see Hallmark tackle period drama and think the Herringford and Watts series would be a good fit. With its Toronto setting it reminds me a bit of The Murdoch Mysteries series. I also think Susan May Warren’s Christiansen family series in small town Deep Haven would be a good match. Hallmark uses so many good actors it’s really hard to choose a favorite, but I’m always glad to see Autumn Reeser in their films.

    • Rissi JC

      I’d love seeing Hallmark take on some period dramas! Especially those that still “fit” in their wheelhouse – like “cutesy” period dramas such as Herringford and Watts. Me too! I see lots of Murdoch nods in Rachel’s stories and of course, get the Sherlock/Holmes vibes because of the consulting detective plots.

      I almost added Susan’s series (next time! :D), but went with other books instead. I agree though. Susan’s, Becky’s and Denise’s would all make excellent additions!

      Autumn is one of my favorite leading ladies too. She’s always great no matter the role. 🙂

  2. Naazneen Samsodien

    I’m a Hallmark gal myself. And these sound delightful! Bottom line, I’d watch. Hope those Hallmark execs are reading 😀

    • Rissi JC

      Me too, Naazneen! 😉 We love our books and Hallmark Channel, so these seem like a perfect match.

  3. sparrow

    Thanks for this list of recs!
    Just a suggestion- would be great if you could add amazon / goodreads links for each book to make buying easier 🙂

    • Rissi JC

      Sure! And thanks for the suggestion; I do have Goodreads links listed above. 🙂

  4. VintagePrincess

    Great list! I think I would like to watch “The Runaway Princess” by Hester Browne. It would make a perfect Hallmark movie!

    P.S. Fellow Hallmark royal movie lovers, don’t you think someone should create a complete list of all the Hallmark movies depicting royal characters? I would love that! 🙂

    • Rissi JC

      ‘Pricesss’ is so cute! I love the “witty” nature of the story, and the leading lady is SO relatable.

      Love Hallmark’s royal characters! And really all of their “fairy tale” (contemporary) films. Each of them are among my favorites.

  5. Miss Josephine

    Oh, my goodness!! I know I’m a bit got late but I was watching your blog and by chance, I saw this post and I almost die. I Loved it!!
    I mean, I love reading and I love watching Hallmark movies and now if you are telling me there are books like Hallmark I think I’m going to get crazy of happiness!!

    I’m going to looking for these books right now and I hope in the future, (not so far) you, please, write another post with other eight books like this.

    Thank you very much!

    • Rissi JC

      I’m so glad you enjoyed this list, Josephine. Thank you for the feedback and letting us know. 🙂

      I’m a Hallmark movie junkie too, so it’s always lovely to meet a fellow fan. And yes! I’d love to write a “part 2” list of fun books that would translate well to Hallmark Channel’s brand.

  6. Gretchen Brown

    Good list, also Judith McNaught’s “Every Breath You Take” would be another great book turned to movie.

    • Rissi JC

      Thanks so much for the recommendation, Gretchen! I’ve not heard of hits book or author, so I’m excited to look this one up. 🙂


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